Since words are the most effective way to communicate on this plane, they become our "vehicles" to the Universe. The Universe responds to our thoughts (words) and returns to us according to our thoughts (words) "Our Thoughts Prepare our Requests and Our Vehicles (thoughts/words to be manifested) Carry our Requests to the Universe! The Universe returns Our Vehicles (thoughts/words manifested) to us, just the way we need/want/desire."

When you awake in the morning, before you even get out of bed, FORECAST a good day and pleasant outcomes in all undertakings. Forecast great traffic, with minimal delays, once you get to work, forecast a pleasant work environment, when you enter the building forecast a pleasant day of honest work, when you get to your desk, forecast pleasant outcomes with clients & coworkers, etc...


Look at yourself as a vehicle and forecast great operations of all inner & outer components of your vehicle.


Doubt, worry, confusion, anger, depression, etc...Are all UNNATURAL States. Each one of these and many other "feelings" are indicators that your life is out of balance somewhere...You are the mechanic of your vehicle...These are the minor tune-ups reminders that each of us need to keep ourselves in check...Use them to make the proper adjustments...


You give power to your thoughts the more you THINK about your thoughts...The Universe is compelled to return to you that which you send out to it, so your thoughts are the key...Get clear and specific with your every thought and watch the Universe return them all to you. "What you set in motion shall come back and greet you"

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