Long since my last post,but i only post things that appear of interest to me so this dream i had was verry strange and interesting.Now story :)

All of a sudden in the middle of the night i became lucid in my dream(i rarely recall dreams).As i was aware of the dream i started to fell as i was moving at high speeds, equal or beyond the speed of light,i could feel it,and it felt more real than in a dream.I was moving upwards,and inwards,thats how i felt.I saw many balls of light passing by me.At the end of the "flight" i reached in a......how do i say it,like in front of the sun,an ocean of pure white light.Then i woke up.It was only 1 or 2 hours after i have been aspleep.I was verry awake,more than usual lol, and not tired at all.Like i slept for a week.I stayed for about half an hour to realize what just happened,why now,what triggered it.Then i falled asleep again.

Happy that i writet that down,to not forget it :)


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