From time to time I will blog the rare occurances in my life because we all I believe have wierd things happening everyday and should thus keep a log of them.

Last night while preparing for sleep I decided to take the large Quartz crystal alone to bed with me. I read a great work on crystals that stated many things of a higher nature can be accomplished by a simple piece of quartz and man was foolish when he did not pass this knowledge to his siblings. This is one of the great knowledges of the Earth the relationship between crystals and man. Crystals being compressed light and man/woman being light waves. It stated that Quartz responds to pressure and heat, so last night I started to squeeze this crystal and what I experienced after that was phenominal. It is best to always sleep in a dark room not exposed to any light, the whole body is light sensitive. In such a dark room I literally began to see various eyes within my mind but very clear. I began to manipulate energy through my body into the crystal and the crystal responded back with its own variation of surges. At some moment I was seeing what looked like a green screen of symbols somewhat like the Matrix Code. I believe soon thier will be another type of contact made.

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Comment by Torlandmusiq on December 1, 2010 at 5:38pm
I saw something similar. I saw digital numbers like a countdown. The numbers were changing at a fast rate of speed. Too fast to re-member......
It's like I was downloading a code my mind couldn't keep up with.
I am a crystal From the future that has just awakened. 6 months into my awareness of a lifetime journey......
Comment by ndelta on November 18, 2010 at 6:02pm
I have seen the same screen!!!! There was code on it but I cannot recall if it was streaming up or down. Frustrating. Have you seen geometric shapes as well...Triangles mostly in colors?
Comment by Zii Cee on September 16, 2010 at 11:39pm
speaking of strange stuff it seemed like i joined with the thing thats watching me i can remember that it seems like me jus watching me like a futue or past self but then there r other times where i fel sumthing thats watching me is tryna confuse me
Comment by K.Wilkes on January 25, 2010 at 11:58pm
Hi Sevan, and thank you for the encouragement to document strange occurrences as I have done so for some time and this is my first time telling anyone this out loud. I sometimes "feel" that some entity is watching over this whole situation and i am being observed, as are we all. At the times i get this sensation, it feels like time slows down or stops momentarily, i see a flash of light internally and always the feeling of being observed follows. At that point, the thought of a parallel universe that has learned to observe its parallel universe, or us being on this planet for some entity's "entertainment" (for lack of a better word) follows, and i know we are not alone in this cosmos. I have been getting these sensations since i was in highschool and i am 35 now. Any thoughts? I am always intrigued to here your thoughts on these type of matters since it has take this long to find a community of like minded people. I should re-post this on the Forum...
Comment by Rasheed Ankh Maat on December 6, 2009 at 11:54am
thank u sevan 4 the invite this will b a hyper dimensional cosmic spiritual friendship 4 infinity, i am a cosmic mind teacha hiphop revealer of ancient n present truth the future is now! Glad 2 have the pleasure of meeting u and other like us. My elder guru told me its a lonely path and now i know what he wuz talkn' bout, but i truly luv this journey on the third rock from the sun. I'm 43 and spent twenty of it tryn 2 save the world and my family and friends with this knowledge. Now its about me and my family and apply'n what i learned as a student of cosmic wisdom, know the Self first and the magic starts happening instantly like ab bra ka dab bra ~peace
Comment by Sevan Bomar on August 11, 2009 at 3:38pm
And I'm most certain your children will forever thank you greatly. Know that you are protected, there is nothing to fear. There is always a shield of shelter for the willing.

Yes some cystals need charging, dig a deep hole, bury them, after the full moon, unearth them and walla! Super charged crystal, then you can experiment with it on different chakras. Stay close to your first mind when placing crystals on Chakras, Chakra default colors are not always the same layout for everyone. Some have a Violet root Chakra rather than red.
Comment by Humpti Dumte on August 9, 2009 at 6:12pm
Hi Innerstanding, I think I may try something like that tonight. Can you give me any suggestion on how to print out "The Code Matrix". I keep doing something wrong.


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