European Constitution: Instrument of the Dragonian HyperLodge HONG for the conduct of WWIII PART 14

Translation of the above G.H.REES Video:

Disintegrate immediately the Chinese-Hebrew inspired “European-EuronationsKiller Union” and use as a toilet paper its Chinese-Mongolian Constitution, because this “European Union” of yours drives you in Geostrategical union under “US.E.J.” axis (Trilaterale USA – Europe – Japan) an axis which was designed by the Hyperlodge “AOA” of London as the Supreme Leadership of the Philosophical and Theosophical Masonries of the West, under the commands of its superiors Hyperlodges “ZEN” Tibet – India and “HONG” of China, in order to sweep along the states of Europe into the military assault of “US.E.J” against the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China), in order for the counter-attacking “R.I.C.” to genocide Europe according to the Chinese “HONG” World World 3 Timeline Scheme.

When the Whiteyellow Mongol-Hebrew ex president of France Giscard d'Estaing, during the presentation of the complete “European Constitution” in the European Parliament, stated that:

“We are working for this Statue of the Dragon (Dragon Head, Turtle Body -2 Reptiles- Emblem of the Chinese Emperors and of the Chinese Dragonian Hyperlodge “HONG”) and we thank it because it guided us faithfully for 6.000 years (to partially genocide and to now organize the complete genocide of the White Pelasgian Europeans from the Chinese Army)”, (the brackets are from G.H.REES)

Not one wideass homosexual, HebrewMongol – SaxonMongol – or Mason European Parliament Member, and Parliament Member – Minister – Prime Minister – Democracy President of the United National Homosexual Parliaments of the European States issued a complain, but ALL OF THEM without exception treasonously applause the Genocide of their Countries from the Chinese Army, ALL OF THEM initiated in Rabbinlodges of Hebrews Rabbis and in Masonic Lodges, and ALL OF THEM understood the insinuation of this statement by the French-Hebrew Mongolian-looking d'Estaing, baptized ALL OF THEM to the -filled with blood- (of innocent White and Black “Ethiopians” people) Chinese-Hebrew-Masonic murderous initiation.

As concerns Greece the above mentioned Statement of d'Estaing was published by the broad circulation newspaper “Eleytherotypia” (ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΤΥΠΙΑ) in an article dated 11-7-2003 (FreePress)

In the newspaper were reported the following:
"The (European Constitution Parliament) Assembly had as a "mascot" a Chinese little-statue which was in a form of turtle with a Dragon head. By the finish of the Assembly affairs, Giscard D'Estaing gave symbolically some salad leaves to the statue saying:
"It followed us in our entire journey and it guided us as it guided the first Chinese Emperors. From the begining it knew where to take us..."

Notice in the 0:29 of the Video, the Chinese Ancient Disc with the two Dragons guarding the “Holy Number” 888 of the Chinese.
888 is the geostrategic code of the Hyperlodge “HONG”.
In numerology it translates to: “JESUS”.

In 0:24 of the video the reptilian Dragon-Turtle Statue supreme emblem of HONG and of the Chinese Emperors. A minature of this statue was being hold by D’Estaing during his statement in the presentation of the “European Constitution”, proving without doubt the Dependence of the European Union of the “US.E.J.” axis by the Supreme Dragonian Hyperlodge “HONG” of China.

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