My dreams have been very clear as of late.  This one was indeed a strange one:


I found myself at the gym - more like a training facility.  Seemed pretty standard - the gym had treadmills, weights and machines.  I noticed my brothers and my father; they were training at different locations of the gym.  My father approached one of my brothers after purchasing some training gear from the gym owner.  This lead to a father and son quarrel over how my father bought the wrong type of equipment.


After much fighting and arguing, my father resumed training and began free squating.  Oddly he started to free squat beside the entrance door.  The door was wide open, and he was blocking people from entering the gym.  He eventually started to move out of the gym, still free-squating, and eventually exited the training facility. 


The scenery of the area changed - the door the gym was open, but it acted as a portal to the outside world.  The dream landscape looked like a stone park area:

The width of the stone area was much wider, and the park area also had a crowd of people.  I sat on one of the stone edges while watching my over father; who was still free-squating.  A joker or jester approached me asking me for a modest donation.  He wanted to reveal something to me.  I felt as if he couldn't be trusted, but I clearly remember that in the dream I gave a purple ten dollar bill.  The jester transformed into some JOKER FACE with a top hat.  All I remember was I saw a black/blue aura around him and he started throwing cards and the purple bill I gave him.


Suddenly, a skirmish broke loose in the crowd area, and two guys were cussing at each other.  My focus shifted towards the two gentleman, and the jester vanished.  I recognized one of the guys arguing - it was Kardinal Offishall (a Toronto hip hop artist.)

I had no idea what they were arguing about, but to settle the matter they were going to have a battle.  Honestly it was like a scene from Zoolander ("a walkoff"):



The park turned into some big concert area (more like a ritual area). The stage was set, and crews started performing.  I ended up finding a good seat, and it was a good spot to see the I stayed..mostly because I felt curious. 

The atmosphere changed into some kind of weird lord of the rings Orange/Black area:


The stage area along with the surrounding rocks made it seem like a cauldron of some sort.  I just sat there and more crews started to arrive...suddenly a familiar song echoed through the arena.


Jay Z entered the stage and performed Encore...this version:


I started getting some bad vibes, and wanted to get out once I saw the Jay man.  Felt like I was stuck in an "industry exposed video." 



At the same time I noticed a girl who was part of the concert, all I can recall was she was important and was going to be used for something. 


Once Encore finished, Jay left the stage and another act came in.  This time it was large crowd of people dressed in black, some in leather, some with hip hop outfits - all in all, mostly black and some white clothing.  The people on  stage started screaming like ghouls and ghosts.


At this point I started thinking about my father; I noticed he wasn't in the area and I felt relived.  I wanted to leave, so I got up to look around the area looking for an exit.  I managed to find a gate leading to an exit.  Then I noticed the next  act arrived: Jay Z was back this time with Kanye.  They started performing 'Jesus Walks' with me:


I started thinking about the girl, and what role she had to play in all this.  Suddenly I saw her backstage, her back had some kind of black marking - the middle of her back had black scales on it; she was dressed in a leather skirt - I couldn't make out her face, but she seemed possessed by something.  She was edgy was ready to run off somewhere... I was getting bad feeling, and I was in the dream asking myself why am I in this dream (I was feeling anxious about what was going to take place).   Then out of no where, the song changed:  to LUCIFER:


Immediately after that song, the possessed girl bolted towards the exit gate.  The gate had bars at the top, and when she ran past it the gate, the bars slam down behind her.  At this point many people were running and wanted out of the concert area....but it was too late, all I remember was people yelling and screaming - I just kept seeing flashes of red and orange, as if it was hellfire or something.  I was trying to make my way to the gate looking for an exit, the gate for some reason opened for me, and we found a path out of the arena.  My mind started to get wobbly and weird.  Its as if the minds of the people were projecting their feelings in my mind.  I started seeing flashes of green and black; and all I remember feeling was confusion and tension from the people.  As we continued to make our way past the gate, we hit a tunnel area which lead to a dead end room.  The dark and green colors in my mind vision transferred into colors of the environment; it was as if we were stuck at the base of a medieval castle; it has a eerie, green, swamp kind of feel to it.  I ended up losing consciousness..but I didn't just wake up, its as if I passed through a portal.  


I opened my eyes but my body wouldn't move, and all I could see what a white wall and the blinders of my window.  I remember thinking to myself - I better not be in another took me a while to get it together, and managed to gain control of my body and woke up.  I remember just biting my arm to check if I was back.


I felt well rested, so I knew I got enough dreams have been really clear as of late; this one just so happened to be ritualistic and negative.


It felt like I didn't even sleep.  Its like I entered the dreamworld, had a strange dream, only to jump back to the physical world.  Felt like I was awake the whole time.


