Has anyone found that the original letter for Aleph (A) written in Phoenician is actually 2 Xs that meet at the end?  Is it possible that the Aleph of the Sumerians actually represented the Cow to represent the feminine energy. The Matrix (Wombniverse) must be present in order for the many seeds to grow into fruition whether they be planets, stars, etc... I studied and found that the Ox is usually a castrated Bull but were also sometimes female Cows.  I guess that to me that it would make sense to represent the Cow which was venerated in many ancient cultures

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"A" was the forbiden letter, and when it was the first letter of a word it have a negative meaning, like a "non"something.

The bull is, of course, astrological bull, bull constellation, and symbolize the Atlantean civilization

in Hebrew the palio letter Alif is pictograph of a  ox  the meaning   strong like a ox   or first  or  at the beginning of a word  (  I  )   its definitely not a non something, even in the English its a direct reference for something.

English, Greek, come from HEBREW sometimes called phoenicain  the Hebrew alphabet  is called the ALIF_BET  that's were the name of the English  letters came from. 

some times the info we get is the opposite of what it is, this is typical way to throw most off the track

once you get a fuller picture you see past the  BULL, pun intended.   


All words that have the A  have a strength like  Architect,  ABBa, Absolute,  A  is  the number 1 at the basic level.   

Interesting that almost simultaneously to you, I was writing about ox. Here's what I just wrote 

"What is carbon dioxide?  ARC BOND OXEYE’D.  An OXEYE comes from Heliopsis, which essentially means SUN in Greek.  It’s basically a SUN FLOWER.  We could even get into Heliopolis, the city(siddhi) gold and magic buuuuut…   This will make sense if you have an understanding of my earlier posts, if not, I suggest you read from the beginning.  The bond of an arc of the sun seems quite plausible, when you consider further –   Lung-gauges where produced through shamans(she-mans-essentially dynamos) who spoke reality into existence.  If 12 Shamans sat in a circle and all spoke(tire/wheel/rite etc) the same sound (cymatics) the sound bubble coming from each of their mouths, which is CARBON DIOXIDE, would come together in the center and form an object or if they spoke into water or fire, it would create a form of a letter that became the water or fire languages we use today.  Crazy huh?"

As far as the letter A.  A is a Triangle, and I recall hearing Sevan say that the first Letter should be B, as in feminine, Birthing etc. and the ANGELS put the ANGLES before the Birth.  Basically, hi-j****** RE-all-it-E from ACT-u-all-it-E.  

So, looking at it a bit further, the OX or ALIF from ALPHA-BETA, displays the same characteristics of the scenario.  The A before the B.  The Angle before the Birth.  The BULL/OX symbol of Duality (Bi-Bull) becomes the 'core' of creation, as in friction, rather than the 'empty' space or female cave or creation.  

Even further an OX or XO like Hugs and Kisses or the plays drawn out by coach during a Ba'al game/ 's-port'.  The X -cross (male) and the O (female)  

A Bull-Pen(pentagram) in Baseba'al, lol. 

A is Active, Anchor, Add, Adam  while the B is Buoyant, Birth, Breast and water related. 

Fun stuff

Cheers Bryan


ON POINT!!!!!  Your Know (ledge) Runs Deep Inside!!!!!! So Grateful For Now Our Innerstanding, Thank You For Being The Vessel (eye)!!



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