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Obama is managed by the illuminatie or?
No, Obama is an new age character, able to manipulate 4th density. What you need to know to understand his agenda, is that he doesn't want you to understand his agenda. He is an non believer who is trusting in his advisers. He is also able to make contact with zeta grey aliens which control the spritual aura of new york. He is against all form of conspiracy since he believes in technology and the positive outcome of social capitalism, materialistic wealth. He is supported by the illuminatie because he is able to manipulate and control the masses which want simple answers for difficult complex issue questions. He is proclaiming change but in reality is doing everything to keep things stable to go on like they always did. Simply put this man is an actor. But why doesn't he make a real change? Obama is blinded by his own movement whit promise of change and concept of hope. He is still at the beginning of his work and everybody is waiting for results. If you're awake you see that there never will be change of how the things go. Obama himself is trapped between his spiritual abilities on the one hand and his limited knowledge about the powersstructure of the world. So his goals to reduce the budget for the military or to create new jobs in new technology sectors, are just no more than illusions. Now we slowly figure out what the figure obama is supposed to do. He should act is if he is the new visionist who will lead the country to a new beginning. In reality the country is loosing it's industriel wealth and knowhow, the basis for a rich and stable society. This is an wanted and planned developement controled by the illuminatie. So, it lookes like Obama is instructed by the illuminatie? No, Obama is an experiment by the elite which is desperate about the consequences of robery capitalism... He is motivated to create a better world but he serves an evil master, who is only interested in mass control.

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Comment by Michael A Brito on March 16, 2010 at 12:56pm
What ever he is. It is good for us to be present, and aware of our eternal nature. So that we may live outside of time and space, and separate from the ego. So the ways of the world can have no influence on us. It is written in the Upanishads- Water cannot wet it, fire cannot burn it, weapons cannot shatter it. So is the nature of the soul. Be free of the ways of men, this too shall pass. Look to your own ascension into the higher realms for guidance. Peace and love to you always.


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