Wholeness and Balance Vibrations to all. There should be absolutely no doubt that this year will bring the highest levels of awakening that has yet been witnessed by our time sector. This of course means uncovering what is hidden no matter what that may entail. We have moved far beyond the field of duality, now we only see what we do as a duty to Harmony. Those that wish not to enjoy it and remain stagnant in primordial filth can do so without their repercussions bleeding over on to those who wish to emancipate themselves. 


The matter at hand is the dark cabal, their inner workings, and their incessant plans to hold everyone back from ascension like crabs in a bucket by breeding a souless race or more simply put, a world that does not consider their spiritual state. You must innerstand that they do this because if people truly considered their Soul then the blind forces would not have people to work for their diabolical industry which has breached the innerspace of many. It is very hard to get someone to sell a cheesburger that knows that it will cause harm to those of whom they are selling it to. It is hard to build and sell cars when one is firmly grounded and connected to the very Planet that such devices erode. So you can see this is the root to why the reality has been going in such an oblivious direction and why it will stop this year.  


The next level of the Code to the Matrix...

Consider these words on the Soul and its value. In the current program you will find an endless amount of currency poured into things that have no value. The only example needed is the Kardashian affair 17.9 million in 27 days. If asked how much they spent on the balanced progress of their Being you would find that number close to nothing. So from this point this means the program is "host"ile to harmony. These Archetypes and many more make up an entire array of seriously twisted super villains with all jokes aside. The system brings forth these beings to be idolized and thus the thought form becomes created no matter what people think is going on.


Many of you are Adept/Adult now so this teaches you in a hostile program you must activate certain security measures. Why would one need this? Consider your body, which is the map of the Innerverse to be navigated by your Temple Ship. Just as the Skull protects the Pineal and sensitive components of your consciousness you must radiate a harmonic field impenetrable by lower frequency. I/We have been showing you step by step for quite some time how to do this and now you will get the most valuable peaces to complete the whole. This is for certain to be continued...


In short I have decided to become a Vehicle to liberate Earth from its Archonic Plague because I have children here. When confronted in life by a Higher Force I was shown that to take on a Universal role one must treat every child of the Earth like their own.


Sound is rivaled only be Light and Shape as to the highest modes for programming the human body and many of it components which can be seen as a Bio-Organic Super Computer of genius design. This vehicle which only remains cohesive through harmonics is under great threat due to a frequency war of vast proportions. In general such programming is embedded on 7 levels which is the entire light spectrum.

There is also a much more advance level of "hacking" that involves the 8th Octave or Overtone once the overtone is adjusted all subsequent spectrums are adjusted. If you notice the word Octave contains the world Oct which means 8 showing that all such scales move in the sequence of 8 when we are taught generally there is only a sequence of 7. The 8th often missing Octave can be seen as the source of the light spectrum as you see with the image on the left.

So far humanity has been left at an extreme disadvantage by not knowing how this programming system works. It serves to allow us to be programed by the culprits while being almost utterly incapable of deprogramming what they have been embedding from Innerverse to Innerverse. New reasons for this continuing are now knowledge of such nature is looked at as "Masonic Knowledge" or "Illuminati Propaganda" this is a big mistake and has the same effect that also occures in church when told that any information outside of the bible is incorrect and possibly the work of satan. Such stagnacies have kept humanity in a very limited spectrum of existance or basically energy trapped in a cube of mass. This is also why symbols such as the black cube are cosmic representations of trapping energy in to a cubic area to move only horizontal while utilizing its potential.




This is also why the actual reverse of this knowledge was taught in the ancient mystery schools by use of the Pyramids or Stupas. Let it be very clear henceforth that the knowledge of the Spirit and its inner workings has truly fallen in to the wrongs hands. In turn that knowledge has been used to enslave humanity by individuals such as Apollonias of Tyana and that whole cult who later erected the catholic faith and all its subsidiaries which raise an external figure into the face of the people for them to fall down and worship whether it be a cross, cube, man on a cross or man in a cube or any such variation.

