Chanel 7 is not Chanel 11

Day One:

packed my bags and left the house, got a call, she didnt tell me what was
wrong, but afterwords noticed that i forgot my laptop, took a train into
Downtown, got a call, made a promise to deliver Them a nightmare, system sucks,
walked over the bridge, couldn't enjoy the sunshine, got a call, he wanted to
give me a present, into burgerking no internet... on the way to the airport,
quite, got a call, advice from an Atlantean, i felt uneasy to say he was right,
terminal 3, no flights to B., indiference, headed to midtown, got a call, Mr.
Bankfein wanted me to follow, sytem sucks, send me to hongkong and i studie
theirs, entered bank, no money but thanks a million, forgot the codes,
confused, took a train to queens, got a call, no worries im with her forever,
she wanted to leave, they wanted her to go, moved back into midtown, asked for
4 children by a man, got a call, come back for your fans, no need 4 laptop,
entered subway, sad melody, terror warning, my luggage was heavy and big, felt
guilty, but wanted higher

direction airport, brooklyn, had to leave the train, sick among all people,
turned around, system sucks, silence on the other end, no need for
conversation, had to be undetected, train to midtown, took the backdoor,
got a cab, no music, sirens, i was quite, it was better, then there She was
calling, i made a promise, broke it less than a year later, She was cool,
everybody else pretending to be on chanel 11, She stayed a while, everything
was alright, except outside the car, where i was going didn't matter, i felt no
speed on the highway, arrived at terminal 1, got a call, Illuminatie sucks,
asked lufthansa for flights, should go to singapur airlines, universal flying,
didn't know why but my creditcards still wouldn't work without codes, she was
calling, i'm ready and need to learn a lesson, i was proud, to terminal 4, got
a coke, sat down, She was still there, yes they want to kill me, i wasn't cool,
didn't know what to do, but wasn't scared, heard callovers for special
passangers to Bogota, Bahrain, Lima, but i didn't understood the names, few
passangers filled the hall, singapore airlines had nice stewardess, singing
"Whatever you like" by T.I., wondered where i new him from, the
terminal closed it's doors, couldn't get out for 10 minutes, security check,
got outside, it was cold

waited on the subway, She called, She's still in N.Y., she learned me a lesson,
towards midtown, thought about Her living, accident to make Her invisible, the
train getting empty, then the gunman appeared, he looked scared, i wasn't
scared, he acted hard, i had to leave the train, subway got closed, speakers
played "Live your Life" by Rihanna and T.I. , didn't know whether i
got followed, then "boom", it came from behind, i was still walking,
didn't know where i was, believed i was walking to the bridge, Them called, i
should follow Her, i wanted to be a Columbian, jumping from the bridge, ok, i
tried to follow Her, Them beeing there, I thought about the system, I thought
about a theory and an biological computer, wanted to find the code that changes
when it's hacked, DIVA would f**k me, sytem sucks, illuminatie wants to make an
black whole with Cern, hate, black ideas, i should get shot

i took a cap, i went back to the airport, the driver played indian music,
cat called, i found friends, She was gone, didnt miss Her, years before i
smiled when i heard She was gone, the man didn't want to work with me therefor,
was happy to have friends, airport again, terminals closed, Don calling,
yeeeeaaaah, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, cat called, Now i Would Die for hear, silence,
made my way to Jameica, left my baggage in front of bank, walked, thought, finally,
got a call, illuminati needs help, she is involved in teorrist finacing, bomb
in front of bank, liason with hip hop gangsters, lost my oriantation, suddenly
a car came out of nothing, 2nd shooting attempt, i'm a German, Hudson brothers
dead was a deal by Diva, everybody agreed, i could go, peace, took my baggage
back, good morning JFK, entered terminal 1, she was there, everybody felt
it, i wasn't welcome, "passender find enemies", and the 2. Day showed

Day Two:

New Spirit for New York

Day 2

it was about illuminati, it was about power, it was about strategic rulership,
and about the depression, i knew they were in control of the financial system,
system sucks, they made me an illegal member, i knew i was universal, but in
there i was a slave, she said there are 3 rules, love self consciousness and
respect, but in reality u need to know more then that,to be a real member u have to enter the masons, i just sneaked in, u need to let youself fall
to not meet them, i wanted higher, being a columbian, and she wanted to make me
one, but it wouldn't work because i was universal, a year later i learned an
important rule, "never get high on your own supply", i learned the
difference between illusion and fact and illuminatis number one rule that
"fact is an illusion", i also learned to know their view on everybody
else outside illuminati as "easy calculatable case" what they always
wanted to make me, i just walked my way, problems started to get bigger

day started with an beautiful sunrise, i was in terminal one, it's time to make
a deal, wouldn't let me go with my luggage, she was there, She was there and
now Them called, i tried to find solutions, wanted to become lawyer, destroy
Them with connections, because of her, i was motivated because of Her, but i wasn't
cool, i gambled, deal was to meet on the bridge and give them an opportunity,
and them should give me my money to leave the town for years, 20 millions, Them
agreed, i left the terminal, took airtrain, Them listened, I told them
universal is the same as illuminati, that was too much for it, it changed,
suddenly there was a flash, I thought of an explosion, new deal, left the train
and was crazy and confused, I landed at the park deck in front of terminal 3
and it questioned me if I would live there forever, if I would like to have an
own planet, and that it’s time to be reborn, wasn’t my first recognition of
“the power” so I tried to find a solution

