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Now is the time!

I joined the resistance in 2009 and was very active here and looking back at blogs I wrote in 2009, much more in tuned with myself and having a lot more spiritual experiences. When i joined the work force in early 2010, it seems like this job had become the focal point in my life instead of what I know should be. Even though while I've had this job I've been buying things of spiritual nature and eating healthier and what not, mentally, I have just not been there, or… Continue

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Continuing My Spritual Journey

I felt like I was stuck on my journey for the past few weeks because I had no money but now I've just been employed and will be able to buy things that will help me to combat all of the things that the evil ones throw at us. I will also be able to donate more often to the site and to other people, places and what not. I swear I had the same exact job interview before but I absolutely haven't!,(not in this reality at least!) I've just been having so much Deja Vu! This reality is becoming so… Continue

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December 21, 2009-My thoughts

I think the FIRST thing Lenon Honor should have done when he received this information was to contact Sevan. I think lenon really did a number on his own consciousness by doing things of such a devolved nature. He admitted to never even coming to the resistance web site. Who advertises a website they've never even been to? Maybe if he would have taken the time to come here he would have realized that we are way more than some appendix that Seven used to tie his work together. The blog we were… Continue

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Ill/Sick (A Roughdraft)

This is a song I wrote about anyone who is trying to keep our vibrations low, especially the Reptilians.

You are literally the scum of the earth,

Ten Million Lies, Tell me, was it really worth

Keepin me chained, searchin for a rebirth?

and no, it really couldn't be much worse

You make me ill,

This crap you're giving me is not good for my health,

and it's almost just to much for me to bare,

you're pollutin all the air

I gotta get away from… Continue

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My First time sleeping with Crystals.

Well, I first cleansed the 2 crystals with sea salt. I slept with them, Then when I woke up i was still tired so i remained in bed like I often do, and i had the 2 crystals on my chest. When I closed my eyes I could see colors moving around. I had NEVER seen colors with just my eyes closed before, so I opened them to see if the sun was coming in a weird way but it wasn't, then I closed them again a continued to see blues, and reds, and greens, Then I covered my eyes with my hands and could see… Continue

Added by Tre' Melano on December 11, 2009 at 9:40pm — 3 Comments


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