The major difference with structures and geometry that have focal points at the top and in many cases the bottom also is the energy moves up and down which imitates the bodies actual torsion field. This does not mean all such structures are used for positively but it does mean that all those who use such structures are fully aware of what they are doing. The square religions have a redundant offset of its members being lost blind adherents while with the "vertical faiths"" you get individuals who are fully aware of the lower and upper worlds. You will notice this especially with the teachings. Religions such as christianity focus primarily on Earth and its happenings which can be seriously considered as a proprietary Horizontal Plane behavior. The actions and movements of the people generally take place Horizontally which includes walking left and right forward and backwards. Since most cannot fly physically on a physical plane such as this one their Vertical activity is limited. However, if you go to the Eastern teachings it is all about the Vertical Planes, the Higher Worlds, the Lower Worlds, Ascension and Descension, Ascending and Descending in to such spaces etc.


The Spirit - A Diamond which is forever ready to shine forth from its carbon base cube (666)

The Body - A Pentagram running on combustive conflict in harmony Uni - Verse (United Against)

The Mind - Infinite thought forms molding the projection, spin, shape, sound, light, of those said vehicles.


This further lends credit to why societies laden with stagnant teachings also have their citizens living and working in cubes, as the simple concept is to trap energy in the cube and us its potential. To show you further how the high knowledge that can benefit us but is always used by the traitors of humanity to debase us is with the true use of the Kaaba to absolve man from sins. It had more than mystical nature it was bequeathed with Universal Law which all Relics do as they have Universal Correspondance. Black Cubes such as the one in Mecca could pull in negative energy sucking it out of the person. This should be looked at no different than what orgone does to DOR or what can be considered as Negative Prana. Using such devices to draw such energies out of ones vehicle leaves them feeling liberated as if they have been exercised.

This leads us to ask ourselves if this is how those of the Qlippoth ab-solved themselves from their misery, which loves company. Basically building dimensions on lower planes of the Universal Template and convincing the inhabitants that the current version was the best which would allow them never to look higher and thus be reigned over. When the Pope told certain men that he could remove their sins and allow them to enter into paradise for a price was this true prophecy and profit? This is the same as those who practice voodun to allow them to do things like sell drugs without fear of being arrested even in worst cases enlisting sorcerers when they get locked up to do magic that will lead them to getting out. In fact if you look all around you then you will see various versions of this same thing going on, its a sort of buying ones way out of the feeling of hell. This will also cease.

As for the religious who move about with heavy encouragement from their leaders, who are already infused with the conflictive Archon oversoul essence, they carry on day to day actions that truly show they are polarized, filled with hate, consumed with the chosen one agenda, and thus generators themselves of Negative Prana. This energy is then drawn into the Kaaba cube and then projected outward organically at the "outflowing location" by those wearing the cube on their head who are masters of projection through the use of the hidden symbol or the 4 flame god. Do keep in mind the Kaaba is know as the Navel because it is a vortex which sucks in while other location are vortexes that push out. This happens in the inner and outer verse so do not think this is just happening in the outside world.

This is an input output procedure with the horizontal adherents of course blind to what is going on because they don't have the proper perspective. It is very easy to see what is going on when you are looking from the top of something that is why all Ancient Teachings profusely comment on using such perspectives to truly penetrate the knowledge of what life consists of. I will be bringing much more clarity to this as we go but take each bit of this information for its extreme value as it connects to many things, at least 7 levels of reality.


Other Topics discussed will be:

Details on why you must keep children away from most of modern music.

Learning how to anchor to what is real in order not to get lost in hyperspace.

Why free energy also means energy assimilable for the body and why it has truly been suppressed. 


Show Time:Sunday February 3, 2011 5:00 P.M. GMT 1hr

We welcome all callers! Call in to speak with the Host:

1 (347) 996-5688



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Final Question: Do New Age communities have the strength to withstand what is to come?

I have recently noticed a wave in instability effecting the spiritual community at large. We have individuals such as Project Camelot and David Wilcock crying that they are being threatened which they have used as another way for their faction to enlist yet more financial support and below you will find another community Telestai dissolving after its directors have chosen to desist in their actions towards what they are calling RA. What is sure to ensue is a wave of backing down as many of these individuals who were clearly not serious from the beginning begin to realize that this spiritual situation is real.


To be candid it is clear that both of these factions suffer from not including all races in their work, a simple "token" interview with Credo is not enough. Because most of these people fail to do any real study they have missed the warning in the book OAHSPE the Book of Jehovih in which it lays out clearly how the races are to function on one accord due to some races being created to protect the others from predators they are not designed to handle. This is why I replied as such. We will stand firm as death to us is familiar territory and to remove us is to only create an even greater unstoppable force spanning across universes. All organic baby.


