Human Mind,chapter 2-Leader of the world

All these persecuters of mine were working on me by the mandate order of the Alien intellegence,to make sure that I don't have any characteristics developed of the leader,they had to make sure that I'm weak in everything,dumb,naive,more of a negative character.When I immigrated to Canada,they had to make sure if i had a job,then it had to develop weakness,but it didn't.They couldn't give me an easy work,because of the high rate of unemployment and they gave me one of the hardest,work in the bakeries.My persecuters are rich,powerful,but soft people,they would never handle a day in the hot bakery and that insulted them.It was hurting their feelings and they were cutting me loose by allowing me to work only nolonger then two month.I never had more then two grands saved up on my checking account.As a lab person or human subject under experimentations,I was never free,I was under the mind control,they were monitoring my thinking and even most intimate thoughts.They were also controling my senses,feelings,emotions,making me feel annoyed,bored,depressed for no reason.I had no choice,but to relocate around Canada:Toronto,Montreal,Edmonton,Calgary,Whitehorse.Anywhere I moved I had to find an employment as fast as I could and accomodation to rent.The good thing about those bakeries,there were always job openings,because people were quiting all the time.After the bad experience in the mormon church,I prefered to be a loner,working hard 12 hours a day,getting drunk and stoned on the weekends.That was making my persecuters angry,because marihuana is illegal in Canada and CSIS had to make those reports on the daily basis.Among the persecuters there were religious people who were insulted by my life story:mormons,masons,false-christians and satanists with devil-worshippers.By the age of 29,they made me scizophrenic and I was tired of these persecutions and went to fast like Jesus Christ.In may 2006,I was in the Stanley Park in Vancouver,B.C.I placed the tent,stood on my knees with my eyes shut and addressed to the Creator of Heaven and Earth:"O,God,Heavenly Father,I pray to you and ask you to bless me with a Holy Spirit to guide me in my life,I came to the point of my lifepath,where I don't want to live nolonger.I'm willing to fast as long as you want me to,please let me know if there is a purpose of life and if there is none for me,please let me die.I will start fasting from this moment like your only begotten Son,Jesus Christ fasted in the desert for 40 days.I'm willing to suffer from starvation to receive a guidence from you,and I ask these in the name of Jesus Christ.Amen".And I began fasting,I woke up in the tent early in the morning,frozen,wet,hungry.It became annoying,sitting in the bush,watching racoons,birds and I headed to Richmond Hill,which was North of Downtown.My stomach was empty,but after sleep,ther is a lot of energy still.Downtown of Vancouver is amazing,very nice buildings.I was walking by Robson ave, yesterday there was friday night and people were partying in the bars and restaurants on that street.There was a lot of trash on that street and cigaret butts.I picked one up,checked out,it was"Camel".I lighted it up and inhaled a bitter smoke,probably it was a bad idea to smoke,while fasting,that's for definite something that jesus didn't do.I think I should've gone to some desert for that matter.Lake of Fire and Brimstone,who would've thought that demons are so scared of that place,I finished smoking and threw away the butt.Mormonism is a religion that was defenitely created by the demons,mormons believe they will become Gods after this life and it's a purpose for them to follow their false-christ,never give up on their beliefs,hiding a secret about rape and abuse,pretending like it never happens.false-testifying to people that only mormon church owns the keys to Heaven.That's how they made me a full-time missionary,preaching the false-doctrine,lying to hundreds of people a day.I hate mormon church,I'm willing to sacrifice my life to shut them all down.Millions of children who are born in the Mormon families will experience rape and abuse and I must do something to save those children.I've got a great idea,Federal Bureau of Investigations in the states is run and operated by mormons mostly.If you happened to be an LDS missionary,you have a chance to become an FBI authority and I doubt that those hidden secrets of theirs really qualifies them for the US federal duties.If somehow I could get the evidences of those crimes,mormons would all get fired from FBI and maybe US government would've shut down all branches of mormon church.The problem is where to get that spying recording devices to make the records of the rape.They must cost a lot of money and those spying cameras are illegal in Canada.The only thing I know for sure that rape in the church is a brutal crime and does get punished by imprisonment.All I need is somehow to get that kind of money for illegal purchase of spy wireless cameras or I could talk into it some private detectives,or even better to do it all in Russia,some of my classmates became FSB.I knew that getting people in these trouble is not a such a good idea,but where in the world I would get these kind of money?Interesting idea of extortion came to my head,what if all financial system belonged to the Devil and Demons?From the visions I received before I knew that demons get burned in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone if Christ's follower will raise his right arm and commanded demons to depart into that Lake.If I could threatened those demons that I will send them to burn there on exchange of million of bucks,it sounded kind of silly,maybe demons don't exist at all,but I will try to do it anyways.I raised my right arm and threatened demons:"I Pavel Lerner,warriour of God,Hear and Tremble demon world,having been given authority of Christ,I command you to make a million appear on my bank account(which was emptied out)or I will command you to go and burn in the lake of Fire and Brimstone in the insufferable pain,in the Christ's name.Amen".I checked my account,nothing has appeared and I send them there.I went through downtown,walked through the bridge,down I saw"Little Amsterdam",it's an area where a lot of Dutche people live.To Vancouver Dutches brought their freedom and independence,marihuana was more legal in B.C. then anywhere else in Canada and people in Vancouver smoke a lot of weed.On the Broadview Avenue I found a lot of roaches with some weed leftovers.Marihuana makes me hungry,after 7 days of starving it was a lot harder to fast,but it gives this hallucagenic experience,develops geniosity and makes to see the visions clearer that it worth to suffer for.I didn't know how long this fasting will take,but for devilworshippers it wasn't fasting but becoming a bum.One devilworshipper appeared