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It has come to the attention of many, especially those in tune, that the so-called controllers are after our Energy. However, many have not come to the full realization that how they do this is by causing us to predict doom and gloom and then torment ourselves through fear until the day goes by and we figure out once more that we have been hung out to dry while looking like the boy who cried wolf again.


This has happened with 1999, Nibiru, Elenin, The Superbowl, and now the Olympics. False flag after false flag event predicted by the new age prophets who are rapidly becoming false prophets. The definition of a false prophet is one who predicts things to happen in the future and it never occurs. In most cases the individuals who do this move on to the next big event that they can spread their portents of destruction and conspiracy about. It is time this come to an end on the internet and we will perpetuate that with this campaign, however, it will most certainly come to an end on the Resistance Website.



As I explained on last Sunday's Show. You have to realize that immersing yourself in to negativity, especially negativity that has nothing to do with your education, which is generally brought in a fear based fashion, for any prolonged period is going to waste your Energy. Further, many people experience the situation that is being predicted within their dream and thus for that night they have lived the dooms day scenario and even been drained of the energy. Just about everyone reading this post has had deluge, and comet impacts destroy their dreamworld. Its time we realize the obvious play of the so-called controllers and their system which is no different than the bible.



Remember Prophecy is for Profit. In Revelations a great deal of death dealing and doom is delivered and it has created a immense group of deluded individuals who just want to see the world destroyed so they can say their God was right. They do not take in to account that according to the scriptures they will also be amongst those that perish with their hypocritical half hearted attempt to obey all of Hammurabi's Code or The Ten Commandments. Such things are for children, I mean how obvious is it that you should not steal and kill.


New Age people should see themselves as no different since they at times want the confirmation of the activation of their prophetic ability so bad they predict in every major world event total desolation. You will also notice that these people never use their abilities to predict good news. When was the last time you heard a good prediction like, by the end of next month thousands will be aware and positive energy will sweep the Earth. You never hear stuff like that, even though that is the key to perpetuating such things. 


So from here on we will no longer be hosting the fear based prophecies which are turning rapidly in to major disinformation. Humanity is grown enough to deal with its problems when they occur. Most people did not start predicting dooms day scenarios until after 9/11 when they all of a sudden became spiritual. Still keeping in mind just about all of the big names such as David Icke in the mainstream then failed to predict despite the alarming amount of information that proved something would take place.



Now it has become a game by the illuminati to make you think something will take place and then play your emotions like a piano until you are drained with a bad case of bleed over in to your dreamworld. To prevent this further atrocity of self destructive soothsaying we will no longer accept posts, blogs, or internal mail structured in such a way. To be clear this should not be confused with dissecting and breaking down symbolism or the inner workings of the hidden hand. It does not mean that one cannot thoroughly lay out the true meaning behind symbolism and activities that take place.What it does mean however is predicting the end of the world and then even getting upset when it does not happen will get you banned from the site.


Lastly I would like to say, what do people truly expect will happen on a positive level when they predict something bad will occur? If I say "a comet will hit the Earth" does that really put people in a position to avoid the impact?  Of course not if anything it only troubles them more especially if they do not have the resources, which most don't, to up root their family to a fall out shelter in the middle of the desert. So the fact remains all of the warnings, if true, will still not prevent the occurrence if it is going to take place. In fact it may cause an event that would otherwise not have the energy to manifest actually occur.


Most importantly you should realize the defense you have in regards to such things on a personal level is located within your Aura and you personal Sphere. If you are in Balance and Wholeness even if you are right in the middle of the disaster you would come out unscathed and untouched. In the face of the hurricane you will notice a grin on the face of the Adept.It is imposible to destroy the Immortal, lets start acting like it. You are the Universe anyway, its not something that has to be understood to be true, did you not notice your Chakras? Expand and help us end Disinformation and False Prophecy which is vampiric not Symbiotic. Wholeness


James Evans Bomar III

The Planetary Resistance

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Comment by Siela on January 2, 2013 at 5:45am
Wow this was all the way on pointe n needed to be flashed bannered all over the place yet one should know better in the first place well said well thought out well written
Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on August 25, 2012 at 5:40pm

when you innerstand the alphabet gangs all work together and that media is really the ancient kingdom of medea, i.e, used to be where modern day iran is now, that the 4 miniature ages of the world are going through a miniature re-run, as we prepare to enter the 5th age, or begin the cycle anew then you see how important it is to "fight" and conquer disinformation.

0: these men, women and children were so wise they knew not to trouble us with their "history", and kept it all cycling naturally. 

