That Alien Chick Inside Me #1: The Future is Now

  Looking back, I’ve wondered why and how I came to be so fascinated/obsessed by UFOs...God...angels...outer space...and the idea of extraterrestrial life.


It's an obsession that’s continued to show up in my work – in various plays and performance pieces of the early 90s through early 2000 -- including "Sojourner Meets the Man on the Moon"* and "U(nder) F(rank) O(bservation)" **…the New American Radio play "Juno the Universal Power Child,"*** the early incarnations of Jewelle Luvski performance pieces...****
-- there’s even a line in the performance piece, “Black B****** Brew: Coda”***** about my “fantasy kitchen” : “a spaceship – but to make it Jupiter we gonna need another sweet potato on the grill…” -- And then, of course, ugh…the futuristic vision of an alternate-dimension of the uncompleted (READ: FAILED) novel, "NewHarlem:2070." ******

More recently it’s shown up in the digital video short "Of Dark Matter"...*******  ...and currently, is erupting out loud in my latest libretto-ish thing (2010), "Akasha, Tell of Dark Matter, Venus and The Son of Enoch" (working title, long, I know, yes).

Hmm. Starting to see a pattern?  Well, believe it or not – I didn’t. Until this year – about three months ago, to be exact.

While researching and writing on “Akasha Tell,’ I started looking back over my writing and realized, “Oh DIP, Jake…you’ve ALWAYS been into this s***!  What the --???”

Now, from the outside, one might think that one realizes they are possessed by the same themes for many years, through many forms, after that many years.  But until recently, it had never really dawned on me just how long I’d literally been possessed and writing about my personal identification/connection/soul pull towards  “outer space” – and wondering who lived there.

Then, about a week ago...I had that dream/vision. My third "other life experience" dream/vision.
(I’ve had two others; I'll get into those later.)

And in the dream/vision...SHE showed up.  And although I really didn’t know who – or what – she was at first…within a day or two, I got it.

And while I’m still not sure if she’s a vision of myself in the future (and I mean, with metallic skin and no corneas, I get the feeling she’s a millennium or so off in my future)…or my doppleganger in another current dimension…I saw her.  And I know I’m supposed to take a journey with her. Actually, I guess I’ve already been on the journey with her, for awhile…

Anyway - since I’m not sure what to call her, for now I’m just gonna call her what I chose to title this blog:

That Alien Chick Inside Me.

It’s kind of your invitation to come along for the ride. I bet yours is inside you too, so maybe this will help you get ready to meet her/him/it. ‘Cause – I don’t know about you – but it looks to me like s*** is winding down on this here big blue flower

-- and as I’ve heard it said: the future is now, yo.



* commission, Manhattan Class Company** New York Theatre Workshop JAW Festival /The Public New Works Now/Crossroad Theatre New Works Festival

 ***radio series curated by shero.diva Lisa Jones (now Lisa Jones Brown)

 **** Dixon Place “Keepin’ Up Wit the Joneses”-era with my soul twins Stephanie and Suzanne Jones (well, I guess I was the adopted triplet) -- and my angel Phillip Brown…RIP baby, I know you up there tearin’ up them choruses with the cherubs in the sky...

 *****Company One, Hartford, CT, Aaron Davis Hall, Harlem NYC

 ******-- which I spent 7 years writing, from 1997 to 2004, only to finally chuck over 500 pages of completely frustrating blood, sweat and tears; that 'failure to birth' turning out to be another part of the reason I think I finally left my hometown of Harlem, NYC, in 2005, for the tropical desert of Tampa, Florida...

 *******graciously developed into a fabulous “lost treasure” (sigh: literally – I can’t locate that tape right now!) and shot in Brooklyn in 2009 with my soulspirit.homekin, my sista Sandye Wilson, and bruthas Keith Josef Adkins and Arthur Jafa.


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