I think the FIRST thing Lenon Honor should have done when he received this information was to contact Sevan. I think lenon really did a number on his own consciousness by doing things of such a devolved nature. He admitted to never even coming to the resistance web site. Who advertises a website they've never even been to? Maybe if he would have taken the time to come here he would have realized that we are way more than some appendix that Seven used to tie his work together. The blog we were shown was obviously not created by Sevan. I just found this thing so petty and a waste of my time. I remember Lenon saying in one of his blogs that Sevan was one of his "soul mates". How you could do such a thing to one of your soul mates without even contacting them? I am just very confused by Lenon. Most people in that chat are not even members of this site, so they couldn't see how ridiculous this whole thing was especially with squeaky clean Lenon Honor preaching it, that being said even some people on the site fell for his rhetoric. I have acquired the ability to look back on what was actually said and there truly wasn't much said, even though the broadcast was 2 hours. I could go on and on, everything was just on such a low vibration, but I send Lenon love and positivity and i'm pretty sure he will look back and regret the way he handled this situation. I've been following Lenon for months and months and this was just so out of character, but I understood where he was coming from and will still try to support him. Much love to you all:)

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Comment by Tre' Melano on December 23, 2009 at 4:32pm
I'm not gonna take sides either, I'm gonna just take what I can from whoever and leave the rest like i've been doing. Whether someone plagiarized something or not is irrelevant to me as long as I can get something from them, but of course I lose my previous thoughts of the person and trust, that doesn't mean that anything else they say or give you will not be helpful. So Just take what you can and leave the rest no matter who it is. :) Much Love
Comment by Funky Buddha on December 23, 2009 at 6:59am
I'm disturbed, with every thing, first most I came from Lenon Family as Lenon showed me there are people just like me out there. I came here to Sevan site to find more free souls. I am hurt that we are at this stage and that the golden thing that binds us together is the love for one. I'm not sure if I'm speaking right here! But my ego is one of being awakened, all I wanted was us to grow in Love. I'm not down with this! I forgive every one and every ones actions..I want to move forward with my love vibration.. not backwards.. I am trully hurt with what is going on! I thank brother Sevan for introducing me to MMS and thank Lenon for the love he has provided with his thoughts and the love he has shown me as a brother! but lets be grown up about this! and forgive for we do not know what tomorrow brings! I am not taking sides as I believe we can be stronger for 2010.. Forgiveness is the key forward.. We have to become one, for when there are two there will always be conflicked! oneness one family... I'm not look for the right in both! i can hear the love in the tone of voice when we speak and the passion. Peace beloved.. I say beloved I mean be-loved because thats all we can do be in love.... I'm not here to take sides! I know where my love and soul vibration is, its with the heart. PEACE BELOVED.. sorry if theres any spelling mistakes..
Comment by Tre' Melano on December 22, 2009 at 2:17pm
Exactly Tina, even though Lenon is exposing evil, he is also taking apart someones creativity and not using his own. He just contradicted himself so much. Saying that creativity is all being spiritual is was also an untrue statement, Creativity is just one aspect of spirituality, otherwise we would call spirituality, creativity. It was just all emotion and no logic, his loved one came to him in tears(emotion) which is probably the only reason he wasn't able to really think. This situation was just so low in vibration, aggravationg,and annoying, but it was just something that was necessary to test us.


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