After I jotted down the dream into my journal I was curious as to why I had that dream:  I had a mainstream hip hop phase back when these songs came out; that was about 7 years ago.. moreover, why did I dream about music from the same album- I also wondered why Kardinal Offishial was in my dream; he didn't even perform...I went to see if he did any compilations with Jay:

What a coincidence...they ended up making a Lucifer Remix...


Also I noticed that the songs Encore and Lucifer came from the Black Album; the dream was overall dark in nature.  Kanye's song 'Jesus Walks' was off his album 'College Drop Out' - I did drop out of a hive mind Nutrition Program I pursued at University; (when Aspartame is considered stable alternative for sugar...well what else can I say...).

Just had follow a higher calling or my inner "avatar"/intuitive knowing.


Anyway, I'm not really good and 'decoding' dreams per say, for some reason this dream really stuck out.


On a more positive note, I got some orgonite pieces, going to see how that goes. 

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Comment by Anush on April 3, 2012 at 7:24am

Nice symbolism in this dream

Comment by Jon Vincent on July 14, 2011 at 9:35am

The area where it was really dirty was near the end the dream:  Green/Black colours.  It was like being in a sewer.    


Golden Orb.. ok can you PM or skype me?  I'll look into it as well.     


Cleansing sounds good, I've been meaning to do a epsom salt bath and other things.  Never heard of camphor cleansing until you mentioned it.  


You mentioned the S-tones.. hmmm if crystals can hold a frequency... I can see that; that's interesting man.  


I wasn't afraid, more shocked and somewhat anxious. 


Thanks for taking the time to respond bro.


Much to learn,


Wholeness Joe.

Comment by Joeronimo on July 14, 2011 at 8:44am

Sounds like you were incepted. I would call that a reptilian dream, one question, did you notice the area was dirty? That is a common indicator of a "black" - (incepted ) dream.  What You must recall in any negative situation to manifest your golden orb,  it is very effective - especially to break free of energy-tubelocks that may stick to you in the dream, (both in the dream and in the waking up or physical stage these sensations are sometimes very palpable) -


On the topic of the stones you mention as a defining feature of the landscape, I too have noticed these 'stones" when incepted into one of these "Black" dreams. Perhaps there is a frequency within those stones that sets the tone, or vibration of the dream... hmmm astral metaphysi-geology.... a new field of study? -


After I had one of these dreams I decided to do a camphor cleanse of my environment including the sleeping quarters as well as some smudging of the body and surrounding aura... Cut those cords - The fleeting colors in your dream may have been your energy seeping away from you in your dream... were you afraid? Or shocked at the imagery?


On the note of Kardinal Offishal, If I may interlude .. I would assume he was there to try to somehow say "I aint doing this evil ritual tonight I wanna freestyle" - So on that note im gonna listen to some fresh tracks to start off my morning...


 - Rock on - Stay clear from the S-tone inception !  

Comment by Jon Vincent on July 13, 2011 at 4:25pm

@MSM. yeah lol.  I feel yea bro.  I only get it sometimes though.  Been working on my lucid dreaming and dream recall lately.


@Nicole: interesting about your sons.   now i'm interested about this whole circular structure...


@ WK: alright I'll check out that site man.  I also noticed I listened to those albums around 2004...2004 was my first year at University... 2004 = 6 --->Saturn?? (I used to listen to those beats while studying for tests..)  Been working on my dream recall, the journal helps a lot.   I did have some hot sauce before going to sleep...I dunno, maybe that could have influenced something.  No idea about Lucifer...def gonna look into it... Lu-cypher comes to mind though..will meditate on it.

Comment by Mr. Spirit Matter on July 13, 2011 at 10:07am
Thats wild brother, "It felt like I didn't even sleep.  Its like I entered the dreamworld, had a strange dream, only to jump back to the physical world.  Felt like I was awake the whole time."  Its funny I have that first part written in my journal a lot It felt like i didnt even sleep It doesnt right Some nights as soon as my eyes close bam Im somewhere else but most nights thats what it feels like, thanks for sharing
Comment by nicole stigliano on July 13, 2011 at 8:59am
i can identify whith the circular stone structure ive seen it in my sons dreams but it is completly built up surrounded by a huge grass covered area he always has one apple tree and a picnic table he goes there alot he runs around counting the fallen apples and then chooses one and sits aat the picniic table as if in heavy thought then gets up and runs into the stone circular structure i go to follow him and he disappears. thanks for sharing i enjoyed reading about your dream.
Comment by White Knight on July 13, 2011 at 8:56am
You can check out this site called to aid you but I feel these sites can only spark ideas and that you yourself must analyze why Lucifer has come to test you in the dream world. I find that writing dreams down can help you realize details that weren't visible before plus mediating deep in thought after a dream can help reminisce and critical think about a dream without having distractions and stress enter your train of thought. Hope this helps


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