That Alien Chick Inside Me #3: The Government Might Be Right, For Once: We Probably Can’t Handle This Truth.


“Do you really believe in UFOs?”

The fact is – it doesn’t matter if I believe in them, or not; I don’t have to -- and neither do you.

Because they exist, whether we believe in them or not.

In fact -- not only do they exist – but they’ve always been here. And now, with an ever-increasing amount of strange, inexplicable sightings that have mystified the scientists, military personnel, and officials called into investigate, governments around the world are releasing their decades-old classified files on UFOs and UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), and joining together to deal with the ever-increasing appearances of these unidentified objects. 

Citing “international security concerns,” due to the continued UAP and UFO activity around military bases and installments (and stoked by the furor of 9/11), formerly secretive and still-reluctant generals, colonels, government officials, engineers, physicists, and aerospace experts are going on record to call for an international effort to disclose the reality of technological craft of unearthly design to the public at large. 

Since the early 90s right up through now in 2010, nations including Brazil, France, the UK, Spain, Mexico, Belgium, Peru, Denmark, and even Russia, have stepped up to add their classified information into the growing pool of international research.

Not, however, the US; traditionally, since the Cold War period -- when UFO phenomena was more openly discussed and publicly acknowledged – the US government and military attitude on UFOs/UAPs has been “official denial,” systematic debunking, and encouraging a negative and derisive attitude to the phenomena in the media. (Although former and retired Air Force personnel are breaking the code of silence and coming forward in growing numbers to share their UFO experiences; see the recent 9/27/10 National Press Club Disclosure Conference: YouTube - Disclosure Conference, National Press Club 27 Sept 2010)

In respected investigate reporter Leslie Kean’s excellent new book, “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On The Record,”, * she skillfully recounts how US government and military concerns over “Russian threat,” during the Cold War period -- combined with the American populace’s increasingly hysterical response to the increased UFO and UAP activity ** -- convinced the US government and military officials that Americans were not “ready for the truth.”***

Well…they may have been right, then; and judging from how people generally seem respond to the topic these days…they might still be right now.


“But…do you really believe in UFOs?” 

Since it’s been established that UFOs do exist – and that one has only to follow the growing exopolitic and disclosure movement worldwide to uncover this truth -- rather, shouldn’t the question really be:

“What does it mean to us if extraterrestrial life actually exists -- and has been visiting our planet for a long time --

… and do I care?”


To tell you the truth -- I’m not sure why this has become such an obsession recently. 

Yes – I have a vivid imagination. Have made up lots of stories as a writer/playwright. Played lots of funny, crazy -- and sometimes even profoundly deep -- pretend-people/characters as a performer/actress. **** Basically, I’m a late-blooming, goofy, overgrown kid. And now, as a mom, encourage a lot of that same creativity, imagination and zaniness in my spawn.*****

Yes – I love some speculative and science fiction; yes, “Close Encounters” is on my list of top ten movies of all time. 

But don’t get it twisted.

I’m also a rational, hardcore, ex-New Yorker, birthed and bred in Harlem, west; weaned on subways slithering between Uptown spots and Loisaida holes; survived being shot at, tied up at gunpoint, dragged off an elevator by a 6’4, mentally ill, would-be rapist****** …and all before the tender age of 21.

I’ve stopped men in the street from attacking the woman they loved…befriended young sista/neighors struggling with crack addiction…absorbed mental illness and drug addiction in my own immediate family…been on public assistance, using EBT cards to feed my boys when I had to.  Basically: I’m a realist. Blood and dirt real.

Trust: I pay not dust to people’s ego-driven delusions or fantasies, and try hard to disabuse myself of such personal flights of fancy.  And I’ve never taken anybody’s word for anything (except, in matters of the heart…and we all know how that usually turns out).

That being said: I’ve learned that a lot of things we don’t understand, and can’t see, can exert real power over our lives.

