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the mind verses the heart or how to know when you are conscious

You know you are conscious (the heart is in control) when you are aware of joy, peace, tranquility, and love. the present.

These things are within you.

You know are not conscious (when the mind is in control) when you are aware of, worry, guilt, fear, the future and past.

These things are outside you.…


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Every Breath

A friend of mine wrote to me, telling me about how overwhelmed she felt in her life, at the moment. This was my response....

"I'm sorry that your feeling down. I know it can be very hard when it seems like every time you take one step forward, you slide two backward. I know when I start to feel this way, I just remember that I'm alive now and that every breath I take is beyond value. Because when the breath stops we are no more. Realize that every moment is precious like no other. That is… Continue

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The universe is a Hologram

For those who want to know about the mechanics of this matrix here is a practical link.

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"the eternal now"

The human ego is created and evolves into it's form as we grow within

this matrix. A entity (the ego) distinct with its own intention separate

from our eternal self. It was thought in western cultures, that the

soul and ego were somehow connected or in some paradigms even one in the

same. This really is not the case. Our eternal self is completely

separate. Most humans lose touch with the eternal self (the soul) even

though it is always there, waiting for an… Continue

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Channeled blessing for all

Everyone in their own time, will come to find that external forces in flux around them, are unimportant.

each person will discover this as they travel inward, and ascend.

Even those who seem to be on a path that outwardly seems in disharmony with ascension, will in their time ascend.

Do not fear, but go boldly forth, all earthly and non earthy manifestations which seem physical and metaphysical can not harm you. The Light energy which you embody is immortal and cannot be compromised… Continue

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To paraphrase Jesus-"The kingdom of God is before all men but they do not see it." You are, in heaven now.

The question is. Do you see?

A truth about the soul, Water cannot wet it, fire cannot burn it, weapons cannot shatter it.

know yourself

love yourself

accept yourself

every breath is a gift

the other is you

the world you see is only a reflection of your inner self

Love is the highest vibration of the 11th… Continue

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Assension Practice

There are many exercises that may guide you as you attain assension.

Here are some of my favorites. Some I have aquired from others and some were passed to me directly by the divine light.

1. Observe your ego, but judge not. This is a great exercise in becoming the seer.

2. walk in the open air and focus on each moment as it happens. say this mantra. "The universe unfolds before me." Use this to aquire movement beyond time.

3. Sit in a quiet place with no distractions. Keep… Continue

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