Human mind is an access to all other worlds.We live in the world that never ends.In our vision or measurements,planet Earth is the only living place.By researching enigmas of human mind scientists discovered endless,unnumbered reflections of our world in the giant cell system.It's a multicellular system where our world exists in multiple versions.If we transform cell system in our vision,we'd see these unlimited numbers of cells and in each cell our world exists.And every person has duplicates of himself(twin brothers) in all those cells.Every cell differs from another.In one cell,history of our planet has made an improvement in evolution,people have build a super modern paradise that they called a Trio system.Before that they lived just like us,suffering,trying to achieve things in life,competing with others,pushing others and losing everything.Their society was split into classes:rich class,middle and poor.Everybody who belonged to the middle or labour classes were at risk of becoming homeless if they weren't competing with others hard enough,there was a highest level of competition in everything.To lower the competition they organised a new system that they called a Sea Life.One day shipbuilding companies of the world organised a Union of Sea life.They provided a greatest opportunity for all people to live and work on their invented shiptowns,traveling around the globe.Shiptown is a largest ship that has everything that modern city has to offer.If you were someone who was pushed , persecuted by the system or was tired of competitions,became homeless or had similar problems,you could easily become a Sea Life citizen and move to live on the shiptown.For the first time it created a Chaos or world economical crisis,too many people left their countries to join shiptown parades,the ground lacked labour force and even educated people.Many reach businessmen were offering tremendous opportunities,employments with exelent conditions to remove people off the shiptowns and get them to work for their companies.If you lived in that cell throughout that time,you could only leave shiptown,if employer offered you a free accomodation,vehicle and a loan that you'd pay back in one year.Poor class didn't exist nomore,they became Sea Life citizens and had a big option of opportunities back on the ground.The athmosphere was changed into the glorious rainbow sphere and people were enjoying their lives on the planet Earth.Sea Life system has put an end to all wars,hunger,crime and homelessness that the world population has grown fastly.Many great inventors of that time have developed a new model of the ground living that they called a Trio system.They designed Supercities that were high to reach sky level and were build deep underground,one Supercity could fit milliards of people in one place.Supercities were robotserved,people chose to be involved in evolutionary progress for the purposes of creation of life on all planets of Milky Way galaxy and other galaxies.Trio citizens were involved in development of new sciences ,their lives were about working on projects and enjoying all comforts that Supercities had to offer them.These are the wonderfull things that happened in our neighbour cell,our cell is not so bad and maybe someday we will make these kind of acheivements in evolution.But there are cells in the system that made a progress into the totally opposite way.When we go to sleep at night,our minds have access to all cells of the system.Many nightmares we see are not just scary fantasies of our minds,they are real life of ourselves in other worlds.Many scary stories or horrow movies are not fake but real.Another cell that neighbours ours has developed a system that they called Geyenom-hebrew word for Hell.In Geyenom system only evil and unfairness exist and nothing of the opposite.Geyenom justice system has abided everybody in all kinds of punishments.In our cell,if a person commits a crime he gets punished by imprisonment,in Geyenom it's not enough.There are punishments by horrible evil actions,one of them are human experimentations.The judges may sentence criminals to laboratory work,there are mutant laboratories,where people are made half of animals,there are psychiatric laboratories where many type of mentall illnesses are experienced on punishables.Physical illnesses are also gained by the verdicts,same as homelessness and addictions.Geyenomers are all punished by heart poisoning,which is another function of organism that pumps up acid poison out of their hearts.It spreads around the body and produces evil smell,making their appeariances ugly,demonised and insane.Yet it makes them horny and they rape alot.There are duebull punishments,duebulls are hard metal rings,depends on the crime commitment,judges determine weight and the size of the rings,it also contains a magnet that gives irritating feelings.Duebulls are placed on different parts of the body:neck,wrists,legs and punishables have to wear them for determined period of time,sufferung from irritations.Every thursday they have to attend a Public House of suffering,to take responsibility for weekly evildoings and get punished in the similar ways.Systemacy handles every geyenomer under mind control system.Systemates run records of their daily thoughts and actions.The worst punishment of all others is a Private Life show.Private life show is a punishability for person who commited worst crimes in the past