on the street,he was dressed in the black robe,wearing 6-corner star amulet on the chest,some satanic priest probably in covenance with Lucifer and that's how he knew about me.Maybe he thought it would be easy to kill me and guaranteed it.I passed him by,thinking how it could be just a coincidence.In Vancouver there some crazy crows who attack people,there were a lot of them on one maple tree,when I passed by,they immitated human laugh:"HA,HA,HA,HA".I imagened how demons possessed those crows and I commanded demons to leave them and stop laughing.Several crows shut up,but two of them continued laughing.I reached to the Richmond area,stopped by the casino and rolled the joint with that pot i found.Tonight I was planning to sleep in the Airport and felt more exited,in the tent it was cold at night.I inhaled a drag of burning weed,hold it in lungs and exhaled it.There were some false memory syndrom that I began to experience,I began to see in my mind how people were telling me little that I will become a leader of the world,how I will change the world and will organise the cult of the World Warriours.I never imagened myself being a leader,for a long time I was a loner,who lived a quiet life and I couldn't beleive those false memories.And all of sudden a clear vision came through my mind of me preaching a new religion to the world.I was never familiar and didn't know that people invented technology that could hack anybody's mind and I bought that vision was from Heaven.These are some basic beliefs that I was told in the vision to preach to the world.
There are thousand of different religious denominations,but only one God.We are children of Our God the Father and it makes us all brothers and sisters.Devil and his demons have perverted the gospel of Christ and used it to make contradictions to separate all believers in God.Demons did not want to have a unity in all those beliefs,but instead they wanted to have contradictions and competitions betwen them.Many religions have become moneymaking business companies,nobody is united in peace,love and charity.
We live in the world where we taste fruits of the evil-wars,crime,illnesses.Modern war conflicts are results of religious separations.In Bosnia,Chechnya,Iraq,Afganistan,muslims belief in the same God the Father just like christians do,but demons found doctrinal contradictions in Islam and Christianity and used it to turn away people's hearts from God and develop hate to each other,selflove and evil.The fruits of the war are human casualties,death of one person can bring tears,sufferings to many people.Mankind shouldn't fight with each other,but instead to unite in the war against the kingdom of Devil,that is the source of all human sufferings.Nomatter how bad demons made sinners out of us,God loves us,he created us in his image,and we all possess His kingdom inside our souls.Jesus Christ taught us not to seek earthly treasures,but to seek kingdom of God,which is in us,for it gives us power and authority over all the evil.
Many religions have developed certain rituals of fighting with demons,they have a common practice of rebucking,casting out that make demons leave.Demons can leave without rebuicking them,they have no fear to be cast out.Having been given authority of Christ, we can perform a new religious practice-execution of demons.We have a power and authority of God to command demons to go and burn in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone,which is a dark secret of theirs from the mankind.Every person has his own demons working on him,trying to make him a candidate into the demonhood after this life.If all people of the world would start performing execution of demons,we would've destroyed their kingdom and live in the world of peace and happiness.
Our God the Father is Love,He is the source of all the happiness and joy.Our world and many other worlds like ours exists in the measurements of limitations and insignificance,these are the Devil's creations.For kingdom of Heavin exist eternally and has no limits.Pain,sufferings,grief,sadness are the oppositions of God's creations like happiness and joy.Devil and his demons are satisfied when we experience those oppositions of God's,they want us to go through grief,sadness and other sufferings to develop in our hearts hate ,seflove and everything negative that we live and pass them to other generations,as it was passed to ours.
All illnesses in our world were created by demons and they bring sufferings and pain to all of us.Any illness is a certain combination of Marks of an evil touch(codes) that demons harm people with.In order to be cured from illnesses we must perform execution of demons and pray and ask Heavenly Father to bless the ill person with a healing power of the Holy Ghost to cure and purify the soul and the bode from the marks of an evil touch.In the modern world many illnesses have only scientific explanations of them and the cure is not found to all of them,like,cancer or leukemia.To understand the source of all the illnesses we must not neglet the biblical explanation of them.Jesus Christ healed many people and taught,explaining illnesses as evil power taken over the soul.World Warriours will have duties and calling of "Healers" and will perform execution of demons in hospitals to cure all the ill people.
Another important calling in the cult of the World Warriours are "Advocates".(shall be continued)

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Comment by Ryan McShane on April 22, 2010 at 4:11pm
Just replace "Jesus Christ" in the bible with the word "mushroom," and the entire bible will make more sense. Try it...
Comment by Sevan Bomar on November 6, 2009 at 2:43am
Total strength returns when one receives back completely what was taken. These demons and devils are sometimes those that have been picked up or invited the moment one attempts to fight old holy wars that are beside the point of what is to take place in the future. There will be a sad time for many as the army of Isu continue to deplete under the forces of Moloch, but such is the way with these beings, always warring/worrying. Release yourself brother We exist outside of time so the war is already over and We are sent to uplift those that where deluded enough to fight against things they do not innerstand. Blind courage is oft found with the fool. Meaning many a soldier has run down the battlefield with all the courage of the moment, until one full metal jacket lays him down. I tell you the truth if the people don't depart from the things they are worshiping blindly they will see what is worse than death. The one who will really tell you the truth you have found, it is still weather or not you will accept it, as many continue to create a darker prison for themselves, built by their own hand, sealed by their own tongue.


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