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Okay so nowadays i utilize the TV as a tool for deciphering different things, not much for entertainment anymore. How I decide what I watch is going through the tv "guide" (different words and phrazes are funny to me now) and I look at the titles to see what captures my interest. Anyways last night the History Channel had this on. I didn't watch from the beggining but the part I did catch was of some scientist experimenting with some helmet of which he called the God Helmet. He placed it on some child's head and locked her into this room that had no sight or sound for an hour with the hemelt on that I believe was sending charges to various parts of her brain. His goal was to mimic the feelin people get when they feel they are I suppose "embraced by God" or when in church or it's equivalent, to prove it is simply the way their mind is wired.. during the experience he wanted her to take notes on what she experienced. (what parent would allow their child to undergo something liek this in the first place, awake or not?)

So I didnt get to view the whole thing, but what I did watch was the experiment of the young girl and her feelings on it after the experiment was over. She mentioned that in this room with no light or sound (and her eyes were covered on top of that), she could see "beings" from the chest up but their faces were empty. They just looked at her. She felt as if she was floating, and as if her head was detached from her body and she was watching everything around her. I believe they repeat the experiment and her experience is different this time, as she mentions fire. She was not to fond of the second experience. The scientist explains that during the experiment coils are emitting energy to her brain (which he compared to nothing more then the feeling of a hair dryer). and this is inducing these "illusions" to occur.

With that said, this is my analysis of his experiment. First off, I believe the elite are realizing all the people that are beggining to awake. So they're trying to devise a way to explain it as something that is merely "faulty wiring" within our brains. I believe during this experiment, this child's 3rd eye may have been "forced open" a bit, and she was seeing everything she could see without the helmet in the first place, if she knew how to do it.The link tot he part about the God Helmet is below. I haven't watched the other parts yet.. I wold love everyone's feed back. I believe on youtuber there are 5 parts.

Wholeness to all

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Comment by CrystalKlear on July 15, 2010 at 6:08pm
@Joeronimo, Wholeness to you ! Thanks for your response.

As far as the scientist goes, I agree he is very smart, but I don't agree with wearing devises to "open your thrird eye", especially since from the experiences of the people I've read on here, this is something one can do on their own. I also would never subject my child to something like that knowing what I know now :-)
Comment by Joeronimo on July 14, 2010 at 8:40pm
Michael Persinger is the name of the scientist who conducts these experiments, he teaches at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (my hometown)... he is a very smart man who is not always published in peer rewiewed journals as his "metaphysical" subject matter is hard to test and re-evaluate according to "scientific methods" ... Don't assume he is the elite, it's a small world after all and I could have taken his classes had I taken psychology while I was studying in Sudbury! (He is quite controversial within the university, at times being locked out of his labs due to "ethical" issues)! Quite the (mad?) scientist I should say! -
Comment by Denise La Roche on July 14, 2010 at 6:39pm
blessings tiacrystalclear. i am with u- always watching the discovery, history, etc. channels. my favorite was the history channels "ancient aliens" series. it talked about the reptilians that came to earth as gods and made man mine gold 4 them. they will give u alittle truth now and then,
Comment by GalacticWacko on July 14, 2010 at 3:40pm
I will check it out... sounds neat... thanks...


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