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December 22, 2012

Wholeness and Balance Vibrations Resistance Family and Guests!

We are fully awake and totally enlivened! Despite the continuous plots against our consciousness and existence we have survived the darkest hour to arise triumphant once more. This year we made an amazing impact on the spiritual community and consciousness at large. There are continuous reports of the message impacting lives across the globe while bringing true awakening and emancipation to Seekers. In short we are doing exactly what we set out to do and even more.

Below you will find all of the platforms and ventures we have engaged in so far. As many will not have the opportunity to review this email in its entirety we ask that you store it and use it for future reference to track our progress. All of our work speaks for itself, our services are free and available worldwide we have an immense initiative for 2013 and have began already.

The Planetary Resistance - Founded in April 22, 2009 now has 6000+ members and millions of impressions all over the internet. We have first page rankings in the top search engines for the keyword "the resistance" and thousands of other keywords related to esoteric knowledge and spiritual expansion. Below you will find links to our works.

  • Free Membership w/ Full Access
  • The Largest Online Spiritual Library
  • Live Collective Study Groups
  • Thousand of Archived Recordings
  • Hand Selected Video Library
  • A Vast Occult Image Library


Thousands of books to choose from related to spirituality and expansion ready for free download or web reading through advance template


Images collected over years of spiritual pursuit now all placed in one area for your viewing enjoyment. Innumerable rare never seen before pictures

Literally hundreds of high quality recordings from the beginning of our inception all the way up unto this very movement. You will find Radio Shows, Personal Reflection, Group Calls, and much more here

A collaborative effort of video recorded or collected by The Resistance team. You will find all videos that trended this year 2012 at this location. We do not endorse every video sourced here as it is a open channel for video uploading

Esoteric Radio has been a powerhouse for the last 3 years hosting some of the most exciting and riveting radio shows that push unhindered knowledge wisdom and application. Progressing from Skype meetings to internet radio and now a live television show streamed across the Earth Esoteric Radio is on target to bring wholeness to massive audiences in 2013.

Esoteric Radio has hosted the following shows....

  1. Esoterrorist
  2. Resistance Radio
  3. Know More Secrets
  4. The Activated Body Show
  5. The Universal Current
  6. The 2012 Show

While we were at it we also launched a 24 hour television station for non-stop enlightenment with hundreds of hours of video on demand. You will find top level information from some of your favorites as we have sourced hand selected videos of their work and organized a resourceful media outlet. Special thanks to all those involved in completing this project, likewise the speakers who gave authorization for their worked to be considered.

Tune in to Resistance TV

The Astral Quest ship has finally set sail through Innerspace! This is the next level of educational expansion dubbed "Interactive Enlightenment". The Astral Quest module is designed to allow the viewer to fully absorb the content presented.

We can now stream Audio, Video, HD Camera, Telephone, and Voip live during shows. AQ is already broadcasting weekly so be sure to check the links below for future listings and archived shows.

Interactive Enlightenment

In the Know?

Total Body Activation

The Keys and Codes

How to Eat to Live

Eradicate All Ailments

  • Astral Quest Website w/ MBS* Diagnosis Algorithm
  • The Resistance Activation Institute and Reality Show (Costa Rica)
  • Astral Quest News and Film Studio
  • Complete Audio Book Library
  • The Wholeness Foundation 24hr Spiritual Help Line
  • Much Much More

I thank you for reviewing this dossier in its entirety as you can see we have been quite busy. There is so much more that we can do as long as we remain persistent and push together. We ask that all remember our commitment to humanity.

James Evans Bomar III
Developer of the Planetary Resistance




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Comment by U.W. on February 6, 2013 at 9:42am

Let's keep on doing the good work - much has been achieved ! Sevan i appreciate your dedication for bringing out the truth and i want to thank you for that, brother.

Comment by KD on January 31, 2013 at 1:44pm

Thank you Sevan for always working to make everything connect for us.


Comment by SimonAllen VictoriasDaddy on December 26, 2012 at 1:37pm
still trying to make sence of what is happening to me/us 2012 brought more unexplable awakining in me and a few friends something big is happening and i cant explain whats happening to me but strange s*** is going on in there feel so much more ...


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