The human ego is created and evolves into it's form as we grow within
this matrix. A entity (the ego) distinct with its own intention separate
from our eternal self. It was thought in western cultures, that the
soul and ego were somehow connected or in some paradigms even one in the
same. This really is not the case. Our eternal self is completely
separate. Most humans lose touch with the eternal self (the soul) even
though it is always there, waiting for an awakening. Some humans
experience this awakening through life changing events both tragic and
non-tragic. the ego is always attempting to be in control. The ego feeds
on the past and the future, it longs for the past, it yearns for the
future, it never lives in the eternal now. When a person realizes that
eternity is the eternal now, and they learn to distinguish their eternal
self, from their ego, then that person passes through to be the seer.
From this position you are both inside and outside the matrix. You have
become the puppet master in a sense. The world and all it's problems and
issues then become so infantile, and insignificant. Then your purpose
changes, and only the quickening of humanity one human at a time, to the
next level is all that matters. each human welcomed to heaven, "the
eternal now", while experiencing the gift of life one precious breath at
a time within the matrix. You realize that you are wealthy beyond your
wildest dreams, that you are one with the Universe (creation)and it is
one with you.

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Comment by whole on March 29, 2010 at 3:01pm
i am going through alot of ego issues i would say, even my dreams have to do with my ego. i am merging with it. or innerstanding that is there but i am so much more, i guess this is the phase i am in, in my awakening process, but it is truely amazing how much you start innerstanding, and now i read this and is like wow, cause i been going through this lately. so i also you do my best everyday i work on my developement but i add to it just living the moment, love my girlfriend more share my awareness with others not judge them if they dont get me or argue with me about my theories or what not. so i feel realy great with just living in the moment each day i feel gettign closer to "OneNess" we all search for is all within adn from that we can have the external change of life. Great message im diggin it..
Comment by K.Wilkes on March 29, 2010 at 12:42pm
this message resonates with me today, NOW, more than it could have on any other day, past or in the moment is becoming a way of life for me, and it is way overdue. That is a huge deal for someone who has spent alot of her young life worrying about the future or going over the past to determine what to do next. No more of that...


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