this is the lawful, so complete and naive

hello. gosh its november 13, 2011 barely 16 days to go before that dreaded date, i hated that date. everytime that date appears, always in chaos, am so afraid, actually mix feelings.
dont ask. its my birthday hahaha. send your gifts. what i want right now is a sony bloggie cam, or an android phone i have 4 web tv station and i need it to go live without using my netbook.
id 15 blogsites and its not earning. google cancelled it. i joined pay per click but after 3 mos, i only erned $1.04cents hahaha waste of time.
my exlove, abandoned me her friends doesnt like e because im poor. later ive found out shes selling her body, worst, her first is her relative. i still love her but being a psychic i dont wanna fall in love, that will interper with my psychic ability. so stop.
iam so fascinated about the tower of babel, does it really touched the sky? went beyond earth? priest said people who frequents to the church continues to diminish, ive seen a video where pope benedict tries to shake the hands of those priests, and other high ranking catholics, but they literally snob the pope. anyway i will do the same.
ok so its goodbye time, im sleepy. see you again fellow seekers of the truth. thanks for your comments.

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Comment by Zbojnick on November 13, 2011 at 6:10pm

Hello Ramon, I feel for you so on this special day I send you the best of luck, strenght and courage.



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