why i hate evrything that is happening in america right now

when my aunt died, in her will, she said "sell my mantion, give 25% to my sister (my mom)" she is a psychiatrist somewhere in america, my cousins having a hard time selling the mantion because of the economy is down. buyersoffer, half, so my cousin said no. so somebody offers to rent it, cousin say yes. now my mom is waiting in vain, need that money so we could afford to buy our own house. my aunt gave us a lot in a far away province, we wanna sell it but we need money since we inherited it, attorney's asking for about $2000, thats too big. hope america will recover. 15 trillion dollars debt, only time can tell.

imy advice to the american govertment to cope up with their debt


all pentioneers living outside america should deduct 20% monthly

all pentioneers living in america, american territory should deduct 10%

all sin products

1 cigarrettes add $0.50 per pack money will goes to the government to pay the debt

2. soda' add $0.25 each

3 theaters add $1 per ticke

4 perfumeslotions/colognes add $0.50 ea

5 tv;s/dvd/cd's add $1.00

6 airplane ticket local 2.50 ea

7 airline intl flight add $5.00 ea

8 used cars add $5.00

9 brand new cars/vans/motorcycles add $25.00 ea

10 subscription to news mags, cable, mobile add $2.00 a month


and others. dont get mad at me hahaha. listen, who is going to help america? of course its citizens. and the government will return all the extra percentages if their economy is ok, if their economy is ok, deductions must stop. i know america can recover. and i would like to advice america to stop helping other countries use the money to pay us debts. i do believe america can recover. all you need is to help each other, now that your government is heavily indebted, its your turn to help your country.

election is near, please cast yourvote wisely, vote wisely, popularity is not the name of the game, choose one whose track records is impressive. those who talks less but do more. look at us, after 1986 when our bloved ninoy aquino died, we rose from deep sleep, we did that edsa revolt too many times and it was succeesful. thanks to mrs aquino who served as an inspiration. but againmmr marcos is not that bad, hes great, let the history judge, the future generations. (er, aliens? humans? what am i talking about? hahaha)

my birthday is coming very soon, all i need is a an android mobile phone. cant afford it twas so expensive. cheapst cost $150.00. ok got to go, take cre but wait... did pres obama really said, there is no nuclear in iran? i was puzzled. take care. be positive my fellow seekers of the esoteric truth.



































all sin products

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