2013 WILL Be The Year of Family, Home & Love Karma

Just as I predicted that the Sexual Scandals that would come to Light in 2012 would be of the most lurid & morally bankrupt nature, 2013's Karma will hit the Family, Home & Love Sectors of Life.

We will see many upheavals in the basic family unit during 2013. Unconventional Family Dynamics will take place as Adult Children will continue their mass return to their now-older parents houses. Not just single kids coming either, Adult Children will be bringing their spouses & children with them as well...We will see a sharp rise in domestic violence issues, mostly between children still living at home and their parents and we will see more violent expression by our teenagers in 2013, against authority, against the parents authority, against the "traditions" and against society as a whole...Ex-Spouses will continue their "QUIET" trend of moving back in together for economic reasons and we will actually see a decline in Divorces & Partnership Break-Ups, strictly for economic reasons. The Family Child Predators will be exposed, you know, all those "Uncles or Cousins" that just seem to always be around when something shady happens to a young female relative...The "Deacons" of the "Church" that is well thought of however too creepy to really get to know will be exposed...The "Pastor" that is a little too friendly to certain women in the Church and his "Wife" is not aware, will be exposed. The Neighbor that always seems to have something to give to kids will be exposed...

The assault on America's children will see a huge upswing as the forces that will be in play are targeting the youth of this country. More Sex Abuse cases will be exposed and these will continue along the lines of Elementary/High Schools & Colleges and they will involve some of the most Sacred of the Sacred Cows...Joe Paterno was just the 1st Sacred Cow to be sacrificed...

Politically Speaking...More of the same...Obama will win a narrow victory and continue his onslaught of the Constitution, and not only will we see some Major US Cities filing Bankruptcy we will have at least 2 states that either file or will come very close to a REAL Shut Down...The American People will continue their disgust with our Government & Elected Leaders will continue to act with contempt for the people. There will be a movement that emerges that will attempt to topple the Foundations of America and The Government will have a Swift & Cruel answer.

The World economy will finally feel the hit of this "Double-Dip" Recession that we have been waiting for and it will shake the Established Core and bring with it a Crushing Reality that the way of life we have all become accustomed to is no more...The US Economy will grind to a screeching halt, around March 13, 2013 however the REAL & SUBTLE Change will be the shift from rewarding hard work to encouraging "Entitlement-Mentality"

Racially & Socially we will feel a New Reality & a New Racism...The Battle Lines will be drawn along socioeconomic lines, not COLOR LINES, as it will definitely be a thick line between the "Have's & Have-Nots" There will be the usual amount of the Race Issues, especially Black vs White with Cold Blooded Murder being front and center. Expect a MAJOR JUMP in Murder by Police, Murder by the State & Sanctioned "Strategic" Murder by the US Government!

2013 will be one HELL of a Year!

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