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At 11:08pm on June 23, 2013, Miykael said…

WBV Star,

Well said... absolutely it will be unique for everyone.  I too feel as though I'm on the right path. Thanks for your input!

At 11:43am on June 18, 2013, Miykael said…

It's funny you mentioned fighting to stay aware of the lucid dream once you're in it instead a falling into that REM state of sleep.  I'm really trying to fine tune that skill... not quite there yet.  Does anyone have any tips?

At 11:29am on June 18, 2013, Miykael said…

Well here's one of the simple most often mantras I say before falling asleep~

"I now lay down to sleep, as I sleep I will dream, as I dream I will be aware that I am dreaming and will remember my dreams when I awake."

I will then envision my spirit leaving my body and drifting off into the astral world.

Do you use any mantras before going to sleep?

At 4:00pm on June 15, 2013, Miykael said…

Hey Star,

How are you?  Sorry for the late response I've been working a lot this week and haven't check my personal page in a while.  My lucid dreams have been more often and vivid these past few weeks which is good!  I just need to take more time to decipher them to get a full detailed inner+standing of them. I have been trying to do a few short mantras and meditation before just falling to sleep which seems to help go into lucid state more frequently. How about you any interesting lucid dreams lately?

At 10:51pm on March 16, 2013, Miykael said…

Hey Star thanks for the resource...  I'll check it out!


At 7:20pm on March 15, 2013, Miykael said…

Thanks for the suggestions Star... I do try to jot down my dreams at times..  I just need to be more consistent with it. My sleep schedule is definitely not normal for 1 and I occasionally eat dinner after 6pm. I think if I start paying more attention to these idiosyncracies and taking note of the best times I do recall my dreams it may help with more visualization. If you think of any more helpful tips that works for u please pass it on..  Thanks again!

At 5:59pm on March 13, 2013, Miykael said…

Oh ok Star... nice to meet u. My wife Kishaun told me about u & your friend Allen. How good it is to meet wonderful people. My month certainly have been interesting too.. we're looking to relocate to north cali soon so it will get even more interesting with a new job and location. We're looking forward to the exciting changes..  it's should be fun and refreshing!  You can call me Doug or Miykael either is fine...  I just recently started interacting more on this site.. I see ur also part of the Lucid Dream forum..  I hope u don't mind if I pick your brain sometimes about how to fine tune dreams.. For some reason I can't recall most of my dreams and when I do.. it's really something significant I need to know of focus on.  Any tips on recall? 

At 11:51pm on March 12, 2013, Miykael said…

Hey Starfruitmangos... yea I definitely agree the energy in the air this week has been beautiful..  loving this cali sunshine!  I hope it's bright out where ur at!  Although wherever ur at know that our inner sun will always luminate the darkest day! 


At 2:13pm on March 11, 2013, Miykael said…

Thanks for the friend invite Starfruitnmangos..  diggin ur profile pic...  Have a Great Day!



At 5:08pm on February 3, 2013, Destini Niobi said…

controlling ur dreams are a great thing. now ur remembering things in the dream, for me its a start tho creepy. u have to start somewhere after a while u will be able to stop or change the scenery. r u dreamin in color yet? the link I place on ur page have many info.. it took me awhile to get thru them.. try starting there each night.. it works well for me.. thus far any way.. hugs

KeAira's Blog

February 5, 2013

The Dream

I had a dream I had to leave five kids behind in an adoption home. It was so sad leaving them behind. I don’t remember much about leaving them or why they had to stay behind. I only remember that they were crying and didn't want to be left behind. As I left I became someone else. I was a white male in charge of protecting the princess, from what, I have no idea.

I was…


Posted on February 5, 2013 at 10:10am



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