This happened about a month ago,but i just watched a video who remind me of it.I must say that even i try to ignore it only by thinking or remebering of that experience creates me fear,and sweating.

So,it was around 23 or 24 pm when i went to sleep and in a minute or two i got asleep ( by the way,even now as im writing i feel the presence of something watching me and trying to scare me).

I was dreaming that i am in bed and sleep ,and woke up (in dream) and i saw someone at the corner of my room door peaking inside.First i didnt really notice it,but second time, he/she/that face/whatever stared me in the eyes and... i was paralyzed, i couldnt move or even look away,and i tried to scream but couldnt,A woke up called by my brother who told me that i was making weird sounds(like screaming but with your mouth closed).
I was sweating and terrified.Psychic attack? that was the first thing that run in my mind.

PS: I think this happened because in that day i started to search/find/whatever things about the truth.

Sorry if its boring,stupid or whatever,and sorry for the gramatical errors if any.

Anyway,live in love.

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Comment by Denise La Roche on July 16, 2010 at 5:59pm
blessings and wholeness 2 u alex. that dream sounds pretty scary. when i first started on this site i 2 had a dream that was felt very real, and it was during a lucid dream state. long story short, it was a shapeshifter that kept changing its apearance and getting in my face when i was trying 2 find my sleeping body 2 return 2. i screamed for protection from shaiytan in arabic (reverting 2 my islamic practice). b 4 i go 2 sleep i hold my crystals and ask 4 protection and a conection 2 the most high. sometimes i listen 2 sevan on blog talk radio as i fall asleep. u will find what works 4 u.
Comment by ShazzaD on July 16, 2010 at 5:52pm
Are you asking if it was a dream? If you know that you awoke in the dream and your brother had to awaken you then it was a lucid dream. Try to find out all about lucid dreaming and out off body experiences as when these happen they can be really frightening if you have no idea what is going on.


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