welcome fellow seekers of the truth, i would like to ask a quetion, it really bothers me a lot, but what exactly will happen on dec 21, 2012? thought provoking. those rich persons are safe in their dungeons, living comfortably, eating like a king, they have their own electricity, mall, movie house, just like when they are still above.

the rest of us, will die of hunger, sickness, mentally inbalance.

this relly really freaks me, i read somewhere that jesus Christ was created by aliens.

discosures left and right i dont even know whats the real truth. its like all is fiction.

what a dangerous life,

we have power, our voice. but we are not using it.

do i have to pray the rosary?

i still go to church, eventhough i know the darksecrets.

i need your answer. i need some fellows who will help me to seek answers, answers to the esoteric truth.


take care guys.

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Comment by Zbojnick on November 8, 2011 at 3:19pm
Hi Ramon, I agree with both Kim and Ipriama. You need to calm down. If you are are seeking for truth you are certainly in the right place. There is plenty of information here which you can use for your spiritual growth and enlightenment. I can imagine how you feel with all this new knowledge about the inevitable event that is about to take place. Do not be afraid and keep your head up. After all, you decided to take the path of knowldege instead of blind faith/religion. I'm not saying you should instantly stop going to church or praying the rosary. If you think it helps you then it is your decision but I would reccomend meditation instead. You know, just sit down in a quiet place, calm down your mind and let your spirit do it's thing. You will definitely find some advice on meditation here on this site. I wish you the best of luck on your path to ascension my friend.
Comment by Ipriama Kwan on October 18, 2011 at 9:14pm

Hi Ramon,

Breathe! and relax.  Then breathe some more...The world will not end on December 21, 2011, yet life as you know it might change shortly thereafter.  Here's the thing to hold on to: your sanity of mind.  Believe nothing!  Fear nothing! and know that whatever you were born to be, do and learn is all that matters. Time will continue and so will you.  Whether you be in the flesh or divine energy is irrelevant, because all flesh shall perish one day.  You already know that though, right?  So, don't panic!  Just breathe and relax, because whatever is gonna happen, is gonna happen.  I hope this helps and gives you some tranquility of spirit and mind.  Oneness, Ipriama

Comment by kim mac donald on October 15, 2011 at 2:54pm


I, too, experienced a lot of fear and disempowerment when I first began to encounter the information about what is really going on behind the scenes.

Somehow I got to a place where I don't react that way anymore and I think two things have been helpful. One is an experience that I am so much more than my body and personality. The second is the strong belief that the power is within me, meaning that I am sovereign in my experience.

I can recommend Inelia Benz' websites inelia.com and ascension101.com as a helpful, heartening take on things. Practical tools and information that are available for free. She does have stuff for sale but I haven't bought anything yet. I especially liked her links to audio interviews. Her work has been very reassuring to me.

I think I arrived at a place of peace and strength in the face of disturbing information through the ability to enter into heart space which is essentially dropping my consciousness into my chest area and staying out of my head.

For example if something happens or I hear something and react, I put my focus into my heart area (and a bit lower down, probably almost to my solar plexus but it might be a little different for each person) and in this calm and neutral space, I choose a better possibility. I don't know what this is but I am choosing something better and more perfect. This is a Matrix Energetic technique and doing it as often as you can completely change your experience of the world.

I think this technique is prevalent in different traditions but this is the simplest form except for maybe The Course in Miracles', choose once again.

I think we are here to experience different aspects of "reality". I know for me it is not to get caught up in the story or the drama. For other people, the story might be the important reason they are here but I think discovering heart space and inhabiting it, you will find a place without fear.

Heart space isn't in Inelia's website but I found her communications very helpful to keep me out of fear.






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