Email sent from Telestai Admin directly to my email address:

The following is an e-mail sent to you by an administrator of "Terra
Navis". If this message is spam, contains abusive or other comments you
find offensive please contact the webmaster of the board at the following

Include this full e-mail (particularly the headers).

Message sent to you follows:

Friends, I regret that I have decided to close I did not make
this decision lightly. I has been an agonizing choice. I will be as brief
as possible in explaining why.

I once wrote the following message to John Lash:

"John, it occurs to me that you can never release rite action publicly. The
moment you do everyone on your mailing list, everyone on the Terra Navis
board, and all of your dedicated followers immediately become
co-conspirators with you in the eyes of the DHS."

He agreed with me.

And yet it continues. It has become clear that targets and methods of RA
are going to continue to be discussed by John and Thomas ON THE PUBLIC
INTERNET. Witness the last "Gaian Ethics & RA # 9 - questions & answers"
where the CEO of a large corporation is all but named as a target. I can no
longer put myself, my family, and the members of the forum at risk of the
possibility being labelled as co-conspirators in a plot or movement with
lethal intent.

I wish you all the best.

the webmaster

My Response:

What I find most interesting is for a faction that has access to the Universal Mother as you have claimed time and time again why can you not repel these darker forces? Will you not agree that there is something that you all may be missing? Will you allow your work to be deconstructed before you look further to see what you may have missed? The Resistance stands firm and opens the door of The University of the World to you. Mr. John Lash has been an extreme catalyst to many people's growth, it is time We stand together, our shields are intact and our grid organic, all spectrums must come together along with the hidden Octave (8) which is the mystery of the Queen of Sheba or the Queen over 7 which makes the vast entity 8. In short you have rejected your guardians, the Melanin Dominant, so in effect you cannot reflect and thus deflect the dark field energy, such is the expense. You all must keep in mind that although you are making decisions for yourself there are many people tied in to your faction, your dissolution in 2012 does not give them the pillar they need to feel encouraged. I once again insight your faction to allow these people to make a full transition and not leave them hanging in the buffer between frequencies. We are here for you, outside of time.

James Evans Bomar III
Developer of the Planetary Resistance


Correction: On the last show I mentioned that Zion means death and there was a slight error with that as Zion actually means "projection". It is easy to see how this can be confused since the so-called elite are always projecting premature death. So in essense it is not death that should be feared but rather dying in a state of ignorance. So it is clear than, the Archons generally promote a life of ignorance to catch an individual in a corner of the cubic web of space. We move into the corner emitting a Full Spectrum of Essence which allows those "in cubed" or the incubated life form to bath in balanced essence, this is what We do. 


To Know frees you, you are already free...


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Comment by James Lyon on February 8, 2012 at 4:26pm

the idea that Terra Navis is like "earth no Vision" is almost the implication here. is a farly calear reason they shun our Vision, 6 Zion, or 6th sence, awarness,

Comment by James Lyon on February 7, 2012 at 11:22pm

Kardashian?? i dont even watch them let alone know there names, there retard nature spreads ignorance by choice. "Why hast thou forsaken me" great words

Comment by Earnest james coutu on February 5, 2012 at 6:03am

I Totally Dig what you are saying!

 Quote From The Movie ...The Box

"Martin Teague: Sir? If you don't mind my asking... why a box?
Arlington Steward: Your home is a box. Your car is a box on wheels. You drive to work in it. You drive home in it. You sit in your home, staring into a box. It erodes your soul, while the box that is your body inevitably withers... then dies. Whereupon it is placed in the ultimate box, to slowly decompose.
Martin Teague: It's quite depressing, if you think of it that way.
Arlington Steward: Don't think of it that way... think of it as a temporary state of being. "

As always Boxes are used to separate and Contain...But only up to a point...The Point of the mind dealing with this problem, realizes that because there is a Box...There is Always something outside of that Box.

Ultimately I believe The Use of a Box is Irrational a product of our existence in this Dimension.

Because we exist as three dimensional beings,moving in one direction in the fourth dimension,as a moving point in the fifth dimension,as part of a sixth dimensional universe system set,which is only one part of a seventh dimensional multiversal landscape,we are always a part of a limitless, expanding, infinite.


The Box is used to make the Contained, separate themselves, from the infinite.

Time makes fools of us all. Our only comfort is that greater shall come after us.
E. T. Bell

Excellent Work 7even.

Truly Excellent


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