there it was, occurance of an black whole, I moved from level 11 to level 1, he and cat called, back then I didn’t knew that Don was working with it to create that
feeling, well, I wasn’t cool, I didn’t wanted the black whole to happen, and
now I was afraid, but I snapped with my finger
said stop, it was gone, from now on everything was different, I was asked
to be driven and said yes, he drove me over Williamsburg Bridge back to
Manhattan, there I was invited to follow a stranger to an apartment house were he told me he didn’t knew me, it was
night, I walked through downtown, to get to burger king, Them wanted me to go
over Brooklyn Bridge, now Columbia called, wanting me to go to freedom tower
and get shot as well as f**k them free,
into burger king, Cnn News about an anti amarican alliance, I walked
along freedom tower, back to Brooklyn Bridge, it was empty, I felt that
something was critical, maybe an invasion, I walked on the bridge

now I could see all the lights standing without motion over manhatten and the harbor, it was ready, thought it’s over now, Cane called, asked what to do, it’s not worth
it I said, a girl behind got in rage, I walked with an Chinese girl from
Brooklyn bridge to the subway. Now they called and wanted to know what happens,
they told me Italy started CERN, and I “knew” aliens stopped it, I was sure I’ve seen aliens over manhattan, a
year later I knew that nobody else has seen them, everything was to blame on
hancock, and they left, silence, I changed the subway, Diva called, wanted to
bring me money,we made a meeting point, I wanted to go back to Spain, I told
her not to follow, she could get shot, I took care, I landed in queens, got me
a soup, now the subway closed again, I walked,saw a red cross and I wanted to find an solution for what I
couldn’t understand, I invented the day of universal independence

Day Three:

It was cold, I walked for independence, signs were in the sky, showed us that freedom tower is a sign for universal independence, Diva was impressed and thrilled, I
walked, suddenly new lights, I still walked, group of teens, I’m in a nature,
now cat called and it got worse, I
looked like a monster, she lifted my shoulders, she was my man and i ruled the
world, I told her to have fun with the Don, I wouldn’t give him the power, she
told me the aliens stole the sun, she was under cern, making the black whole
bigger and bigger, I always said stop, there were black whole quakes, suddenly
a fire departement car came, I walked
on, she told me I should go to obama, I thought it would end, the sun would
never rise again, I walked into a store and got a bottle without paying, was
trapped the shopowner called police, he gave me one dollar, I told the police
to shoot me, I could leave, I was driven to jameica

The sun rose, cat told me she was in Berlin, I said I’ll come to Berlin let’s f**k and its over, noticed the gas at the subway station, saw Einstein, asked why they
destroy their world,realized that under the track was an LHCD, checked both
cards at the atm but didn’t got the codes still, people where whispering, Diva
and Cat shot, I was guilty, I got into airtrain, gas in the air, it was
telepathic, I told them they were Nazis, left the train, in front of terminal 4,
there was a bus waiting but I didn’t get in, instead I took the second bus with
a jewish driver, got me locked and started gas, I got in rage and broke the
closed door, free, now I was high, happy, thought about pursuit on highway, they called, told me
there’s a plain waiting, Illuminati called,
a car drove fast way, alarm, I couldn’t leave like that, wanted to study
I walked into terminal 4, I was in
trance, asked at Lufthansa if I could get a ticket, no answer, wanted to phone home, no connection got into
the bathroom, a man ran I wanted to follow, alarm, She was there, I’m so ugly
I’ll shoot myself, problem was, she’s still in me, she told me my mother is

I was in the red zone, alarm was ringing, I opened the next door and I stood in the hallway, now it began, a computer like raster grabed me and digged deep inside
me, checked the resonance and I chose weather the resonance should be deleted
or not, I was very careful, I realized how she detected the psychologist ,
after 10 minutes a woman asked me to clear the door, I walked through
the terminal and out, still in
connection with the computer, it brought me higher, then headshot, slowly I
realized who was with it, the man himself I walked to the end of the lane
showed them an f*** u, realized who I now became, the mega supa produca, they
said Diva folloed me and I looked behind, the whole thing was to change my
spirit, I still don’t know how they did it and what the computer was, now they
saw what an crazy motherfucka I became, I jumped over the fence from the
parking lot and back, I heared an ufo disappearing, I into the terminal, they didn’t want me there,
they still wanted to kill me, but I wanted to get higher and there was the airtrain, it smelled so
good, it was pure star aroma, but I was distrustful , got out again and they
changed the frequency, the LHCD produced heartwaves

