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missing, gone just like that, vanished without a trace

id a blog, which features articles discussing about 2012, negative ones, written in filipino (tagalog) it suddenly vanishes. and to tell you the truth (are we safe to discuss this on here) that scares me to no end, was thinking am i under attack? theres no threat in my emails, just like twas gone.

resistance is hiring? i want one, to answer all the emails hahaha. im not a computer literate, thats the only way i can contribute, or how about the resistance store? to take good care of…


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the powers that be

so happy, i found out some 30 minutes ago, that the negative power that ruled and pestered the world for about 300 years, it all over. thru the white society, 100 countries who join force in order to defeat the negtaive ones. tomorrow a mass arrest of elites will took place, according to my info.

a noble who tried to withdrew some $1.4 trillion dollars, failed, bank declined,

a once head of this country whose family is in vacation somewhere, was arrested.

this mighty…


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i commit a mistake, i am human not a robot,

hi. good morning asians (asian time 8:42am nov 15)good evening world, i keep on laughing see yesterdays entry, wrong spelling mantion, shouldve been mansion hahahah, or mention hahahaha.

its been raining in here, i hate it, its a gloomy feeling, almost negative, lethargic, sleepy, maybe somebody sends us rains by using haarp?

yesterday i was in the forum and an entry reads, aliens are going to attack now, asteroid last week is a warning, then it said watch obama's speech.



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why i hate evrything that is happening in america right now

when my aunt died, in her will, she said "sell my mantion, give 25% to my sister (my mom)" she is a psychiatrist somewhere in america, my cousins having a hard time selling the mantion because of the economy is down. buyersoffer, half, so my cousin said no. so somebody offers to rent it, cousin say yes. now my mom is waiting in vain, need that money so we could afford to buy our own house. my aunt gave us a lot in a far away province, we wanna sell it but we need money since we inherited it,…


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this is the lawful, so complete and yet...so naive

hello. gosh its november 13, 2011 barely 16 days to go before that dreaded date, i hated that date. everytime that date appears, always in chaos, am so afraid, actually mix feelings.

dont ask. its my birthday hahaha. send your gifts. what i want right now is a sony bloggie cam, or an android phone i have 4 web tv station and i need it to go live without using my netbook.

id 15 blogsites and its not earning. google cancelled it. i joined pay per click but after 3 mos, i only erned…


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yesterday is gone, ony the sweetest mempries remains....cry mot

i like my badge, quite cute. how about an id?

university of the world



think its nice to display in my blogs.

to those who sent their comments thanks again, i was reading this site it contains blasphemous and all those negativity, just laughed it off. what matters is, we are still alive, do some good things, enjoy life, let them fight each other as long as you are safe, i dont care. ive a thousand and one problems and im jobless. i need to earn,…


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if you cant beat them, id say you rather join them

hi. i would like to thank all those people who send me a comment. i treasured it.

right now i still attend mass, on a regular basis but now its different i listened intently, words might change or the sermon of the priest might change into a diabolical one.

i go to church to hear the gospels, thats what matters most.


i read somewhere (i cant remembered it anymore) that JESUS CHRIST was fiction and was created by those aliens? though the reason is…


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welcome fellow seekers of the truth, i would like to ask a quetion, it really bothers me a lot, but what exactly will happen on dec 21, 2012? thought provoking. those rich persons are safe in their dungeons, living comfortably, eating like a king, they have their own electricity, mall, movie house, just like when they are still above.

the rest of us, will die of hunger, sickness, mentally inbalance.

this relly really freaks me, i read somewhere that jesus Christ was created by…


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