1 gold (heart centred age) - babylon/chaldea/egypt/sumer/etc

2 -silver ( mind / moon centred/information age) persia/ medea etc

3 -bronze/copper (kidney/sex chakra centred age) greece/ rome etc

4 -iron/clay (mars/navel chakra centre) rome, divided against itself, in the east and west. Rome still rules today "all roads lead to rome". the venetian black nobility, 13 bloodlines of the illu - min - at - i, rome rules through the capitals of the city of london, manhattan, columbia and the vatican, most of all the vatican, as the majority of the earth is "catholic". 

you might ask how other civilizations and so on factor in, well, they do and dont, you see, alchemy is always performed by an alchemist, and WHILE the greatest alchemist is of course the most high, the universe, the alchemists of those times were alive and well, performing alchemy on the masses of those times as well. our planet is not the only one, and in fact our cells are miniature planets.

the ages are culminating, as we enter the 0 point, this relates to the ancient hermetic swastika, and the 4 elemental forces of earth wind water fire, which when working in harmony in the body, naturally attract aether. as the body itself is a miniature of the earth, so when we get in tune with the earth and match its frequency, we ascend.
the secret is: this can be done at any time on an individual scale, but now is a time of MASS ascension, so let us all work together and sieze this opportunity. If only these FOOLS knew what opportunities they are passing up, they would very soon stop passing them up :)

adam's apple = the dodecahedron in the voice-box, the sol in the sol-lid of the throat. which is the oar to row the boat of hu-man-i-ty :)

the 5 elements correspond to the 5 "perfected sol lids" which we can see nested in metatron's cube, once we master (un-tie the soul-lids) the 5 elements the 6th and 7th are permanently unlocked and accessed; the third eye. the 5 elements/senses and forms relate to the 7 colours of the rainbow in that there are of course at least 2 hidden chakras/senses: BALANCE and MIND.

we are all in boxes!

the truth about the sun is  that its inhabitants are currently on fire, but in a good way; they are happy.

The core of each planet and star is a different metal, 

The universe makes no sense until you realize those two principles are always in action in addition to the others. so in what way is what we are going through now, for the greatest balance, and expanse & health of mind?  

it of course makes sense how "they" have infiltrated so much with their dis info, dis in form at ion. the controllers/archons have all the knowledge and principles at their disposal, the only things they cannot do are those we uniquely can, what are those? Time to figure that 1 out! Remember how in the matrix neo was invited to morpheus ship the "nebuchadnezzar"? that film was so full of allegories, it boggles the mind. 

Media is another branch of the govern ment, which is precisely why there is so much disinfo in the media. 

Just check the families which own "the medea/media". 

Never forget humanity is really at war with itself, as at the root of things we are all related, all from one, travelling back to one. Some of us have just forgotten, really really badly. 

And, as a house divided against itself shall not stand, as the saying goes, we need all of us in line, on line, and off line, to align. That's what all of this 2012 is really about as i have come to "get it"; aligning the spine, the back bone of the world, bringing it back into a good curve, so the energy can cycle properly; and it, as always, starts with us :)

As sevan said some time ago: If kundalini was active in the human population there would be no financial problems. 

So the DISINFO spewers who are trying to drag us down into the sewers must be removed, or simply told, what tehy are doing. where they are, or at least, faught against, with the only effective method: Compassion. Compassion is what makes us stand up to bullies, compassion for ourselves, and others, and ultimately even them, because if a bully is allowed to define himself as only that, forever, he is more lost than we are. (as that is what secret societies are: secret police / gangsters / torturers / mind controllers )

compassion, i believe (channeling this message, lol), compassion leads to compression. and compressable, fractally distributable message, which we can hand out at all levels. 

We are currently in the age of air, the age of information, and we are transitioning into a more beautiful world, filled with truth, which gives true fullness instead of empty volume. 

the way through is of course: The cipher of synchronicity, weighing up things with love, checking through multiple sources, to get feedback on the same thing, and making sure they are unrelated sources (except that all sources are related, cause they all come from the same source...)


Felt like i needed to clarify some more so i deleted to re edit:

my sources are various, but for one, the prophecy of daniel from the torah, in which daniel has to interpret the dream of nebuchadnezzar. chakras and alchemy... somehow compute.

one last thing: spiritual progress and abilities are of course tied into progress in all other areas of y our life as indeed spirit is fluid matter. and matter is crystalizced mind. 

bouncing up and down the chakras, resolves the problems and left overs of duality, as when we go from ultra violet to infra red, we see, going step by step, the only thing that changes is the degree, the degree of subtlety. 

when we learn to use the colours already available to us, each of them with and for their unique and complementary qualities, then we can begin to expand beyond the borders which black and white deliniate.

step by step :) colour by col our.

Wholeness! :D

Hope you enjoyed that :)

Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on August 25, 2012 at 3:11pm

I wanted to link this to you all:

This puts us directly at odds with the See Eye A (cia).

