That Alien Chick Inside Me #2: Because God Is Space -- All Around and Through Us (and Hell No, We Ain’t Alone in It)


The whole extraterrestrial/God thing* is kind of dicey, conversation-wise. Like, there are a lot of people won’t even mess with this topic.

Especially my intellectual, edumucated peeps. Folks who will engage on almost any other topic of the day – sex, race, class, whatever – will NOT step to the God-thing too tough…and won’t even PRETEND to acknowledge any commentary on ‘aliens’ or life off-planet.

I can dig it.

Most folks’ take is, “Why truck with the invisible and unsubstantiated -- when there’s so much in-our-face/unmitigated/ unconscionable/wackness going on?  Like, why does it matter, what’s out there, up there, if it ain’t affecting me day to day -- and anyway, I can’t CONTROL IT, so what’s the point of even thinking about it…”

Yeaaahhhh…I can dig it. 

So, why my own fascination/obsession with all of it -- even before the vision of the alien chick?


The dark, eternity of space. Wherein/and throughout/and outside of/and still creating all of it/all of us/where we have been/and where we will go/is God

…and, some unfathomably superior and powerful species capable of transversing all of that limitless darkness…an entity which, ultimately, can turn our sum total of earthly ass to grass

Yeah. Definitely. Death.

Or, maybe not. 

Because on the other side of that end of flesh/life here on earthwhat would there be… except pure spirit.consciousness… ultimately, true immortality?

And to my mind… that, right there – is the s***.


*from my continuing research on the many similar, recurring ‘Gods from the sky’ narratives and depictions found in ancient myths, creation stories, and religious traditions worldwide, only conflating the two makes any sense to me, at this point...

NOTE ON VIDEO: I thought this was kind of interesting. I'll be adding lots of links to the blog, since there's so much out there, God bless youtube, right? This is titled, "Reverend Barry Dowling: UFOs and Religion."

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Comment by J.A. Jones on January 19, 2011 at 8:49pm

Neil... well... whatever the case... I've learned not to push it or argue with my friends about this stuff, it doesn't help and it's not for everybody...


Thanks for reading...



Comment by Neil Andna on January 18, 2011 at 2:02pm
Thanks 'I cant control it' is just what they want yoU to beLIEve....


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