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Please pause the video to further analyze the pictures and subtitles.

This video is the culmination of years of research behind the truth of our world's design and function; along with my discoveries through first-hand journeying into other realms of reality through shamanistic practices.

It is my genuine belief that the "God" of this Earth, the God of The Bible, is a non-physical collective of advanced intelligences that have created the Earth as an advanced "Sims Game", to create an isolated system that standardizes duality through the constant corruption of purity.

The Earth's consumption-based ecosystem and human thinking have been influenced and manipulated to represent an alternative existence and a strong critique against the original universal form of equality and purity.

This is well symbolized in the deception of the christian crucifixion, a ploy to deceive followers into worship of human sacrifice or worship of the constant "death"/corruption of purity. This is further legitimized upon further research of the pre-christian usage of the symbol of the cross, or the symbol of "the ancient secret doctrines."

The entire Bible and majority of religous texts are re-worded brainwashing tools used to mold society into constant duality.

I have nothing against the actual spiritual teacher of Jesus, or of the original Buddha, but as with all true healers, the Archons have subliminally reconfigured these stories into impressively crafted belief-obedience institutions, designed to create and spread spiritual dependency and unquestioned duality.

When I mention specific names, know that I refer to the human given names of subliminal thought forms. When I say Archon, I refer to the non-physical embodiments of these corrupted thought forms, which had direct involvement in the creation of Earth's consumption-based ecosystem and human duality civilizations. The "Gods" of the ancients.

I welcome any questions, responses or discussion.

Any feedback on how to improve the video for version 2.0 would be incredibly helpful!

May we all be delivered from the addictions of duality illusion, if one should choose to do so.

All images and video are the rightful property of their original, associated sources. They are used in this video strictly for educational purposes only.

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Comment by Ahmad Swope on December 12, 2012 at 12:44am

Thank you so very much for posting this.  I see this as providence and a sign to me from the all.

I had begun to make daily affirmations that there is no fear there is only love and this video confirms this.  I am grateful for this thanks so much!!!!

Comment by perseas on September 24, 2011 at 3:46am
Thank you for the beautiful video presentation, it is very well done and I commented below a way of solution according my innerstanding.
Comment by perseas on September 24, 2011 at 3:41am

There is a reason for the Archonic powers to create noetic sha-mba-las or cbl-cables of ci-vi-lizations.

Look at a forest from above and compare it with the view of a city from above or a computer's motherboard.

The latter two are similar, non organic shapes-cells, while the forest is a magnificent organic fractal full of diverse forms of life and an alive being itself.

Why did we come here in the first place upon that wonderful being?

In what ways Man is connected evolutionary with Earth in his journey of awareness across the Cosmos?

Ascension is an Archonic trap. We cannot leave from this planet while remains polluted by us.

We have to re-member and teach to our children the true history of Mankind and that is easy if we look carefully at the logical discrepancies of the historical books and of course if we stop asap to be lazy in our thought processes and start to accelerate our thinking.

Three images are enough; first image for the pristine origins of Man is depicting a happy family with wonderful and healthy faces filled with a childlike Gnosis, second image for the past is depicting wars and armies fighting each other, anger, blood, hate and the last picture of the present is showing ill-faced people, diseased with diminishing mental and physical abilities living to a polluted and corrupted world. 

Feed the children with truth and in time, children will correct the problem, because for the first time in history, they will raised with true facts about our history.

We must never loose contact with the Mother of our physical body, for if we do it, her name and meaning becomes Matrix. 

We must never lie to our children again or the worst will come ...

Comment by Neil Andna on September 21, 2011 at 4:46am

Very true and everyone should watch this and a 60 min video should be done.. and probably linked to this website which is the best anti-archonic virus programming that I've come across :

Comment by paul bateman on September 9, 2011 at 12:14pm
very good thanyou
Comment by Estrella on September 8, 2011 at 6:42am

For now, all I want to say is that its good.  How could it be made more comprehensive for the person who has no notion of this information?




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