I’ve learned that many of these ancient mysteries, esoteric sciences, psychic phenomena, spiritual practices, and mystical traditions can be studied/tapped into/and used…to create bridges toward the higher evolutionary path I believe we’re all on.

So, ask me again: “#1: Do you really believe that extraterrestrial life forms are actually visiting us here on earth?”…and:“#2: Why do you care?”

#1: I still don’t know the answer to this question. Like Leslie Kean and many of the other curious skeptics following this research, I would really need to SEE an extraterrestrial BEFORE being able to say that Yes, I believe, they’ve visited our planet. I simply do not know.

#2: Unequivocally: YES, I DO CARE…and strongly believe this is a vitally important phenomenon for us to pay attention to.

I believe ignoring a game-changing phenomenon as mind-bogglingly monumental as the possible reality of intelligent extraterrestrial life-forms and consciousnesses visiting our planet -- is not only short-sighted, but delusional…and ultimately, ridiculous.

Yes, it would permanently alter everything we think we know about life on planet Earth. But I also believe that knowing we’re part of an immensely larger, universal family of intelligent species, far more evolved – technologically, and hopefully, in other ways, as well -- would stop us dead in our f*****-up-on-earth tracks…and take us down a much needed peg or a hundred. 

And right about now… I think that’s just about what we need on this here big ol’ blue flower.

So, I ask you:  Do you care if UFOs and extra-terrestrial life forms and intelligences are visiting our planet?  And if so -- how would knowing this brain-numbing reality change your life? Would it?

I think, sistren and brethren…those are the really interesting questions.


* Big-ups to my homegirl, the fabulous director/producer/Hour Glass Theater doyenne/diva, Elyse Singer, for hipping me to this book…i had the distinct pleasure of working with E on a workshop of my musical "Magic Kingdom" a few years back... awesomely creative and imaginative chick, and one of my covert operatives, who grudgingly supports my addiction with important information that I might otherwise overlook…love ya, girl!
** initially well-documented in the media of the era, including a 1952 front page photograph and article in the Washington Post showing  UFOs flying over the White House, and relating the cat-and-mouse chase between US Air Force pilots and the UFOs.
*** It’s important to note that NONE of the military, government, or scientific personnel who go on record in this book claim to believe these phenomena necessarily mean extraterrestrial intelligence is the only possible answer; they all pretty much steer clear of that assertion. Instead they stay with the “We do not know what this phenomena is, which just know it’s not from earth, so we cannot rule out extraterrestrial origins” take on it all – including Kean herself.
**** Obviously, the complex and rewarding character I played in Bridgett Davis’ award-winning independent feature, “Naked Acts” comes to mind; I was blessed to be in it, and it definitely was a life-transforming experience. Hats off to you, BD, you’re still one of my greatest sheroes!
***** Yes -- I encourage my sons’ love of talking sponges and furry animals… read them fairy tales and silly stories…and although I did feel it was important to tell them Santa was “made up” a couple of years ago (and yes, dealt with my older son’s tears of anger that the TV had “lied to him” about old Kris Kringle – and then, had to listen to friends and family scold me for "ruining the fun of Christmas for them," oh please), I’ve applauded their love of superheroes and all that kid stuff…
…and yes, I did ask them, just the other day, how they would feel if they ever found out UFOs were real. I felt it was time to bring it up.  They were a little disturbed, asked some questions, did some Tae Kwon Do self-defense moves they might “have to use on the aliens”… and then decided they didn’t want to talk about it anymore -- because, as River noted: “I would panic…even if they said, ‘We come in peace’.”   I think his response sums up all of our basic, instinctual reactions very well…and I let it go at that, assuring them they didn’t have to worry about it. (Right now, I might have added… but didn’t.)
****** …whom I talked out of doing any more than pulling off my shirt, by the way…and I was only 12 to his 16 at the time; clearly my sense of logical debate and critical analysis developed early...or maybe, just my ability to b******* my way out of a bad situation -- call it, survival, baby.

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