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mean time?

I was searching for a title and this one came into my mind. I always had errors in apreciating time. So to me, meantime its different lol. What i wanted to say is that these days i feel very strange. I mean, inside, i feel peace, love, wholeness; outside i feel very stressed and i switch moods very quickly. Most of the time im confused, even now lol.

Reality seems surrealistic and everyday its like im in a dream. When i start meditating i feel the whole room spinning, and sometimes i…


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Lucid dreaming

Long since my last post,but i only post things that appear of interest to me so this dream i had was verry strange and interesting.Now story :)

All of a sudden in the middle of the night i became lucid in my dream(i rarely recall dreams).As i was aware of the dream i started to fell as i was moving at high speeds, equal or beyond the speed of light,i could feel it,and it felt more real than in a dream.I was moving upwards,and inwards,thats how i felt.I saw many balls…

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Just a poem

It's simple

If everything were here

If anything is now

I like the way it is

I like the rightfull tow.

If you were here with me

And i believe in you

I search myself with me

And all i find is you.

No more fear i say

No more fear to play

IT's all gonna stop now

I hear the healing bow

And all becomes one.

If you were here with me

Then this is were we be

A listen in the moment

A life beyond the past

A glitch… Continue

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Dream or not?

This happened about a month ago,but i just watched a video who remind me of it.I must say that even i try to ignore it only by thinking or remebering of that experience creates me fear,and sweating.

So,it was around 23 or 24 pm when i went to sleep and in a minute or two i got asleep ( by the way,even now as im writing i feel the presence of something watching me and trying to scare me).

I was dreaming that i am in bed and sleep ,and woke up (in dream) and i saw someone at… Continue

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