yesterday is gone, ony the sweetest mempries remains....cry mot

i like my badge, quite cute. how about an id?
university of the world

think its nice to display in my blogs.

to those who sent their comments thanks again, i was reading this site it contains blasphemous and all those negativity, just laughed it off. what matters is, we are still alive, do some good things, enjoy life, let them fight each other as long as you are safe, i dont care. ive a thousand and one problems and im jobless. i need to earn, but im having a hard time applying, im over age. here, in order for you to gain work, to secure your future you must be a graduate of this and that reputable schools, (paying thousand of dollars in tuition fee).
i love sales, having a hard time selling those condominium units, cars, houses and lots, etc etc. heavily indebted.
i controll my future, my destiny i know i had to act past, too many rules and laws, makes me sick but i dont have a choice,
my only source of happiness is this netbook of mine, the connection is so slow, but this is the only thing that i can afford, its a broadband paying $1.30 a day )a kilo of rice) its unlimited for a day. im only using 384 kbps so slow.

so got to go, im sleepy its 10:30pm.

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