Day One

got in the town without problems, no calls, no connection, subway ride 2 harlem, now they saw me and remembered the
hole, the voice of the speaker cryed, changed the line @ times square,
"the jew is back", no calls yet, we checked in the hostel and left for a
ride, the town was quite, the cars drove so smoovely that they nearly
made no sound, peacefully and harmonic synfony, the jungle colonized and
disciplinized, in the night it started, they wanted me to meet the wife
of martin luther king, but the connection failed

Day Two

i got it, now i realized to live my own life, no need for 11 #1 , no need
for the hustle, no need for revolution, but i shouldn't be left alone,
ride to 34 th, we enjoyed the view of the empire, a police helicopter
made a show and manouvered closely along the crowd, my head was clear,
walked along 5 th toward madison square, and wondered how it has changed
since my last day, i noticed how old and stable the buildings were,
headed toward south ferry, now i felt the dirty pulling of the soul
matrix and i got the first call that "i should leave" , we gave the
university some money, the musician played an extra song for us,
friendly bus drivers, we laughed at ground zero, walked through the ring
of steel, noticed the numberessles cameras and landed on brooklyn
bridge, i was between america and germany, no one would remeber it in a
few years, back to harlem, they felt me, "life is a b****", but no one
would shoot me, Diva wanted me to come to brooklyn, radio played "love u
so much", a german girl called the radio, what a coincidence, we were
recognized in the streets, "the germans"

Day Three

i didn't noticed it but i was whatched by the centaurians as well as the
illuminatie, slowly i got into the matrix and they needed me, they were
looking for an 4th dimensional leader who imprisons the souls and leads
them towards unity, it was our shopping day, radio played "start from
the beginning", remembering the apokalypse, walked to union square,
watched the sqirrels, NYU, took the subway over williamsburg bridge,
bring back the 80's, real hip hop, back to trump tower, talked to a
burglar, the radio played "taking back my love" by enrique and cat, and i
cryed, walked again, impressive skyline, impressive feeling but i was
sad, i still had so much questions, why it didn't work for me, cat
called, the feeling changed, told her that 4D doesn't work for me, she
just made it beautiful again, everybody noticed it has changed, one
screamed "what a boy", wanted to buy shoes, back at times square, more
then 10 police cars, now and then i got calls, back to harlem, they felt
the heat, i slowly got in trance, and i was sick, we still went to
hooters, the most beatiful spanish girl was our waitress, later i met
her in 4D, i felt so tired that i thought i was dead, but i got
connection with bruce, they couldn't stand me beeing sad so they wanted
to do something for me, asked sarah palin if she believes in change, she
said my tongue will be my trap, times square was crowded with people
waiting for somebody, i wanted to go to hong kong and make beats, don
called " oh no", but i gave a s*** and i just made hangcock, everybody
followed, problem solved, people were dancing in the subway, they saw me
in "the movie", yeah, and i brought back the aliens, there where
several flashes and the aliens use their room weapon again, she was
still with me and wanted to manage me, "let's do this, let's make
movies", but i wanted revolution, and the aliens revealed themselves and
showed me some nice alien art, they were upset that i told illuminatie
everything that i knew about 12 dimensional universal physics by heim,
i was scared of their eyes, they " use me as a safe" and presented me an alien head with progressive look

Day Four

i got in contact with illuminati again, told them that i'm the gouvenour,
went through central park, made a movie with the squirrels, i felt the
soul of new york, and now germany called, "ficken", i walked on, asked
them why they don't build modern like dubay, and i gave the answer
myself, illuminati was impressed, got into restaurant, told them about
6D, information organisation quality, " this is my man", saw a superman
S, and i looked for Her, went back to harlem, illuminati placed an eye
in my head but i didn't followed, wanted to know my DNA, made a ghetto
tour, now it got critical , and i welcomed the power, and the power
welcomed planet earth ( time to be reborn), i thought they would let the
subway drive into hell, " that's the man", we got out and she said i'm
gonna have fun, the angels left, but i've learned and i just made it
the best way i could, it could've become a hole, we sat down in front of
yankee stadium and played biggie's sky is the limit, i thought about
germany still beeing nazis, the power wanted to lead me to succes and
wanted me to let it go , i still wasn't cool, but it was such a good
feeling, bought a bottle "water for the mind", told don that we could've
made so good music, now i was fully in contact, biggie was there and i
got a collegue giving me smoovenes, i made it like back in the day, "
like that, like that", felt brandnew, girl outside singing " happy
birthday", again i was reborn, "he's hot", but i couldn't play a beat,
the chase started this night, it got big, cat called "where are you", i
tried to hide, she wanted to give everything to shoot me, we took the
subway into midtown, everybody was laid back, they were looking for me, i
new i had to get out of it and tried to not see anything smell anything
or think anything, i was like water but i couldn't avoid detection,
they wondered " so smooth", i got biggie i got the smoovest collegue, i
got bruce, i got her, and soon i would meet Her again, i was ready to
get shot