Comment by Jamie Wilde on August 15, 2012 at 4:13am

Very well said Sevan, I totally agree here. again I have found myself falling into the clutches of this negative and cunningly engineered disinformation agenda. Even though recently I have tried not to engage in too much illuminati subject material, somehow it re-surfaced in my concsiousness, probably due to the 2012 olympics hype which led to reading other negative and delusional material. There have been a culmination of synchronistic events during the past week that have allowed me to move forward in my awareness of how to deal with all of this, including joining the resistance site and studying some of the information here. Thank you for providing this excellent information and knowledge, I believe your work along with the input and connection between the members on resistance is really valuable and really has the potential to create huge waves of positive change in this world. :-)

Comment by Thomas Sochowicz on July 31, 2012 at 9:23pm

I am a new member and am learning. I am so glad to have been sent to this site and couldn't agree more with your insight. The negativity is out of control.

Comment by REG,Fn. Howard on July 31, 2012 at 2:40pm

Learning is not always easy.

I feel as if we are like growing children. All children need a safe place to grow up healthy and strong. Like children we can stumble around while learning about the world around us. Although, we are our own individual selves, like children, we have learned throughout the years that with time all things get easier. With a little tweaking, and adjustment we feel free to learn and become more confident about who we are within our new sphere, or spheres of reality outside of our parents,( SAFTY ZONE) and we do so having full knowledge of were we begin and others start. Also we are able to full except our responsibility accountability for who we are.

A quick story it out my daughters, and a full learning lesson for me for as of late ”as in I’ve literally reflected on this whole concept recently”. As my daughters were growing up I want to make sure that they were strong so one of the first lessons I taught them when they asked me,  “WHY,” why this, and why that . I found it to be like a magic question they had because, there was nerve and ending to them .I mean the why never connected with the what so I assumed it never would never end. There seemed to be no resolution within my baby daughters for their many questions even when I gave them many answers. So what I did was I came up with my own magic answer. I told them that “life is not fair”. Soon the magic question stopped altogether As they began to grow and ask me what was going on with the people in the world I would respond, and I taught them this to protect them and teach them.” People are dangerous”. The culmination with life is not fair and it’s a dangers and cruel world was enough to bread unnecessary fear in two incident girls because, they began to focus in on what may or may not happen to them outside of our home.I instilled fear, and Insecurity.

Although I tried as a mother with all the intention to protect them and make them strong, and wise, it was not until later when they turned 9 and 10 that I realized the error of what I was teaching them. Needless to say that was not my intention so I immediately started to implement ways to make them curious, fascinated, and have a sense of humor about the outside world in desperate attempt to undo or balance out what I had done out of ignorance, ego, and pride.

See it never occurred to me that my babies were different and separate from me and my own painful, experiences. It never occurred to me that their life’s experiences would be different and separate from mine, if for no other reason than I was their mother and would keep them safe and teach them well.

I realize now as I was teaching my daughter’s to protect themselves against what most likely may not be as well. That is now a clearly defined lesson for me and for the child in me.  Like children I realize when we stumble, feeling our way around with our hands and searching for safe places in the darkness with our eyes as if that will make the lack of light better. I did not realize like many of us the obvious, that you cannot see in the dark. You must feel your way through darkness. When we push our own interpretation of reality on to others even with good intentions, it may not work out the way we had planned like the mistake I made with my girls. We can learn.

So I do understand this post and I accept wholeheartedly the new concepts being implemented.  The notice is definitely heart felt and just like a child I am happy to incorporate direction. I am glad you put your foot down and acted as parent for a minute brother.  Now I know I am in exactly the right place.

Comment by Matthew Cooper on July 31, 2012 at 1:18pm

I think this might be of help to show that the 4th of august and the olympic games is indeed a special time, but for us, and something very very positive.

Love and blessings.

Comment by Tyrone on July 31, 2012 at 12:38pm

thank you kindly, i agree so much with what you said about negative foreshadowing and fear mongers. The more we try to solve our problems with negativity, the more it creates a feedback loop in time and space where we would have to repeat the same scenarios with different variations of the same life lesson. But when we cut the cycle and make it into a coil, our positive energy expands exponentially and we can move forward.  

Comment by Karrade on July 31, 2012 at 3:52am

Of course if you have time to plan ahead then fear is useless as I attempted to indicate, but sometimes a reaction is necessary in that split second, which was my point, fear will heighten your response time. Instinct has its place and not using it, to yours and indeed others advantage, seems like denying a part of yourself. Thank you for the words, I will think about them when I meditate this afternoon.

Comment by Allen on July 31, 2012 at 1:15am

Why be afraid, when you can just move out of the way?  You have to face your fear in order to have control over it.  You can't walk before you learn how to crawl.  Thank you for stating the obvious though.  :)

Here's the full quote Mark,"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." 


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