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This is the group we are developing together to tune up and activate our Chakras.

Creating a regime from experience, NO PLACEBOS! 

Our Energy centres which, collectively and individually, are charging, so let's continue to accelerate and find the right frequencies. 

Mudras, Meditation, Yoga, Alchemy and altered states of consciousness induced through whichever methods, for breaking through blockages and disabilities...

restricting you from accessing the divine template of your humanity, are going to be revealed here.

In short: Healing.

If you feel drawn to this work please contribute your wisdom, time, energy and knowledge, they will go far and be appreciated. 

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Building the network of Consciousness

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Started by Ahein Jul 3, 2014.

Mudra Cycling Meditation 1 Reply

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Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on January 14, 2015 at 6:30pm

Hi group! Just going to post some thoughts for us all to chew on, unresolved fundamental questions.

monday: moonday;
tuesday: marsday (in french it's called mardi)
wednesday: wotan's day, wotan = odin, the one eyed (french: mercredi; mercury's day)
thursday: thor's day... thor the hammerer
Friday: freya's day; freedom of freya; venus.
Saturday; Saturn's day.
Sunday: The sun's day.

You might be wondering about uranus, pluto and neptune, as well as the moons of other planets, it seems the way our mathematical system is structured that things are based on 7, 7x5=28 days in a month, 7 notes in an octave, the 8th hidden and repeating itself, 7 colours in the rainbow, 7 senses?

7 opportunities to focus on different chakras, throughout the week.

How do we map the planets to chakras and body parts? Let's go with my intuition for now: The Earth, our root chakra, some would say, wait, what about the annagram of Earth being heart, does that not mean it's the heart chakra? Well, it could well be that the planets further out correspond to our lower body and the planets higher up closer to the sun, correspond to our higher body, but, my gut feeling tells me, the earth is the start of our journey and "Root", without the earth, we would not have our body, or our heart, indeed, in the womb, the Heart is the first thing to grow.

2nd chakra: The moon, lord over sexuality, controlling mating cycles, tides, growth cycles... the sexual, vital energy chakra.

3rd Chakra, Mars OR Venus depending on if you are male or female, perhaps? Man's passion is often determined by what he is "against" or "at war with/ fighting against" and mars is famous for this, with its two moons of deimos and phobos, which one might also say are the two "goons" or "goonads"? "Men are fram mars women are from venus", Venus traces out a pentagram in the sky on its circling around the earth 5x as fast as the earth rotates around the sun. Pentagrams are seen as Pens, Sheep pens, animal pens; Woman: Womb man? PenMan.

4th Chakra: Heart, Jupiter, Or the Earth, Or the sun? My feeling is Jupiter; The Gas Giant, corresponds to lungs. The thunderer, riding in the cloud, flying...

5th Chakra, Throat chakra, Mercury, the messenger, this one I don't have many doubts about.

6th Chakra: it must be Saturn or the Sun... in Dante's Divine Comedy, Saturn is listed as an even higher heaven than the Sun, and is called "The task master" and "Gate of order & chaos". in Hindi Yoga Chakra art, the third eye chakra is shown as only having two petals, wheras all the other chakras are shown as having many more petals, could this be a hint at Binary process of decision making? 1 + 0 ? Then it would make sense for "Saturn" or "Satan" as some might call Saturn, to be located within the middle of the mind, and be the "challenger" awaiting you there.

The Crown Chakra: A Crown of Light, all colours unifying, pure bliss and the gate to other worlds; The Crown Chakra is said to activate stably and go into full power when all Chakras under it align, then they work in unison.

In studying Dan winter and Sevan and for instance "The Electric Universe" theory about every sun and star in the universe transmitting energy back and forth through the aether, it does seem logical for our "Internal Sun" to be here, but then, why is the 3rd chakra called "Solar Plexus" by the old Latin culture?

Confusing, let us resolve the mysteries, I am sure we have enough knowledge between us to get some answers.

Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on December 4, 2014 at 4:02pm
Comment by Ahein on July 11, 2014 at 1:39pm

Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on April 7, 2014 at 5:20am

Hey Colm, awesome! I couldn't be happier for you :)
keep me/ us updated on how everything is going
Maybe you'll even make a video yourself!


Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on April 6, 2014 at 6:02am

Hey Colm, I made this video for you! :) There's a part 2 as well. 

Hope I've helped answering your questions

Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on April 3, 2014 at 1:52pm

If you like I can make a demonstration of the difference between voices and how you can feel the lower energy centers with these techniques, they can fire you up and really accelerate your growth. Also, because it is more gradual (you hardly even notice your breathing whilst singing, don't know if you noticed?) you do not risk all of this "white out" or "prana/chi overload" as i will call it for now

Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on April 3, 2014 at 1:50pm

Hey Colm, go a head and do that for yourself! Anyway you can, and if you want, share the info too! :)

I actually found out singing works very well too, sing something with the deepest voice you can (make it up yourself, something which you love/like hearing), and tense your arms (not stomach muscles or anything, leave that open), to ground yourself, and pull back your throat/ Adam's apple e.t.c, as if you were yawning, you will then find a much deeper voice, try to sing with that voice loudly and with enthusiasm, it will give you a new sense of power/ grounding/ stability! Wholeness! 

Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on April 3, 2014 at 12:54pm

Colm, to answer your question it sounds like your energy is not cycling all the way back down, after going up, this could be causing your white out, hope you find a way to let it through your crown and then back down into your root, are you firmly grounded? my advice would be to slow down and breathe into the whole body, instead of focusing on the root too much, gently open it

Comment by Du@Ly.Plane0 on October 30, 2013 at 8:47am

Well Now. Wholeness to everyone! 0ne finds that "nothing" could be more necessary. As such; As one can get a little lengthy (Will* save for later) right at this point. Basic general knowledge....Always stick and master the basics. Damn all the chaos (although you hate to love it occasionally 4 some reason Hmmm? Is that what must be balanced?. Proper meditation, proper technique, proper innerstanding! Meditation;Chakra/Kundahlini (raising) No transcendence without it.

Comment by Tyrone on July 22, 2013 at 9:13pm

I like this playlist to help with chakras meditation



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