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Human mind chapter 4-Pontius Pilate

Pontius Pilate was a Roman procurator of Judea,who authorized crucifixion of Jesus Christ.After Jesus was arrested,he was brought to Pilate for his trial on a charge of attempt to destroy temple of Jerusalem and criticism of the Roman emperor.Roman procurator was sitting on a trown and his secretary was ready to write anything that he will witness during the trial.Two roman soldiers brought in arrested Jesus.Pilate:"What is your name?",Jesus:"Yeshua Hanozri",Pilate:"Where were you… Continue

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Human mind chapter 3-Human experimentations(read two chapters that I wrote before)

I came back from Vancouver to Toronto.After seeing that vision I can't believe how crazy I went that I took it all seriously.Without a prove,I began working on organising the cult of the World Warriours.I wrote a Declaration to the world,where I suggested all religions to unite in war with the Devil's kingdom and start executing the demons by sending them to burn in the Lake of burning sulfur and on the internet i was distributing those declarations mostly to every church.And at the same…


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Human Mind,chapter 2-Leader of the world

All these persecuters of mine were working on me by the mandate order of the Alien intellegence,to make sure that I don't have any characteristics developed of the leader,they had to make sure that I'm weak in everything,dumb,naive,more of a negative character.When I immigrated to Canada,they had to make sure if i had a job,then it had to develop weakness,but it didn't.They couldn't give me an easy work,because of the high rate of unemployment and they gave me one of the hardest,work in the… Continue

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Human mind

Human mind is an access to all other worlds.We live in the world that never ends.In our vision or measurements,planet Earth is the only living place.By researching enigmas of human mind scientists discovered endless,unnumbered reflections of our world in the giant cell system.It's a multicellular system where our world exists in multiple versions.If we transform cell system in our vision,we'd see these unlimited numbers of cells and in each cell our world exists.And every person has duplicates… Continue

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