THings are unlocking at a rapid pace for me. I don't even recall when this journey began, but I know it's happening, and I'm absorbing and obhserving. I finished reading the code to the matrix, and I must say it answered a lot of my questions as well as gave me more questions, so I will definitely reread soon. So anyway today was the Lunar Eclipse at approx 3:15 pm EST. I'm trying to get away from the distraction of television, however I'm not sure I will totally eradicate it as it provides knowledge of things in movie I never would've noticed until now. Such as : I'm supposing in "light" of the lunar eclipse today, Hollywierd decided to go extra hard on the subliminal messages:

Simultaneously all these movies were on:

men in black


harrry potter

The day the earth stood still

I wonder how many people were "tuned In"

I watched the ending of signs, but only to observe things i hadn't noticed before... anyways I found this interesting and I thought I would mention this.

Onto something else that was dicussed in The Code To The Matrix

Our other half or twin... I remember I had vision of her (me) in my youth.

All the dreams were the same, I was watching myself (though somehow I knew it wasn't me as I could see me and her) falling and falling until seh disappeard from sight. Funny how the significance of this dream has come into view now :-) Nothin is ever conincidental however....

Wholeness to all

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Comment by CrystalKlear on July 13, 2010 at 4:45am
Thanks Merry I will Check it out today :-)
Comment by merry weathers on July 12, 2010 at 2:23pm
Check Animatrix out its a animated movie that was deeper than the Matrix by 100% So much info packed into that lil movie.....CHECK IT OUT......Don't give up TV just yet just don't watch over 2 hrs at a time or leave on while your sleeping, meditate as much as you can to cleanse the mind especially after a long movie thats filled with nonsense but that you may be trying to decipher some information from....


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