I read some where that thought control is the highest form of prayer. It finally registered in my mind what that really means. To get this we have to really innerstand what emotions are. Emotions just seem to be felt responses to some stimuli; something heard, something seen etc. The tricky part is when the emotion is a response to a thought. In the still of the night I noticed the voice of worry permeating through my mind grumbling in my sleep as if to say "HOW COULD YOU BE SNOOZING RIGHT NOW?!" I must admit that the little voice jolted me out of my comfy slumber but I wouldn't let it get the best of me. My true self appeased my fear by making a a pact to handle business that would rectify a potential crisis situation as soon as I got up for the day. And when I got up this morning it was obvious that all that extra mental preperation was unneccessary. Everything was fine. This emotional attack was similair to an instigator in a school yard: "You gonna let him talk to you like that? Man, I wouldn't take that." says the troublemaking whisperer not because he cares. He just wants to stir up trouble. That's what I feel about some of the thoughts I encounter, some throughout the night when my defenses are down, others that trick me into believing they are mine,many of which I do not own. I refuse to attract undesirable things into my life so I dismiss fear based thoughts. We must because we truly do manifest the things that we ponder over and dwell on. It all ties in with the law of attraction. Each of us is born with the ability to have faith. What we believ is key to our life experience. With so many institutions trying to tell us what and what not to belive in we pile up so much emotional baggage linked to untruths that don't even belong to us. My liberation from fear based thoughts began when I realized that they are like seasons: they come and go. I let them pass, negative or positive, and embrace the beauty of my human nature. Without it I could not feel. I no longer cling on to thoughts, 'cause if I do, my emotions will activate and this is the stuff of life that makes things happen; The passion if you will. Truth is in the feelings so we must only feel what is real. The stillness that endures is who we really are. Emotions are a tool, the outward appearance of intuition and they must not be misused. We must not taint the truth but be like a transparent vessel of it. We must know that our emotions our mainly for our own individual experience in life and put that passion into the collective to raise the vibration on this plane. The beings that invade our private space when we appear to be unaware are always felt...every closed eye ain't sleep. I can feel a cockroach just like I can feel some other being that hides in my presence. Emotionally I feel caution, when they are around I am on alert although my body may be at rest. This must be what seperates us from other entities that seek to steal our energy: the ability to feel.

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