4D to 3D, Why things start off internal, and go external, a working theory.

While living in 3D, all things have to start internally in 4D as that is the dimension of time before they get here. They start a duplicate of what is already there, and are brought out. So you bring them out in shapes, vortexes, and patterns that already exist here in this world.

For a quick example of this see a hypercube, this is the easiest possible representation to innerstand. As much of matter is made up of cubes, it helps.


A hypercube face is then expanded out into a copy of the original, still existing inside as all the dimensions now make up the shape, externally and internally. This will stretch across more than just 4D,3D, 2D, 1D, Source point or 0D of course, but it's a working model to help you innerstand the relationship as I do at the moment.

I feel it moves both ways at once, 0D upwards and through the higher dimensions down, but that is just my feeling. For practically creating something in this reality matrix, it comes from with in this manner.

To take it a stage further picture this with letters as well, they are also brought out in the same way. The world itself is a shape of a dodecahedronal crystal, even though the earth's plates after the cataclysm no longer match the shape, hopefully they are shifting as she heals :).


Start picturing what the lines mean energetically, and what the points or corners are where the shape of the plates interconnect and you'll start seeing how people tie up all the energy we are meant to be receiving daily!

The main question I have is do the letters which of course go through the dimensions like anything else, resonate with the shape of earth or do they just resonate to have their impact? Probably the answer is both as usual in these cases, but on a practical human to human applicable level.


NB Might we benefit from a sacred geometry group as we go into these arenas slowly?

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Wow Mark! I love how you think. I've been doing a lot of thinking about alternate realities for a long time you just gave me another perspective to add to the collection of theories. I'm thinking there is much expansion going on in so many different directions. We have the dream, the nightmare, and the imagination, so that’s a lot of energy being slit up. Then we have the mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend, coworker, student, ect. All these different versions of self are working on a pivotal exchange of energy, the male female aspect of self., Each from two different angels in this world, and in other dimensions causing affects like the bouncing, vibrations within the cube or sphere. What and where in the universe is the part of ourselves we chose to split up split up into 6 or 9 when we arrive here in 3D.as seen in the matrix video part in part two? I don’t know but, beings have been able to steal our energy by putting us in theses prepackaged cubes. However now we are lucky! There’s bound to be major seepage that cannot be collected. Right now there’s so much energy and so much splitting, even the most oblivious human can still get some energy to do as he/she wills it. (hehe)

It’s all this splitting, and bouncing of the vibrations I’ve envision is the reason why no one can seem to figure out just precisely how it all pulls together within one theory, so I assumed for us there is none meaning one theory. Yet, it does somehow lead back to the language, numbers and symbols which are one in the same. I can’t help but look at this whole concept kind of like The Tower of Babylon story where it was said the gods scrambled us up, so we wouldn’t be able to reach them. It’s said that we use to be a united people.

When we look at the 2012 Mayan vs. Asian theory on the end of the world concepts, and how it touches on the theory of dark matter, and black holes, which are one and the same, I see the black whole as harnessing massive amounts of dark matter. Think of Chi and then see what you have disused about the cube, and the energy. “thank you for the technical terms for the concept”. We know energy goes in two directions. We could use this concept regarding the theory on the Mayan underworld, the “reptilian gods and demons”, or we can also do the same pertaining to the Asian concept “we blow up theory or turn into a sun” I kina think it’s both. Implosion /explosion, or an opportunity for decompression out of the cub into expansion, or implosion fixed forever, to be swallowed up by the demons and snake gods of the Mayan, and or Egyptian people, and culture that have been stealing and ruling our planet for, ” well only Creation knows how long!”.

Now is about the rights to earth and everything in-between It gives new meaning to as above also below. See, if you have exclusive rights to us here, would not it be logical to say you would have rights to us, or the multiple versions of the individual us’ in other words, power over the multiverses?. That’s why we have help from off the planet. Our enslavement would, and means their enslavement. This is battle for the power of the cube, as you have put it, and the concept is well put. See, but ,It’s a battle that is already won for us, by us, and Well, just look at the false gods, and their gate keepers at this point as angry coma cozy pilots, and fighters panicking over an experiments gone wrong.


See in this massive cube in outer space is our collective energy “The Milky Way”, and I can’t help but go with what I know is true. We are pulling on that whole of dark matter in one way or the other right now it is part of what is happening to us .We are about to expand, and explode into newer dimensions of realignment, and grater consciousness. We are about to meet our selves again, all of them. We could then we chose to implode by collecting our own energy gathered and then condensing ourselves. Thanks for asking what we think of this.

Great topic Mark I really appreciate it. wbv : }

6 - 9 Now to my innerstanding is - 6 Faces of a cube, and 3 elements to a circle, Radius, Circumference and Area.

I unpacked a lot last night by speaking to the angels as angles of the inner circle too, actually questioning myself on that level. Let me help you as you have tried to help me :), which did and I took away for some time.

After Sevan revealing the cube is the external reality, while the circle is the internal. The only way to make sense of an external line is to measure its angle, otherwise its just a line, and you need 4 of them to make up a square, 360 or a circle.

North/South/East/West = Direction or Earth/Fire/Air/Water = Chi

After musing on the word Dimension having  Dimen - Demon component, I questioned about why angels were summed from internal (visible as light spheres) and why demons were external (try to throw out the images/programs associated with them or good bad).

1D, 2D, 3D, 4D.

1 Dimen-sion = 1 Demon of sion.
2 Dimen-sion = 2 Demons of sion 
3 etc.

Sion being the angle of the cube, or the 7 L, the lines that build the external world.

They are the external. The angles are needed to make any sense of what the cube is, otherwise you just have lines with no meaning, and no life to them, this is why/how letters are made, and the angelic language etc.

I hope it helps, it was a heck of thing to realise but I had good clear communication, and I am realising i operate more and more from shapes/structures. I am also not saying all negative entities are external or anything of the sort, just that the language/imagery/shapes have been confused this way.

Someone else may be able to  crack dimen-sion better than me, diamond came to mind today as possibly being linked. Much of this was given to me from the arch angels I called, just to tell them I loved them :), so I think they gave me a free exchange. I was trying to decode arch, as in the 4 founding corners of the cube/square perhaps Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael when I started yawning and it was a clear message to sleep now. There would be 8 archangels, (arch angles) as there are, if we were talking about a cube perhaps.

your work is appreciated, mark, that is good work and stated clearly for others to gather in innerstanding.



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