Well this is the point that We have been waiting on, the knowledge on how to break oneself out of the Matrix is now available and in effect the "water" of the reality is now broke. Join me your Host Sevan Bomar this Sunday for one of the most explosive shows to date. 


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Topics Discussed:

The Origin Point - How everything comes from thought first and what that means for all of us.

Oversouls and Undersouls - How we are triangulated into physical Reality

Bringing Light Vibrations into experience

Frequency Syncing and Shapeshifting

The Pyramid Language 

"They found Mother but were is Father" 


Excerpt from post currently being formulated, this one will be the most expansive.



It is now common to speak of the Hidden Hand and the reptilian races along with other extraterrestrial factions that have remained hidden to humanity. Due to this excessive form of externalization many have missed the entire point of our introduction to what remains hidden. Of course what is hidden would be the parts that we are unaware of about ourselves nothing more when you are everything. So whether we want to deny it or phight it this only serves to prolong our confusion about what is taking place around us. Once you begin to see how easy it was to divine what is truly going on you will have no doubt that you have been asleep or in a cocoon waiting only for the timing to create this moment.


We will begin with the revealed mystery of the number 8 and the Queen of Sheba. I will reconstruct the entire esoteric meaning and rid it of its exoteric plague of misunderstanding and representation. You will learn that when any belief system chooses to externalize the meaning and actions of powerful spiritual currents there ensues disaster of the highest order and extreme ripple effects of blindness.  The power of the Oversoul must be first realized fully on a introspective level. We are now living in a reality that the opposite has been done. 


This has occurred with the Messiah Myth which has in turn given us the Anti Christ we see parading as a physical, genderized racially specified savior when Christ is without a doubt the symbolic process of raising Kundalini. This externalization has happened with the knowledge of HVH, Eve, Mother Earth, and Kundalini also which now gives us stories or Red Dragons, Hive Mind Queens, Babylonian Whores, Scarlet Beasts, etc. Now those that propel Truth externalized for the pleasure of watching its grievous results in keeping humanity confused have began to externalize innerspace and we have now been introduced to the birth of ideas of Malevolent E.T.s, Reptilians, Planet Swallowing Black Holes, and Moons full of covert operatives bent on monitoring Earth's inhabitants every move.


It always happens, before we can truly innerstand something we make an external nightmare out of it, that is just the way we learn at first. Now you will recieve what will put an end to all of this, the begining of the knowledge that will fully syncronize both sides of your brain. This will in turn sync you up with your Oversoul rather than leaving you limited to your Undersoul. Religions are designed to only expose you to the Undersoul since one is constantly made to feel as if they are under the God and must worship, this state of mind produces a low frequency and leaves the person feeling inadequate when it comes to braving the innerverse.  In the event they are told they have power they refuse to believe it and even feel if they ever excepted such beliefs they would have committed the highest levels blasphemy. In short this leads to disconnected powered down spiritually lazy people blinded by their own sense of superiority.


In regards to the Oversoul and the Undersoul both of these truly exist and there existance makes up the reason you are able to appear in this reality. In short you hold physicality because you are a triangulation of higher and lower energies that when combined create the combustion of physicality as fire and water make steam. Allow me to take you on a short adventure. In the beginning of you there was a thought that formed everything, once the first thought is put in to play all other thoughts spring up as products of the first thought. So to make it simple once one deed is done ripple effects ensue causing a never ending stream of cause and effect that we call the reality. I bring this up because it confirms that you have an Oversoul or a much more graduate state that you used to bring you in to this one. This can also be seen as the ejection of a starseed spore into the wild. The plant which is already full grown sprays out none matured versions of itself into realities in order to allow them to possibly mature or decay. You should look at your experience here no different and always keep in mind that not all seeds become the Trees they are supposed to be, never allow yourself to become mulch because you got side tracked or too long.