Night four

I didn't know about ascension i didn't know about the frequency fence, didn't know about chakras and didn't
know about the real grey agenda, that's why the aliens kept manipulating
me like a child, magic in the jungle, at times square it was the purist
illuminati spirit, the lights made it so clear that you would think
you're in a new universe, but i couldn't stand the contact and wasn't
cool, " relax", i told them f****** socialist country everybody's the
same, " germany auto", "he's going to be out in less then a week", and i
tried to go underground again, in front of the club i got remembered of
italy by the harbour and started to cry, Diva called, Diva stayed a
while, told me that we don't live, always labeled ma as a reader, know i
know she's heavely alien manipulatet, a friend payed all the drinks, he
kissed my friends ear, so we left, girls walking with us " it's too
russian", cool taxi ride, the friend waited at the hostel, i couldn't

Day Five

I was in 4D, i was big, the aliens showed me the U.S. military arsenal from above, the view in 4D got more and
more clear, i was blessed by the power, i could model a planet, cat
called and said he got it, and i wanted to make a radical start, i made a
big bang, a new universe, then i saw how 2 stinger flew over manhatten
and hit the world trade, a jew showed up and asked how i became that
good, i should follow him to poland, left, right, right, up, down,
left... but i still was in, i thought i could merge the third eye with
my 3D view, she told me that they gone keep me and i'm gona read
forever, problem was i was to big, i got the whole town, and the aliens
wanted me to have the whole world, i was complaining about everything
and i had help from above, snoop sneaked in and showed me the carribean
islands to satisfy me, a producer entered my fields and told them i'm
too big, they got upset and started to lift my helping writer mom from
me, they pulled her through my nose, next they wanted to pull my dad
out, i refused, got out , had to change the hostel, now i was chilled, i
noticed that i could create any feeling, i wanted to make the 60's and
there it was, i wanted to make iraq, now military called, saw an a- bomb
over germany, "we gonna make YOU iraq", we walked through midtown,
bruce was with me, told them to open their eyes more to see more light,
and then there was this huge big gigantic empire feeling, " jupiter",
sean called and wanted to make a beat, i walked on, lebron got the
statue of liberty, i got jupiter, back in the hostel it got more crazy, i
could speak wireless with my friend, he was angry and asked what i did,
germany got back and wanted me to stay with them but i couldn't stop,
the aliens showed me another galaxy and planet earth and they locked it
with a chain saying a love is better in prison than destroyed, germany
wanted me to go in the blue light but i kept exploring my brain, i made
new york before 911, i made a plan, i wanted to go to alaska and change
the frequency with haarp, i wanted higher, she was still there and
brought me together with voyager girl and now they all where in blue,
the champion presented me an f1 car, since they wanted me to be
engineer, they welcomed me into my new universe, the man, keri, kanye,
but i couldn't relax and join them, i have let myself fall but i
couldn't go with them, i walked my own path, She showed up, we kissed,
She said She could do so much more now, there was an thunderstorm out
there, i wondered what the dow jones did, i still wanted to change the
NWO, i decided to go out

