There is an inside Gouvernement, that has contracts with the Zeta to work on technological projects to fullfill the Zeta Agenda. These workings are known as the black projects top secret activities of the cia or nsa. More openly the Zeta are in mental contact with individuals to bring their ideology in place. The Zeta work as a group consciousness, individual free thinking is not possible for them. They see earth as an project to develope an solution for the problems they are facing on their homeplanet system. They are involved in abduction mainly to get genetic material since they are interested in creating an livable human zeta hybrid through genetic experimentation. Moreover the Zeta are part of a coalition between the Zeta and the Dracons with the intention to bring in a one world order. This agenda is not to be confused with the NWO agenda of the world elite who think they are independent and influencing the Zetas. Part of this NWO are technilogical projects such as Haarp, Montauk, and many more. It is hard to say what the result of an succesfully installed NWO would be despite the fact that they intend to dramatically reduce the worlds population as it is seen as problem for civilisation. They intent to control all human believes through the interreligious council of the vatican. Moreover civil rights and independent nations are seen as obstacle for their one world power structure they try to install through the U.N.
The Zeta intend to help the human evolution into higher dimensions on a spiritual side and try to bring in an ideology of group responsibilty and ego reduction. For them earthly actions are somewhat looking like a kindergarten because of the lacking maturity of earths leaders. Whenever there is channeling and ideologies of the New Age Movement there might be heavy controling and influencing by the Zeta. They have the ability and technology to imprint thoughts and holograms into your consiousness without the knowing of a person.
The result of them succeding would be a majority of earths population beeing transplanted into the Zeta Collective Mind Matrix. There would be great improvements in healt and health care, environmental restoration and economic stability, everything would be centralized espacially the World Banking System that regulates the flow and conversation of plastic money. It would be operated through a computer system and very few coporations covertly directed by them. There would be greater comfort and technological developement. At this high level of social achievements the Zeta will introduce their hybrids and start their program to reduce the rest of humanity. There will be mental disorder and imbalances of the body as a result of the forced matrix transplant. Mental disorders will be huge among population and will be chemically treated through drug therapy.
You would be unawarely suffering Matrix manipulation for the succes of mental takeover.

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