To win beyond the physical you must think beyond matter

No revolution is the last u must call 4 evolution of the masses i herd a comment on mantras when i first signed up that was not true.mantras are vibrational keys that unlock ones true potential.cell phones and other technological devices destroys one true power mantras are here to help not a waist of time for the gental men who was talking unless u know 4 sure dont talk you guys are impowering the same people u fight when u put there photos up i know iam in contact with the devine please hed my warnings.accension can not happen in the physical plain u must first drop your identies please forgive my english is very rusty.I Once used to be in the same matter fight look birds eye view then swicth 4demisional please know puzzels are there to keep u contained in a block thinking when planets align your self must be gone they have planed all this with help from higher help i dont know how i even herd of this site but u people are blessed to have a comunity of soul wanting change peace to the collective that does not know so

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Comment by Peter Krumb on December 19, 2012 at 9:17pm

Man what can I do for december 21

Comment by vishnu veda on February 10, 2010 at 9:22pm
Dont consentrate on catching up Denise..just have patience..Existense it self will take care. Explore in all directions and expand..everything will start to make sense. You're question it self means that you are on the right path. Have full trust in Existense.


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