Night Five

She was on timessquare in front of the masses, holding a baby, which was me, i left Her walkin
on... I was dressed with a cowl and put it on and of according the
operation rythm of the frequency machine, i wanted to get something to
drink but i couldn't find where i was going, met the spanish waitress
agein, should have fun with myself,
first i looked for the responsible man, i splittet myself into six and presentet him a contract
saying six times, six countries, one town, "rome", now i know that i
worked for the zeta draco alliance, back then i was happy to have these
friends, i saw the responsible man walking lonely speaking to god, "
what have i done", i decided to go to chinatown, be poisened and sleep
on madison square, now universal called, they told me everytime they say
"jetzt" to let myself fall on the ground, i did it, i saw a star
flashing on in the sky, i thought germany has already left earth and is
in the aquarius galaxy, the rest of the world is going to live under
dictatorship, they told me that i'm a copy and that i've even copied
myself, i liked the U.S., people more friendly, but now i realized that
the life is artificial, i walked on and lost my orientation, She was
standing there in front of the moon, i was hard but She refused, She
told me to start, i should do it with the man, but simply couldn't do a
beat, just played the wind of " try again",military called "oh no", i
wanted to make them meet my grandma wich, the responsible man wanted to
meet me on bermuda, he wanted to make a deal , cat was there in a
beautiful dress and supposed to marry me, i was walking into a pizza
restaurant, i had only euro, first they didn't acept, then they got the
order and served me, cat was sitting in front of me talking to burkhard
heim, i heard the voice of the alien voager saying "now" and then it
changed again, it was like i would breathe the first time, the city was
lifted, and i declared the last free night, the last time to enjoy and
to think about refusing the future NWO, walking towards time square, i
got into the white house and got kicked by Obama, i played basketball
with vince and dwayne and did the incredible water dunk, i made a movie
wit jet, greetings by tyzka, spinning the galaxy, i was watched , i made
their channel to go blank, i wanted them to make a black out, they
wanted me to disappear, i found myself beeing a burglar, they told me
not to pose, closing my eyes i saw the city from above, a saw how a huge
jesus standing in the streets saving the people, in another version i
saw j-hov standing over the town, i flew between the blocks, now japan
called, they wanted to refuse NWO and join universal spirit olympics, i
wasn't finished, i closed the street and declared a french zone, the
statue of liberty came there to sink into the ground, i performed
martial art and i wanted to give them the present, the soul internet, i
designed times square in green and black, a banker called, i broke him,
everywhere i went a "polish spring water" truck was standing to
poisening my air, the jews wanted to get rid of me with the
philladelphia technic, i saw the newsman , it was time for a new day

Day Six

as it became light i noticed the change, the earth has become small and NY
is the only left town, the rest has become a new dimension, it really
felt good, now i know that the jews made it like that, i still needed a
drink, in front of the chirch were a truck with water bottles, i wanted
to work freely, i saw jesus again, he nodded, sat on a bench, saw the
chase girl getting f***ed by the lunatic, keri wanted to catch me,
closed my eyes and saw the rest of the world, saw cat, kissed me but my
face was stone, the responsible man wanted to change my DNA, felt
flowing liquid in my head, the stars shouted at me, wanted to make an
end, no friends, looking for new family, new job,new star, somebody
pleas drive me into hospital, make earth even smaller, peace forever, i
stopped the time, there were two suns, one yellow one red, einstein
shook his head and refused, i had to decide between two worlds, with my
old family or with my new friends, i landed at st. vartan park, i let
pass away all my chances, the DNA change begann to work, the architekt
didn't want to work anymore, frequency got cold, i died, i fell on my
knees and prayed for a new life, with cat, with music, i sat on a bench,
"go on your cloud", now my head formed to an progressive alien head, i
was fed by cat and formed the galaxy new with candies and meat, my head
became more ugly and i let myself fall, i took my last chance to get to
the other side, "we f*** him out", now the white star would come, i
shouldn't lough, i got into an emergency truck, they poisened me with
death liquid, i circulatet it out of my body like ying yang, a clock
appeared, countdown, the star appeared, it was so purely white and
clean, i wanted to make it big, pressure, bigger, i made a new system
for cat, to live there and to be protected, the time went by, i didn't
have my luggage, a cat, jet kun do, rain drops, showed him new moves,
wanted to design for sean, again the clock, again the star, pressure,
bigger, biggest, white whole, i couldn't make enough room, now my 3rd
eye was connected to 3D, a little girl cryed, i was driven to another
station, it was a high drive, i thought it was the observation centre
and they would discover my star, i should see it too, i could see it
inside, i felt the heat inside building up, i heard them talking behind
the cameras, i went to the toilet and let myself fall several times to
clear the heat, cat came and asked if i made her the star, sold the
chance, the don has made a second star in yellow, i was at the station
for criminals, a mason came to the room wanting to give me advice, i
changed the seat several times, took his seat, then i was asked
questions, they gased the room, i pushed the help button sveral times, i
was smarter, NY was on fire, wanted to newark airport, no subway,
poisened air, i prayed, i screamed, jumped, i was anestethized, "thank
you" from the aliens, they showed me the crown chakra, illuminati
supervisor, everybody is save

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Comment by Amelo Asalim on March 23, 2011 at 6:26am
i think i'm just another one on the wrong planet righty?
Comment by Denise La Roche on September 27, 2010 at 5:18pm
u r a very interesting person.


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