When one first deals with such a
subject as everything, one realizes that this is no easy task to describe, much
less face, alone on a personal level. Struggling with "Big
Picture" and what appears to be almost endless viewpoints, possibilities,
probabilities, realizations, and of course, falsehoods, can be a humbling, or
even daunting venture.

It is important to make a
few temporary anchor points, this has allowed me to climb above the haze, that
I may see the real landmarks, in preparation for severing all anchors, and
becoming free. It seems that one requires a strong sense of self, this is
not to be confused with identity. My identity is a construct of my
limited brain, it is the ego's summary of the self, which is quite wrong in
almost all ways. By realizing this, though, i can overcome it. I
can overcome anything that I realize or perceive as an obstacle. So...in
a world of variables, where are the static truths? Well, i may be
fortunate, or just plain wrong, but I will put forth some grounding facts that
can serve as a basis for truth within the framework of the human mind, and in
some cases, outside of this framework. I use the word "fact" as a projecting device as opposed to something physical that can be weighed. The word "fact" as commonly used reminds me of "facet" or face, an illusion. Word Magic never ceases.

1. You are a soul, eternal, and powerful

2. Thought creates reality on a time curve

3. creation is infinite and changes in cycles

4. Love is a vibration that man shares with all things, and in that, he is most powerful.

5. Fear and Lies are the only tools available to those who cannot love.

6. You are created in the
image of the Creator, and therefore are also a creator, the power of your
creations lies in your innerstanding of this fundamental, as you realize your
power, you can create your life with pinpoint purpose and amazing detail and

7. Practice makes better, perfect is a false ideal, or idol, whatever that means to you.... thanks Sevan, for your insights now make me question almost every word i use... hah.

This has provided a baseline to be used for assessment. This occurs by observation, which, typically, should be done multiple times, from different viewpoints, that one may realize the nature of growth is change, as your perspectives will change from one viewpoint to another, from one day to another. You are Growing.

The Neophyte has vast amounts of information at his fingertips, and starts with relatively little innerstanding. This can overwhelm, at first. I personally suffered fear for a while, not knowing what is true from what is false. While combing through the data, reading opinions, considering possibilities. I found the only way to be secure, is by accepting truth. This is possible, even if you don't know what is true. Because you can conceive truth, you have already accepted it. Whether you KNOW it or not, you accept that truth, by definition, is true.

So now I can say, for example, if Jesus was a real person, and really the human incarnation of the Most High, then I accept it. If he is a state of consciousness that was given human qualities for the purpose of deceiving the weak and enforcing the slave mind, then I also accept this. If he was a remix of the story of Horus, and the entire thing is a lie to keep man trapped in illusion, then I accept that. You are allowed to set the qualifying conditions of what you will and will not accept, however, be smart about it, use conditions to free yourself from the bonds of belief, which is simply disbelief of whatever isn't within your little scope.

It's easy! Acceptance is not firmly grasping an idea or belief, it is letting go of belief as a whole, or as a hole, either works. My acceptance of something as true, does not affect the truth of it. To me, the free thinker is free because he does not form his thoughts as bricks to build a protective wall around himself. He is free to create his thoughts and thereby his reality, he is also free to choose which thoughts to manifest, by the use of his will, and learned practice of concentration, meditation, and subsequently vibration, which through cymatics forms physical reality.

The neophyte is in a delicate state of transition. He needs support from friends and fellow seekers so as not to feel alone, but he must always be allowed to decide for himself, so that he will become and remain a free thinker.

Thank you, Resistance, for your tolerance, for your patience, for your invaluable wealth of input from all of these souls seeking truth and ultimately freedom. Thank you for your LOVE. All of you, even you, yes, YOU!

I have embraced the illusion, in search of truth, it is only natural to find yourself deceived from time to time. It will happen, in fact, its a great chance to make a positive example, by learning the lesson involved. Return your attention where it belongs, and continue to move, change, and grow.

I believe I will now call myself Initiate. Let us move forward together.

Here is to our ever present moment!


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Comment by Braden on April 28, 2010 at 11:00pm
hmmm... whole big thing on letting go of "beliefs" and I ended the post with a line that starts "I believe"....
I guess thats why habits are habits.


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