Im not sure if this has been discussed, I am very new to Etymology/trying to remember how it works.

I was at work today and was typing some automation code to test the company's software when i noticed the word "password" but the textbox that it was in wasn't long enough to display the entire text string so all that was displayed was"ssword".

I kinda laughed at it thinking "heh, s sword" thinking about the Z sword from DBZ, but after a few seconds i realized that the word could be broken down to "Pa's sword".

A password is used to get pass defenses (gain entrance), just like a sword is used to get past defenses (penetrate armor).

I wanted to get feed back on this and though, where better to ask then the Etymology group :)

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"By George", I think you've got it

"By George", I think you've got it!

pas sword could mean without sword just as easily



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