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Comment by Zen Alchemist on January 15, 2014 at 8:26pm

C has everything to do with a Cup or Container or Chalice.  You can see is facing the end of the word or sentence, thus open to the Moon.  It takes in the moon energy.  C is Sea as well.  The sea/C contains life.   The slang for womb/vagina is c***/coochie even.  C can start words such as Can, as in Cancer.  Can-sir.  As cancer is actually just bound up, tied up energy.  Cancer is literally a Can for 'junk' in your temple.  The sir is, as most know, serpent.  Sir-pent....    C is Corpus, Capital and Calendar.. A calendar contains time.  Continents, City's- a little deeper City is from Shiddi/Siddhi, but I digress lol   

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