The Resistance is now unveiling the first phase of interactive apps for the iPhone and Android Mobile Devices. In light of the release of expansive knowledge about programming your own reality into higher frequencies I have taken the mission of developing tools to bring that about in the most advanced way possible in order to cut down precious time. The idea with iResist for the Android platform and iTransmute for the iPhone platform is to develop an integrated application that will give you step by step instructions and material for your constant ascension process which will be vivid. 


These Apps are currently in Beta in the sense that we are testing the usability of the software and the device itself. Once the new version is released it will feature everything needed to assist you on the Path. You will find download and installation instructions below. Currently our Android App iResist is ready for installation, however, iTransmute is still in the approval phase with Apple Development and should be cleared for release shortly. You will of course be notified when that takes place. 

iResist Splash Screen 

Application Description

The iResist Hyper Portal Application keeps you "In the Know" with the most expansive knowledge and tools related to ascension and spiritual enhancement sourced from The Resistance Website. iResist accesses vast levels of knowledge along with tools that pierce the veil of illusion.

Version 1.0 Features

 High Frequency Emitter 

This part of the App will feature up to date Frequencies, Corresponding Cymatics, Mediations, and Motivational Speeches that can be utilized by the user to assist them in eradicating low frequencies within themselves and the environment. With top notch Push Notification this App will receive constant updates from Resistance Command Central.

OurTube Database

We have plans to develop our Resistance Video Archive like never before. This part of the App allows you to access the videos in real time, view them, and also share them with others. The total goal here is to be sure that every moment that you have spare time, be it in the line at the bank, waiting in traffic, or even in the bathroom you have access to non-stop innerstanding.

 iResist Instant Social Network Intergration

Link with us instantly anytime through the most popular social networks such as The Resistance, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our App features up to date notifications of our activity across these networks. There are also other portions of the App in which you can follow all activity from these networks directly and even add content such as pictures of outings you may be attending, projects you may be participating in, or fringe you may be developing.

Master Library Integration

Soon our entire Master Library will be tagged accordingly. This makes a perfect opportunity to educate yourself on symbolism and its meaning. The Master Library at you fingertips is a sure way to enlist excitement and curiosity from others, a direct indicator to them that truth is much stranger than fiction.


The iResist and iTransmute Apps have many more features than what is being described in this overview. Feel free to browse the application fully for hidden treasure. As mentioned above this is our first version and new ideas such as Blog Talk Radio Integration and 3G/4G carrier wave imprinting are already being developed. My goal is to do as much as I can to bridge the gap in consciousness and to keep us connected. Below you will find links to install iResist absolutely free. We ask those who can contribute to consider doing so as this helps to quicken the process of development and there is a great deal to do. I cannot describe enough how all that we due is sponsored by people like you. Wholeness and Balance Vibrations to all. Injoy!

Install iResist on your Android by clicking here

Iphone Installation coming soon...Approximately 2 weeks according to Apple.

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Comment by Melisa Bell on February 1, 2012 at 11:33am

Awesome, been waiting for something like this,  can't wait for blog talk.  Thank you :)!



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