So my past few dreams that I remember are extremely interesting to me. They are not out of this world or anything out of the ordinary as some might put it. They are events of the next day. That never happen, aka an alternate timeline

The first one i remember was a while ago, or in a sense you can say it was an alternate timeline, i was about 12 and in this dream my house was pretty much broken down, the windows were broke, wallpaper was coming off the walls. Real run-down look to it. This was the most drastic timeline i've experienced. I explored my house and that was about it for that dream.

The next was a few weeks ago. I woke up in this dream and i was going about my day and my boss called me into work because they needed me, so i went and that was that timeline. It never actually happened, the next day i didn't get called in and nothing from the dream has happened yet.

The last one was just last night. This had a little bit of difference. Me and my ex-girlfriend Broke up recently and in this dream, we still were, but we were friends. she had a different house, it was bigger and had a more elaborate bedroom. and she gave me this story and i got mad at her and went downstairs and she asked me to clean a grill or soemthing, and that was it....

These dreams, are not really dreams, i think i am not traveling universes, not dimensions, just different timelines, and the more i try, the farther from this one i can get. but because i'm only starting to notice I get very close timelines, and in dreams are where parallel timelines can intertwine. Unless dopplegangers are the result of these timelines co-existing and intertwining sometimes.

so yeah, that's my little experiences with alternate timelines. If anything else has happened i'll add it, or if you'd care to share your opinions/thoughts/experiences that'd be great

Love to all,


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Comment by Ryan McShane on November 19, 2010 at 10:50pm


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