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Didn't Cha Know

"Time to save the world

where in the world is all the time?

So many things I still don't know

so many times i've changed my mind

Yes I was born to make mistakes

but i aint scared to take the weight

so when I stumble off the path

I know my heart wit guide me back"- Erykah Badu

What do you all think? I feel as if she…


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Through The Wormhole: Is there A Creator pt 1/5 (Morgan Freeman Documentary: 9/6/2010) -WOW


Okay so nowadays i utilize the TV as a tool for deciphering different things, not much for entertainment anymore. How I decide what I watch is going through the tv "guide" (different words and phrazes are funny to me now) and I look at the titles to see what captures my interest. Anyways last night the History Channel had this on. I didn't watch from the beggining but the part I did catch was of some scientist experimenting with some helmet of which he called the God Helmet. He…


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This Journey

THings are unlocking at a rapid pace for me. I don't even recall when this journey began, but I know it's happening, and I'm absorbing and obhserving. I finished reading the code to the matrix, and I must say it answered a lot of my questions as well as gave me more questions, so I will definitely reread soon. So anyway today was the Lunar Eclipse at approx 3:15 pm EST. I'm trying to get away from the distraction of television, however I'm not sure I will totally eradicate it as it provides…


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