This Oversoul becomes your anchor point from on high while the Undersoul begins to be developed through experiences in the reality that are not capable of meshing with the high frequency of the Oversoul. None of your essence is wasted it is either gathered up by the Oversoul or compacted into the Undersoul. When the time of departure arrives as it does for everyone the person is then transmuted into the Being they are most compatible with. This gives us the symbolism of the weighing that takes place in the Egyptian Book of Coming Forth by Day. I suppose the power of knowledge truly is the awareness that all of this is going on and the details that allow a person to steer their course through a process that has been going on for Aeons. In addition the knowledge of such things was always sought after by the most "tuned in" because it can compress an otherwise very long stage of involution through evolution. This method of learning from contrasts is not the most accurate and advanced system the Universe has seen, it is rather what is being given to us because of our density or dense way of learning. So it will be replaced.


Moving forward to the Queen of Sheba we will highlight the numbers 4 and 8. In Hebrew the word 4 is Daleth or door. This is because the real Door has always been known to mean crossing over into the other Frequencies. So you in effect die to the previous Frequency you were in. These frequency changes allow you to be aware of the other world. Frequency changes can be controlled by the Adept and is often referred to as Shapeshifting, another term demonized by fear. Since the entire construct is very precise geometry that separates the realms the term shapeshifting takes on an entirely different meaning since its basically saying to change ones geometry to something  else so one can blend in or disappear. The reason why you cannot see the myriads of entities around you right now is because you are separated by frequencies which act as buffers to our sensory system not allowing us to infringed on one another knowingly although we are all very much connected as we are basically laying on top of one another. It is a rule that all higher frequency Beings can see all Beings on a lower frequency than them but not always vice versa.


To be clear once more the number 4 is a door, it has 4 sides so it is a square. This makes the number 8 a double square or 2 doors/Tudors. The number eight is simply the number 4 twice this is called double power. 4 is Daleth or door so 8 means 2 Doors or a way in and a way out. Again, you see you can spell death with Daleth because in transferring worlds you in effect die to one to become apart of the other, while in the other you die to that one to become once again part of the previous if you did not notice this happens every time you go to sleep at night. This kind of thing is always shrouded in fearful terminology to keep the one who has not transcended fear away from traversing it thus they cannot fully control the dream. After all what is a person limited by fear doing in the other world if they have not learned how to conquer fear? Everything in the other world would scare such a person that still believes that humans are the only sentient Beings.


What makes the Queen of Sheba so significant with the most important topics is the Queen of Sheba is actually the number 8. Even the title Queen of Sheba means the Queen over 7. In this case those 7 would be the 7 Sisters or Wombs that have brought us life. So here you have the same riddle simular to that of the numerology behind the Myth of Christ and his 12 disciples which make 13. Now you have Belkiss who is really Queen Cassiopeia, the given name for the Queen of Sheba and the 7 sisters making their total eight.


You will now see why there is so much Octagon imagery around the so-called elite as they know the truth to the Solomon and Queen Sheba parable and now you will also. To be continued.....


By the way, We now control the Dream, this is the real thing.

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Comment by Dusty Tru on January 29, 2012 at 6:34pm


Comment by Crystal on January 29, 2012 at 6:07pm

hi Whole Transformation how do you down load  the resist phone app? is there a link on the site..

 in pen men ship class, instruction  was never draw an eight as two 00  ciphers, one on top of the other -

 always had to be the ice skaters 8. 

 pen's men ship   early in doctrination


Comment by Whole Transformation on January 29, 2012 at 12:51am

just downloaded the "iresist" app for my phone, man that is some tight work 7, never ceasing to bring the information, this needs to go viral!

Comment by NfiniTINAked on January 29, 2012 at 12:48am

So interesting, I was just contemplating the 8 today.  I was thinking about how the 0 and the 8 are similar in that they both are infinite. They are nothing and everything, only the 8 would be like a veiled 0 via the twist in the middle. The two worlds that are really one after unifying them and overcoming duality. Looking forward to the show!

Comment by Whole Transformation on January 29, 2012 at 12:39am
blown away and brimming with anticipation as always :) My parents would always say to me "what you think youre the queen of sheba or something" when i would get out of Interesting now i will find out the lore behind this and more. Keep it fluid 7. Wholeness


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