The Dream

I had a dream I had to leave five kids behind in an adoption home. It was so sad leaving them behind. I don’t remember much about leaving them or why they had to stay behind. I only remember that they were crying and didn't want to be left behind. As I left I became someone else. I was a white male in charge of protecting the princess, from what, I have no idea.

I was waiting in hiding someplace in her bedroom covered in a heavy blanket where I left a fabric of my clothes out so that she knew I was there. She came to me with big bright eyes; I don’t remember the color, perhaps brown. Instead of embracing me she was after me. She wanted to turn me in to the guards. She said, “How could you steal from us!” she wasn't crying, she was pissed. She was clearly angry with me and although I could not see her face at this point I could feel she was upset with me. The anger wrapped around me like a blanket. However, I did not falter in my stance; I straighten up and replied, “The rich will not die without their gold.” That’s all I said but she seem to understand I meant more than just those words because she stumbled back and I felt the anger she felt slowly pass.

Suddenly, I had a thought; that I must be Robin Hood! Hahaha That thought was quickly forgotten. *laughs*

For a moment I left that body and watched my pursuers as they chased after me with sticks and clubs. I was always a few steps ahead of them because I always saw where they were and where I stood at the same time. I jumped out of the window and began to run, it almost felt like flying, each lung was large and bounding across the ground. The ground was wet and mushy but I never slipped. As I ran through the dark filed a man showed up that looked a lot like Captain America. He ran with me. Then a woman showed up dress in the same kind of tights it didn't register to me at the time that this was the princess. We were all running and at the same time the old weapons became new and they were shooting bullets. Again I avoid them for I can see where they were shooting from.

When we made it to the other side we were greeted by another group of beings. I say beings because it didn't feel like they were human for example, some of them were hovering and others seemed to appear out of thin air. I also couldn't feel if they were male or female they were just there. They seemed ready to attack but once they saw us they stood down. I don’t remember their faces. All I remember is the fact that they were wearing the colors red and green. They were happy to see us and cried tears of joy. Then suddenly, a black female walked by with thick hair and big clear eyes, they were purple or brown. I knew instantly that she was me but I could only watch her. I wanted to chase her but the joy of making it to the other side was too great and I woke up from my dream with a smile.

-      The dream ends       -

It felt like it wasn't the end of my dream and the figures that were in it were just about to start their adventure. I wasn't sad that I didn't run after myself because something about her smile told me I’d see her again. I also knew I wasn't going to give up and I would find a way to find myself. When I tell you my heart felt large I really mean it. My chest swelled up with so much energy that I was excited to get the day started. I felt energized and ready to learn more! The last I remember was the smile on the female that was ME face. I've never had a dream before that had me literately wake up with a smile on my face. Nor did I have one that ended so happily. I had to write about this one because I feel it important that I don’t forget it.

I’ll try to share more of my dreams when I can. I don’t expect my dreams to be analyzed in anyway. I only felt the need to share because something about this dream has got me pumped.

~ Keep it classy.

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