life.They make that person a child again,erase all memory about past life and sell him to the private film making company,where all countries of geyenom world will watch him 24 hours a day on a free channel and he is never going to find out about his life veiwing.Usually,private life of punishable will be full of sadness,tragedies and strong effects of hypnosis.And all other people who are free will be watching him until he'll die.Private life shows are indeed the major interest for geyenomers,they cheer,vote and even bet on some daily events of the punishable person.In the cells of geyenom category there is a famous private life show"Life of Pavel Lerner".Pavel Lerner is a punishable person who was born with paranormality of not seeing the real geyemon world.There was a lot of evil and unfairness commited all around him and he never suspected,he only saw people neat and polite.When Pavel wasn't around people,they were experiencing paranormal activity,they were getting demonised and that was the biggest secret from paranormal boy.Many scientists,psychiatrists wanted to find the cure for demonised people,but couldn't, and they created a hypnosys story,where Pavel is Enadas, an angel-warriour who was sent from heaven to save people from demons.Enadas was born on the planet Earth as Pavel Lerner,on april 23 of 1977,in the soviet republic of Tuva of USSR.He was born of the parents who were musicians,his father was Boris Lerner,jewish by nationality,his mother Inessa Lerner-hakasian.When Pavel grew up and turned 7 years old,he began studying music and play violin and piano.Behind his back KGB was following him,they bought the story about salvation of mankind and him being a saviour of the world.People were talking about his future,his religion of the World Warriours and his paranormality.Some satanic cults in the United States read the story about Pavel's life and called him an enemy to their cults.Some devil worshippers went to Tuva to kill Pavel,but KGB was protecting him,they were studying his paranormality and he was under experimentation of the russian government.In 1990,USSR was split into independed republics and became democratic.Boris has planned to immigrate to Israel and after that to Canada,where everything by his life story was supposed to happen.But satanists wanted everybody to go to hell after this life,because of the government protection they could never kill Pavel,however they were avenging by wrecking his life.In Canada,Pavel could never acheive anything,because public was convinced to be against him and besides temporarial heavy labour there was nothing for Enadas.In 1997,in Toronto,Ontario,mormons made Pavel to join their church,hiding everything bad from him and his paranormality.His mormon Bishop was David Murray,bussinessman,owner of several companies,who later became a devil worshippers and perpetrator of Enadas.Satanists wanted to drive Pavel insane and they used his mormon bishop to change his future.David was meeting with Pavel a lot,trying to hypnotise him and develop mental illness,but UN authorities with CSIS wanted to do scientific experimentations with Pavel and they drove his bishop insane instead.But mormons avenged Pavel for bishop Murray and send him on a mission to proselite their religion in Alberta on a full-time basis.Mormon missionaries didn't wanted to hide anything from Pavel,there was a dark secret of the church about rape and abuse.Enadas was mad that he followed the wrong religion and considered it a true church of Jesus Christ.He wanted to kill general authorities of the church and shut them all down.But it wouldn't work,they were too rich and powerfull,while Enadas was happy with the small salary of labourer.In may of 2006,Pavel followed example of Jesus Christ and went to fast in Vancouver,B.C.,seeking a purpose of his life,otherwise he wanted to end it by starvation to death.Readers may wonder,is this a true story?,of course it is.I am Enadas an angel-warriour,Pavel Lerner,alien on resque mission,punishable by systemacy.At the present time,it's a year of 2009 and I decided to write a book about my biography.I am Pavel Lerner,I'm 32 years of age,I'm being persecuted by CSIS,UN,CIA,FBI,FSB,Mosad and an Alien Intellegence.Systemacy showed the future of my life and all people of the world know what's going to happen.(shall be continued)

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Comment by Ryan McShane on April 22, 2010 at 3:59pm
Just keep in mind that I have posted that Jesus was a psychedelic mushroom on the paganistic . ----Both of my posts were deleted within hours... so I know how you feel. Amazing story... I would love to pick your brain someday.
Comment by Pavel Lerner on November 2, 2009 at 10:18am
Hi,everybody.I can't believe that after i wrote "human mind",these persecuters began interupting,hacking in,not letting me write the rest of the story.Does somebody knows why they stopping me?
Comment by Pavel Lerner on October 31, 2009 at 10:33am
Thanks,Agent Elusive.As I read other articles,I realised nobody knows for sure wether it's a punishment or secret government experimentations,why all these people have to search for truth and be confused?Inside my mind I have many theories that explain it,but not sure which one is true.Seems to me you weren't cut loose of everything I was in life.I think it's about handling some mind transformations.


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