Shared Dreaming is REAL 2012 here we come! Party Party Party!

last night  something amazing happened to me and a friend of mine, we wanted to do a shared dreaming experiment!.i was just thinking about that movie inception and i was like lets see if we can do that here right from home!..We envisioned a pre selected place and had full details of the sourrounding property and the actual meet up site..i had him listen to a Brain sync Lucid dreaming cd while i just vizualised manually.. during my visualization i saw him standing in front of the store as if he had been there awhile just waiting then i approached him and greeted him but at first i felt like he didnt see me but i definitly saw i immediately started our first lesson in the dream world and it was to show him that anything can be manifested here on this plane before the session took place i told him to keep his mind clear and that i was gonna control and set up the scene and he would just going along with the flow until i instruct him to try some things out..

  ok what i didnt know at the time was that he was in a fully lucid dream! I was just in a very Deep Meditative Visualization Session.I used the Pineal Trap Door Exit to enter his dream!. Now when we both woke up we described to each other the events of the dream and it was spot on. He didnt know that i was manifesting the scenarios though, but on side of the Fence he Clearly Knew! i saw what he was doing and was controlling the scenerey while he was participating in the Dream..the main focus of the dream was to introduce him to the lucid dreaming world and how just your thoughts is what creates the reality here but after we completed one lesson we both got side tracked and i went to another dream reality and he went on to further explore it was Amazing..Tonight Its gonaa Be Four of Us this time And we're Bringin the 2012 party to the Astral gonna leave the Tecnique and the Address to the New Years party Below Go to Google Maps to find the Building for the Visualization of the Shared Dream Whether you're fully lucid or just there in deep Meditation you are welcome to party!

Technique I used to Arrive at the Shared Dream Space!

Started off Laying on My back

arms to my side black self made sleeping mask for my eyes to block out any distracting light

Next took about 50 deep breaths from the diaphram while cycling the energy from the earth and the surrounding energy from the higher beings that surround my home (trees)..Now Each Breath inward I visualize and feel the energy rising from my feet all the way out throught the crown Chackra Slowly Activating each Chakra Both Hidden and Known on the way Up and out through the Crown. Each Exhalation Gets rid of any Negative blockages that might hinder your journey.

Next I immediately Focued my attention on my Third Eye in the center of my Forehead And Visualised a Trap Door. then Proceed To imagine my spirit body lifting and Slowly rising up and out through the trap door.

Now i find myself in a small wooden cabin type room then i walk out into what ever Destination i choose to make appear ie the Pre Determined Visualization Meet up Point.

Now You must remember to remain focused on the scene as you make your way to your destination, dont get caught up in side distractions keep your mind clear and Focused on where you want to go then Viola! you'll be there!.

So See u guys and gals Soon The Party is gonna be goin on all Night long So when you Lay down to go to sleep tonight or early tomorrow You are welcome to Join in at any time.

Ps: Try to Study and Visualize Every Aspects of the Pictures i have shown of the Location, this is where the party will be held, let your imaginations run wild and have Fun Resistance Style..Everyone is invited! Wholeness Balance and Love to You All and have a  Happy New Year!

location Costa Rica 

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Comment by White Knight on January 1, 2012 at 5:44pm

I had this happen to a friend once who girlfriend appear in his dream. However they did not perform visualization or listen to subliminal music. Maybe there special bond produced it by accident? I dunno but anyhow it never ceases to amaze me how much better is brain sync technology is to other ambiance music I've tried out. I listened to the kudalini awakening meditation and follow all of it instructions perfectly ( at this time I had no idea of what was going on in the world) the next morning I woke up with my crown chakra vibrating wildly and a presence of my higher self for several months. thanks for sharing Kv Three O Five 

Comment by Kv_Three_O_Five on January 1, 2012 at 2:29pm

@learner the party is all day long so feel free to tap into the scene at anytime and yes its all the same place..Great vid @William and yes that song is Perfect! i Think you should be the DJ man! lol

Comment by William Reser Hall III on January 1, 2012 at 12:15pm

If anyone looking at this is just being introduced to lucid dreaming I highly suggest the video above as well as his book. I think this is only appropriate.

Comment by learner on January 1, 2012 at 2:46am

This is interesting and that location looks awesome, is it all the same place but just different parts of it? Never done dream sharing before, I'll prob give it a go in a few hours.


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