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Triade of Resistance - A PSEarth Strategic Game


I want to play like Ego Shooter but no game is giving me the thrills:

Idea: A computer game for the next step in human evolution

( I invite the resistance or everyboy to participate and develop a real game, me personal have no money nor skillz, but be sincere because it is based on a true story, that means if you use an part of this idea and will not ask about it, you'll be followed by just another…


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The illuminati Star (Sold the Chance)

Day One

got in the town without problems, no calls, no connection, subway ride 2 harlem, now they saw me and remembered the

hole, the voice of the speaker cryed, changed the line @ times square,

"the jew is back", no calls yet, we checked in the hostel and left for a

ride, the town was quite, the cars drove so smoovely that they nearly

made no sound, peacefully and harmonic synfony, the jungle colonized and

disciplinized, in the night it started, they… Continue

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OWO Zeta Agenda

There is an inside Gouvernement, that has contracts with the Zeta to work on technological projects to fullfill the Zeta Agenda. These workings are known as the black projects top secret activities of the cia or nsa. More openly the Zeta are in mental contact with individuals to bring their ideology in place. The Zeta work as a group consciousness, individual free thinking is not possible for them. They see earth as an project to develope an solution for the problems they are facing on their… Continue

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Obama for NWO

One Question:

Obama is managed by the illuminatie or?

No, Obama is an new age character, able to manipulate 4th density. What you need to know to understand his agenda, is that he doesn't want you to understand his agenda. He is an non believer who is trusting in his advisers. He is also able to make contact with zeta grey aliens which control the spritual aura of new york. He is against all form of conspiracy since he believes in technology and the positive outcome of social… Continue

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illuminati trapped me mentally

Chanel 7 is not Chanel 11

Day One:

packed my bags and left the house, got a call, she didnt tell me what was

wrong, but afterwords noticed that i forgot my laptop, took a train into

Downtown, got a call, made a promise to deliver Them a nightmare, system sucks,

walked over the bridge, couldn't enjoy the sunshine, got a call, he wanted to

give me a present, into burgerking no internet...…


Added by Amelo Asalim on February 25, 2010 at 9:46am — 5 Comments


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