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As you may have noticed, the words Weak and Week are very close in written form, and identical in the spoken pronunciation, why is this important for our daily Chakra group? 

Because the whole objective of Yoga (Union), and gaining awareness of Chakras & Energy is to grow stronger! What that strength means, is debatable, but I for one believe without the intention to grow stronger, it is in vain. 

To grow strong enough to stand, 
To grow strong enough to truly be able to call yourself a Woman, or a Man,
To grow strong enough, not just to understand and be the one holding the weight of it all; underneath everything, 
but Inner-stand; to be able to stand the pressure of being yourself, and that might sound like a joke, but that's only because there is an atmosphere which chokes originality, creativity, there is an air of insanity, pretending it is normality.

To truly inner-stand is to be able to love, to stand the test of time, and to be able to enjoy everything, no matter how hard it gets, to know when to be soft, and when to resist.
To melt and merge and join the great cosmic surge of both the inner and the outer world, as if there was, and is, and will be no barrier!
To discover in actuality that actually, the only "real" barrier is the one you give yourself! 
And you gave it to yourself as a test to break through, for whenever you are ready, to become the new, real you!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We are here to see between and past the lines of borders, colors, nationalities, and creeds, and feel the connection to the source of everything, connecting you, one to One!

Here is what I believe:
Real riches consist of health and wisdom, not to mention strong relation-ships, friend-ships, good(s)hips; have you ever noticed how much power is in your (s)hips? The "Waste" area? Why is it called the waste/waist, and what is the connection to Mon (MAN?)-day and our power? More on all of this below, as I will be going through all of the 7 Chakras/ Days of the weak/week systematically.

For now, let us focus on the keys given to us for solving the puzzle of language, it is written in the bible that "all of our tongues were confused by the angels, because of Nimrod's/Our arrogance in building the tower of babel"... Now, we have a chance to fix it all together again and find inner-standing. Some of the main tools I have encountered are anagrams and spoonerisms, in deciphering the true meaning of many things. An Anagram of Language is A Luna Egg, luna of course being a reference to the moon.

Another instance: join the w from wisdom to health and replace the h and you get what? Wealth: knowledge of how to keep your health! 
The most valuable thing you could ever know!

Also, our great brother and fellow student & often leader in motivation, Sevan, has said: Currency is the Current of your personal Sea, how fluid or fluent you are in current affairs and what you can bring to the table for bartering & exchange... Where do we keep our "water"? In our waste/waist area.

In Cornelius Aggrippa's Anatomy of man within the Pentagram, you see his assignment of the 6 metals as such: Gold in the Centre of man, Silve/ Moon below the genitals, Mercury on the left foot, Saturn (lead) on the right and Iron / Mars on the head, as well as Copper/ Venus on the left hand and Jupiter/Tin on the right.  

But let's not get lost in all of this knowledge, categories of knowledge can help us, but they are not everything, not to mention, only a symbol of the thing which we are actually seeking for with all of these questions.
Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Strength, 
Balance and Wholeness... 
That is what we are focusing on, so, let us get to work:

Let us remove, get rid of, and clear confusion and clutter, both mental emotional and physical, in short, let us clean house. 
Let's collectively make the most of our days and get out of this daze! 
As you may have noticed by now, every day of the weak/week has an association with a planet and its energy, with some days this is obvious, with others it is hidden in etymological roots, but all of them do have their significant purpose.

       Let us begin with Sunday, some people argue about whether it is the beginning or the ending, but as a fact, we would not be here talking about beginnings or endings without the actual physical Sun, which gives energy to all life on earth, not to mention light!

In Latin we find the phrase "Solar Plexus" meaning Palace or Place of the Sun, why, you might ask, would an anatomical location in the body be named after the sun? Because we are of course a miniature of our immediate solar system, and not only do we share DNA with all animal life and so on, on this planet, but our composition comes from star dust. 

You have undoubtedly heard of the saying "A heart of gold" have you not? 
Well, why is it called a heart of gold if in all Chakra diagrams the heart has the colour of green? 

Well, the answer to this question is a somewhat complicated one, in fact, there are multiple answers to this, the first and most immediate answer I can give you is: Because when your Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra) is ignited, it gives you enough power to keep your heart spinning full throttle, and the metal Gold shares the same color as Sun Light... Gold is also one of the few "Incorruptible" metals, the highest quality which you could seek for the core of your being!

The answer gets more complicated when you see, we are a tri-une (trinity/ tripple unity) being, we exist in the animal (physical), vegetable (mental) (plant) and mineral (soul / crystal) kingdoms simultaneously at the very least! 

Green is the most common color on planet Earth, as you can see from outer space, our planet is covered in green on the actual Earth (Earth being an anagram for Heart, another piece of evidence about what the fact that we are here to learn about love/ the lessons of the heart by the way!) And plants (including the plant portion of us) can only live because of their ability to photo-synthesize, are nearly always green, they spend most of their time doing what? Breathing! So, now that we have Two Major Chakras Assigned to Two Celestial Spheres (The Sun & The Earth to the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakra (the very word means spinning disk (sphere) just for a heads up) we can move on to the next day of the weak/week in our quest to get strong enough to stand (under over and inner)

How poor are those people, who think they are rich, but have only money? 
How Ignorant are so many? Let us view them not with contempt, but compassion. 

Money, the word and thing itself comes from Moon Energy, Monday! 
Those who speak with a silver tongue know the secrets of Monday and M-M-Melancholia. However, many of them know it only subconsciously, it is our task, ultimately, to enlighten the world! To bring true wisdom and wholeness to a sphere so lacking in it... 

Fear is a great obstacle for everyone, how interesting is it then that the word fear contains the two letters signifying Iron? The metal of the next day of the week: Tuesday. Iron is about testing your will power, about having the strength to bring something to completion and move on to the next thing. Often, The way to move past fear is not to think about it, but to just do something about it! 

This first step can be breathing, which brings us to Wednesday Morning/ Mourning, Wednesday is related to mercury, as seen in the french language: Mercredi, it is the day of communication and trade, and also anatomically has much to do with liver, kidneys, spleen and exchange of life giving substances. It, mercury, is an intermediary between two extremes, between Iron and Tin, Mars and Jupiter, Tuesday and Thor's/Thursday. 

Spirit and Matter. Thursday is the day of thunder and spirit, of joy and recovery, and good prospects, of hope. The organs tin is associated to are currently a mystery to me, but i will be updating this post. Next we have Friday or Freya's Day, belonging to Venus, the planet of love, and antique goddess "Freya" still gives her name to this day, copper is her domain, and much of our modern machinery would not function without copper. Let alone be beautiful. Read more and browse about the fascinating, life sustaining qualities of copper on Wikipedia for instance:

Next up is Saturn and the Root Chakra or "Led/Lead", we have all been lead/led to many places, which have turned out to be dark, or dead ends, Saturn can be given credit for this, for his "job" if a planet can be described as having a job, is to crunch down on everything and to make anything which is not sturdy the most simple form it can be. 

After Saturn we do of course once again come back to the beginning of the week and end up with the Sun/Son... You have heard it said "from dust you are made and to dust you will return", but I always thought that was kind of depressing and not really true, I felt more like: We come from the light and from heaven and that's where we'll be going back to when we're finished "down here".

Here's to developing and becoming strong enough to stand in this density. 


Also here is a link to the book and guide for chakra yoga and the root chakra:


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