Got into the train at the next terminal, I thought the man shot Cat and I got really sad, I was in love with her, now they used the LHCD under airtrain to read my
frequency and transform it into pure feeling, it felt so intense, in the train
there was a man who regulated the frequency, I saw that he had an instrument,
couldn’t identify it, but I made Cat in the air, I thought about her and her
being that everybody thought she was there and people started talking, I’m an
artist, I should get money, I believe the frequency is saved, after I left
airtrain I sat down on the parking lot, I wanted to die because she was dead,
and I blamed the man for it, pictures of her went through my head, I imagined
to sleep on a bench on coney island and not wake up, I knew they had poisoned
me with gas, but I wanted more, first I
got angry and I wanted to shoot the man

I got into the elevator, but the man wasn’t there, i stood on top of the parking lot, looked into the sunset, and I knew the man watched me, back in the elevator I
asked to get a free flight, said I brought shame over this country, want to
leave and come back to get shot by trackmasters, walked back to terminal 3,
useless, back into the train, now I felt the poisoning, next, the trains where gased, one direction
was blue, the other was green, I got In and out choosing the wrong one until I
got the right direction, I layed on the seat unable to sit, the poisoning was
made to make me sleep forever, but they gave me another chance,I layed down
heard his voice through the telephone, it was dark, my head was big, it was
universal alarm because of the telephathic and my look, I went back to terminal
4, risking headshot, got out again, a man smashed something on the ground, I
met this girl, asked if she want to fly tonight, she went to work, I walked and
landed in an industrial zone, needed sleep, truck was open, humvee came, heard
“oh shit”, him wanted to give me an headshot, I thought of ciara and found me
being a burglar, I screamed the alarm turned on, I got out of the truck walked
back, there I saw them in a sedan warning lights on, I walked along the
station, now there was the bus again, but I didn’t entered, there was a small
car, I moved back to jameica station

Day Four

“Flash into Denver Airport”

Entered subway, direction times square,
beautiful lady sitting sideways, but no talk just looking, she left at
timessquare I followed her, wanted to make love, she talked to police then she
was gone , I moved on, heard that she was
waiting on porth authority, it still was alien alarm, people looked at
me, seeing a monster, it was hectic, but no calls anymore, later I missed my
subway, came out of the ground, and there it was, the street has changed the
air fellt brand new, as if the aliens had used a room weapon to change the
whole town, I lost my orientation but walked, I took the next subway to harlem,
I saw this beautiful young girl and I knew we had seen us before, I couldn’t
stand the situation and left the train, I thought the aliens would change the
town, the trains didn’t go the way they usually go they changed the lines every
station, wanted to the airport, at the
station I saw how it worked, a jew took holographic pictures, he snaped when I
mentioned revolution, I again thought it was over, I was convinced they flipped
the whole town mirrowed it so the nourth sout axis was now east west, on the
roof was a line of bulbs heard them whisper above, but they didn’t flash me,
simply entered the next train, became a horrortrip, I didn’t realized it was an
organized scene, a burglar came in the wagon, everybody gave some money and
said something about the alienweapon, the last man gave her a big bundle, she said he could now marry me, it
was the a-train to lefferts boulevard, I thought they would change the station
of the line and my train would go nowhere, finally we arrived, I didn’t know
where I was, didn’t know where I left but I got into supermarket and my card
worked again, on the street I entered a taxy, I told him to the airport, it was
a loungy ride, drove me to jameica as we crossed the underpass, there was an
explosion the block was burning, he threw me out I landed in hostile land, I
got into the next bus, asked the pastor for help, no reply, It was a crazy
night, three taxi rides later, I landed at the hostel, black cat didn’t want to
help me, so I left to the next hostel,they wanted me to stay, but I left,
hadn’t slept three days, I felt the
street, I felt the roaring of the motortrucks, I was spirit, I moved into
midtown, I was directed by the traffic lights, but I was tired, layed on the street, the church grabbed me,
pulled me up, I moved on, decided it was my last day, everybody felt it, I felt
being director of the traffic lights, go and stop, green and red, good and bad
thoughts, I directed the ufo out of sight, I looked for a bank and I walked
into chase near Madison square, I sat down waiting on my money, I talked to the
confused colleges wireless, one banker left saying they come down, finally they
got a bag but I was confused by the man calling and left without money, now
they wanted to make a deal with me, outside was a truck, inside of it was
somebody forming aliens together with me, they all became ugly, but the sold
them for ova millions, I walked to Madison square park and begged for french
food, M.I.A. followed me lighting up a candle, Columbia called they wanted me
to eat Chinese food, TV brought a discovery about poisoned Chinese food, I
walked again, big bong out of van, convoy heading south, wanted to fly to
Italy, got a pizza for free, wanted to take a ride in an open van, Chinese girl
called the police, now I was finished, I made the alien fall, was brought into
hospital, she wanted to shoot me, now I placed a lion over Brooklyn bridge, I
wanted to play a beat, now my cardio signal made a beat, finally there came a
flash over denver airport, jameica revoluted, I kicked the police, now they
placed a needle into my head, late at night I met with obama

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Comment by Amelo Asalim on September 25, 2010 at 5:42am
Comment by Amelo Asalim on September 25, 2010 at 5:42am
thank you! but my passion is music, so maybe u like
Comment by ORIGINAL_ONE on September 24, 2010 at 12:59pm
that made me think deeply, breathing with no air only the mind 24 billion miles per second!!! deep deep deep!!!!


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